11 Best Airsoft Guns for 2020


Looking for a new hovercraft gun? Our new guide introduces you to the hottest Airsoft 2020 guns, including reviews and detailed information on each product.

Compressed air weapons

  • VFC H&K 416A5
  • ASG Scorpio EVO 3
  • Vector of the crisis of criteria
  • Colt M4A1 13″ KEYMOD
  • LCT AK-104 AEG
  • KCC Desert Eagle
  • VFC Avalon Saber CQB
  • CLOCK GENE 4 G17
  • JAG ARMS spreads
  • Umarex HK45CT
The best weapon The best rifle The best shotgun
Umarex HK45CT airsoft gun Colt universal rifle for the CQB https://airsoftgunslover.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/word-image.png
Buy now. Buy now. Buy now.

What’s the best air rifle? With dozens of gun manufacturers, hundreds of weapon platforms and ratings that make your head spin to make the right choice – that’s all, but not easy.

Don’t worry about it. Liam (it’s me!) stands behind you. Let me give you access to my ten years of experience with Airsoft and help you make your biggest Airsoft purchase!

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What should I look for in my Airsoft?

Whether you are a newcomer who just bought your first weapon or an experienced collector, you should know the information below before making your purchase. This will help you find the air pistol that best suits your needs and understand why one is more expensive than the other.

Miscellaneous types of guns

Airsoft guns come in different shapes and sizes, but there are only three types of engines that power them:

  • AEGs or automatic electronic guns (they run on batteries)
  • Gas guns
  • Spring loaded pistols

If you now ask yourself the question about the best brands, it will be a bit difficult for you to answer. There are literally hundreds of different manufacturers. The manuals included in this manual are highly recommended, but if you would like to read a little more, it is best to take a look at the manuals of my Airsoft weapon brands.

Electric compressed air guns (AEG)

AEG is the abbreviation for Automatic Electric Gun.

The most important thing to remember is that they are powered by a battery that needs to be recharged and replaced after a period of time. However, these air cannons are among the best in terms of power, speed and range. AEG guns are equipped with a transmission system that allows continuous shooting as long as you pull the trigger. Moreover, most AEG’s allow the arrow to select the desired type of fire (single fire or explosion), so you don’t have to empty your magician in 2 seconds. But it’s not just about firing fast, these guns are also powerful and reliable (if you have a good battery).

Gas cannons (CO2 cannons, also known as AKA)

Gas guns are often the best choice for experienced pilots who want the most realistic MilSim experience possible.

Powerful and very funny, these air guns can create the idea of recoil (like a real gun). This is called kickback, which occurs when you release the slide by squeezing the trigger. Gas guns usually have a small gas tank that can be integrated into a warehouse or removed and exchanged. However, I should note that gas guns are very sensitive to cold – their performance is reduced in cold weather.

Spring loaded pistols

Air rifles are the most common type of air rifle and are the best option for beginners and casual players.

Some of the most common air forces are affordable, reliable and easy to maintain. With this type of weapon, the BB is pushed out of the barrel by a spring and the player has to release it after each shot (so there is no automatic shooting). Although spring cannons do not have the performance of an AEG or gas gun, they do not run reliably on batteries or gas cylinders. This means you don’t have to stop and change the power supply in the middle of the game – you can continue until the BB goes off!

Comparison of gas (CO2) and electric (AEG) gun classes (video):

Price vs. quality

The market for airsoft guns is so diverse that everyone can find what they want and use. In fact, you can find a firearm for as little as $20 if that’s what you’re looking for! However, if you really want to use a weapon in the game, I advise you to choose something with a higher price.

Although you can buy a fairly sturdy gun for $80-150, most of the airguns on this list are of high quality and cost between $150 and $800.

The airsoft gun, which is very cheap, is also fragile and has no cool properties. So if you really want a chance at the Airsoft, make sure you get one that doesn’t fall apart after the first few moves.

Plastics or metal

If you are looking for airsoft weapons for the first time, you will notice that some manufacturers advertise their weapons as real because they have an all metal body. If the metal is good and gives a little more weight to the weapon, the one with the ABS plastic case is just as good (in some cases even better). Metal is excellent for the barrel, the trigger, the safety and the internal mechanism, but the case is just as good when it is made of plastic. In addition, the gun with plastic housing is lighter, making it easier to use for a long period of time (especially for a beginner).

So if you have doubts and want to save money, use durable ABS plastic – you won’t regret it!

Power (FPS and accuracy)

FPS comes upside down per second and is used to indicate the speed of your weapon.

The faster the weapon, the better the chance to shoot the opponent. However, if you are playing Airsoft, don’t forget to check their FPS policies – most courts limit the FPS to a certain limit to prevent serious injuries to players.

Airsoft bb Performance

Image kindly provided by MetalTac

The accuracy of your weapon is directly related to the FPS, but also depends on other variables such as wind speed, distance, position or range. It is also important to know whether you are going to shoot at long or short distances, but the first thing to check is the visibility setting. In addition to the sights of interest, the high-quality pneumatic weapon has a jumping mechanism (adjustable on high-quality pistols), which allows the player to improve shooting accuracy. This system gives the ball a backward rotation effect when it comes out of the barrel and lets it fly relatively straight. This also reduces the distance covered by BB.

Of course, no weapon, no matter how well it works, can hit the target if you don’t know how to aim and shoot. So don’t forget to practice before you join the game!

Type BB

The bullet used in air guns is a round plastic ball (usually) with a diameter of 6 mm.

BB’s are sold in packs of 100 or more and can be purchased online or in any Airsoft store. However, you will notice that there are different types of BB’s on the market, even if you can’t distinguish them by size alone. That’s because they all have the same height and weight, which makes them different.

Weighing table Airsoft BBC

Image courtesy of Airsoftwarrior.net.

The lightest BB is 0.12 grams, and is used with the cheapest weapon. Because they are so light, they don’t go too far and are easy to remove. But if you want to practice, the .12 BB is great!

The most commonly used bullets are 0.20 grams and 0.25 grams, because they cover long distances and produce excellent ammunition. However, if you want something more complicated, the weight will increase, so you have a choice. However, I advise you to check the specifications of your firearm when you buy a new set of marbles – usually the manufacturer will tell you which set to choose.


Once you have your first Airsoft gun, you’ll definitely want to upgrade your equipment, and that’s where the accessories come in. The market is full of cool accessories, but I always recommend starting with a scope and a laser pointer (especially if you’re a beginner). However, in order to mount them on your weapon, you must ensure that your weapon is equipped with upper and lower guides.

A good rail system makes it possible to add a whole range of accessories!

Turning model and roller

Airsoft Player Roles

Every Airsoft player knows that every team member has a role (sniper, sniper, support shooter, etc.) In general, this award is based on your skill and shooting style, but you must have the right weapon for the role.

Before moving to a particular position, it is important to think about the type of photo you want to take. For example, if you like to shoot at targets from a distance, you’re a sniper. On the other hand, if you want to hit a target from close range, you are good in CQB situations and need a rifle or a short running pistol.

Once you have decided on the style, you also have to take into account the magazine’s capacity. This function determines the amount to be uploaded in a job and the ease of the process. If you decide to play on CQB positions, it’s best to get a weapon with extra ammunition capacity, but if you’re a sniper, you can work with reduced ammunition capacity because you don’t need a fast-fire weapon.

Best Airsoft Guns

I hope you already have an idea of what you want with your airsoft gun, because it’s time to take a look at some pretty good models! In what follows I have listed some of the best weapons currently on the market and their main advantages and disadvantages.

VFC H&K 416A5


The advantages of

  • Very powerful.
  • High ROF and precision
  • all-metal internal organs
  • Beautiful railway system
  • Upper and lower aluminium receiver
  • Nice and firm in your hands.


  • The sound is a little weak.
  • It does not come with a battery.
  • It’s a little difficult to bypass the release security.

Would you take your hat off in front of everyone at the airport? Please contact H&K 416A5 of VFC directly in your driveway! The gun is beautiful, but the most important feature I like is the power of the badly loaded AEG, which has an enormous power.

Ready to unpack and LIPO ready!

This is the type of Airsoft gun that you can use right out of the box without updates. On closer inspection, you will be delighted by the all-metal case, which features fantastic licenses and a sturdy weapon casing. Moreover, the gun is very heavy and very pleasant to touch because the Picatinny pistol with four metal barrels fits perfectly in your hands!

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For an even better impression, the rifle is equipped with a folding front and rear visor and an extendable storage crane, which makes the rifle incredibly versatile in the pneumatic field!

Compact rifle with excellent range

All in all, the H&K 416A5 is an impressive weapon, with a sleek yet robust design and enormous power (over 390 FPS).  The rifle is designed to control players in CQB situations and has a fairly good firing speed (which can be adjusted using the quick-change spring system).

To ensure that everything meets the standards, VFC (the rifle company) carries out various quality checks, both internally and externally.

High quality design


The H&K 416A5 comes with a large 320-round warehouse and has a number of interesting features that make it a good choice for both beginners and experienced players. For example, the front finder can be locked and adjusted in height, while the front finder can be adjusted for the wind load.

I like that you can say no or she can refuse. So if you have high-end optics, you can just ignore them. As you can see, the rail system offers enough space for all kinds of accessories. In addition, the upper and lower metal receivers are sturdy and lie surprisingly well in the hand.

CQB project and powerful

The rifle is specially designed for use in CQB situations and can be judged on its compact size, versatility, robust construction and extended trigger guard (which can be fully folded).

Finally, like most AEGs, the H&K 416A5 has a semi-automatic and fully automatic mode with which you can shoot fast. The barrel is quite accurate and the 300 mm inner barrel is very useful.

Buy now.

ASG Scorpio EVO 3 BET carabiner

Compressed air rifle

The advantages of

  • Powerful and precise
  • Robust construction
  • A great feeling in your hands.
  • Easily adjustable
  • The hand protection makes many accessories possible
  • You can connect a larger stereo system
  • A compartment for a larger battery


  • A bit difficult (for beginners).

The EVO 3 BET carabiner has a nice design and a sturdy body, which is about the same length as the M4 carabiner. Although this is not a completely new model (the BET carabiner is based on the A1 model), it does bring major improvements, such as an extended outer barrel and a MLOK protective cover (for better grip and cooler accessories).

High quality interiors

This EVO carabiner has the advantage that it has a full metal internal system. That’s why everything sounds and feels so good and the weight is good. The electronically controlled metal gearbox is designed to perform advanced functions and allow the BB’s to fly at high speeds (approximately 425 FPS). EVO 3 BET has a high accuracy (of course with the correct Hop Up setting) and shoots well at heights above 50 meters.

Of course, I also have to mention other interesting features, like the 3-shot Burst (which is not new, but works well now) and the Automatic Internal Failure Detection (so you don’t keep shooting if your gun has an internal problem).

Easy to use

The EVO rifle is equipped with a detachable rear and front cover, as well as an ambitious fire extinguisher for easy operation.

I like that the BET version comes out of the box with a drum silencer, which gives it a more aggressive look. However, if you do not need a longer stroke, you can easily replace it with a standard external stroke, as the base has a 16 mm CW thread.

Carabiner uses a medium-sized carousel of 75 carousels, but for large syringes you can use a carousel of 375 packaging carousels (now you say!). You know when the ball is exhausted, because the intelligent control unit switches off the tractor before it is charged. To pull the trigger again, you need to pull the trigger.

Tractor response is quick and clear thanks to the MOSFET system, which allows you to pull the trigger as quickly as you want.


Easy to set up

Honestly, I love this report on the EVO carabiner! First of all, you can adjust the recoil of a folding box by replacing the spring with a weaker one (the box folds up and allows quick access). This feature is called Quick Spring Change and allows you to play in two different positions: CQB or markman.

Secondly, the front handle offers plenty of room for a larger battery – the small battery compartment was a big problem in previous versions.

In general, the EVO 3 BET rifle is a great AEG that deserves your attention! It’s powerful, fast and accurate.

Buy now.

Critical crack vector AEG

Critak Criss AEG Vector

The advantages of

  • Futuristic appearance and poor design
  • Powerful and accurate enough for CQB
  • Cold properties
  • Designed for durability
  • Robust construction
  • Can be improved with defenders or oppressors


  • The stack must not exceed 116 mm in length.
  • Pretty expensive for a beginner.

Krytac Kriss Vector is back with a fresh, futuristic look and innovative interior design, making it one of the most exciting AEGs on the market! This is a GENII version of this gun, with warm upgrades and a complete change of power supply (GENI – GBB).

Poor design

The AEG is a fully approved Kriss Vector gun, which means you will see the markings on the body and the front of the gun. It is also equipped with a folding stock and a GEN II case, as well as a low profile folding visor (DEFIANCE licence) for height adjustment and a two-way adjustable visor and windscreen adjustment.

Cool is that you can give it a more aggressive look by replacing the DEFIANCE flash hood with a suppressor, as long as it fits into a 14mm CCW wire! Other amazing controls I must mention are the safety and fire selector and the Picatinny MIL-STD 1913 bus system with upper and lower guide rails.

CHRISS Vector Pivot Trigger GEN II

The weapon is equipped with an electronic trigger that fires as quickly as possible. You also have three company modes at your disposal: semi, double and fully automatic to meet your spraying needs.

I also like the numbered, rotating and adjustable Hop-Up that clicks when you change the settings, allowing you to make precise adjustments. It is easily accessible and does not require a rocket scientist to use it.

High-quality, high-precision internal components

According to tests, the Krytac Kriss Vector fires AEG at approximately 350 frames per second, which is impressive in terms of accuracy. A 155 mm long, 6.05 mm diameter inner cylinder with an 8 mm VECTOR gear is used. I think you should also know that most parts of the gearbox are compatible with version 2, except for the cylinder head and the two-piece pressure plate.

The good thing is that after the shot, when you pull the safety catch, the tension spring relaxes, which increases the durability of the weapon. Of course, in case something happens to a spring, there is a quick spring change system that allows you to replace the spring by simply removing two pins.

The gun can be used with an 11.1 V 1400 mAh battery or a LiPo battery of lower power, but the length should not exceed 116 mm. This restriction applies because the battery is located inside the gun grip (it is accessible when the lower cover of the grip is removed). The battery powers the Krytac 30K with high torque and short stroke neodymium magnets, which makes the Vector AEG so remarkable.

Finally, the Vector AEG is equipped with two 95-chamber magazines in the central housing and a heat- and wear-resistant holder. This last feature makes them amazing for any winter equipment! All in all, the Vector AEG is a cool weapon to have in your gear, and it does an incredible amount of work in any CQB situation.

Buy now.


The advantages of

  • Robust construction
  • Powerful and precise
  • Inventory
  • Magazines with high content
  • Metal and ABS case
  • It’s light and fits in your hands.
  • Back wire


  • The application plate is somewhat difficult to remove and replace.

The modern version of the M4 with the 13-inch Keymod rail system has an impressive interior design and a modern rotation on a classic barrel.  The rifle is equipped with an all metal gearbox in version 2 (with rear wiring), an adjustable BAXS system and can fire up to 350 FPS. It is also one of the easiest CQB guns to upgrade, as the transmission is compatible with the Tokyo Marui and many spare parts are available for internal and external systems.

The outer parts and the jaws with metal housing for the lower and upper receiver! The RIS Keymod rail system is fully equipped for all types of accessories and helps to improve the grip and overall weight of the weapon. I also like the COLT licence, which gives the rifle an authentic look, and the foldable visors (which are adjustable both in the wind and in height), which make it possible to attach other optics to the top using the picatinny rail.

Adjustable reserve

If necessary, the shaft can be expanded or compressed and contains a nunchakus battery (9.6 V, NiMH). To access the battery, remove the axle plate (rubber) by pressing the two small hooks that attach it to the housing.

Small tip: Make sure you do not lose sight of the application plate when changing the batteries in the field! On grass or other types of terrain you can easily lose! It’s also a little hard to know if you fit in, so try your house first.

Impressive performance

The modern COLT M4 is equipped with two high capacity 350 BB metal warehouses and captures at a speed of approximately 350 feet per second. The adjustable Hop-Up of course makes it possible to adjust the weapon precisely to the CQB situation. There are also two recording modes: Semi-automatic and fully automatic.

In general, the COLT M4A1 is a relief in the world of air supply because it is compact and light, works surprisingly well and performs rather poorly in the field.

Buy now.


The advantages of

  • beautiful design
  • Impressive power and precision
  • Adjustable bouncer
  • An ideal copy of real M44 steel.


  • A powerful bolt
  • Heavy and long for a beginner.
  • The bayonet can be dangerous in the field.

The Airsoft version is a perfect replica of the real M44 steel used during the Second World War. The Airsoft version comes with an ABS case that simulates the colour and texture of the wooden, steel and aluminium parts very well and provides an unobstructed view of the Airsoft area. I’m sure you’re familiar with the design of war movies and a lot of video games, but holding it in your hands is a whole new experience. To make the experience more realistic, you can attach a harness to it because it has two anchor points and two different straps (canvas and leather). We love this classic, and that’s why it makes us nod like one of the best air rifles on the market.

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Spring loaded bolt rifle with bayonet, included in delivery.

Since this is a combat rifle with realistic dimensions, you can’t expect it to be light. The weapon weighs about 8.2 pounds and has no foldable stock! In addition, there are two adjustable visors at the top of the barrel, so that they can be used in both low and high positions (if the visors are raised, they can be adjusted).

The 12-shot metal warehouse is small and cute (unlike most modern machine guns), and the magnetic trigger button is located directly above the trigger. So you can’t come in by accident, and it’s not that hard to get in. There is an adjustable jump that can be useful when you need to take into account changes in wind conditions or the range of the target.

Impressive field performance

No, he does not spray beads, but removes them with great accuracy (at 40 m+) at about 480 SPF.  However, you must be prepared for heavy bolts, especially if the weapon is new. Observation devices can be used to aim, but for longer distances I recommend buying a decent sight.

All in all, the WinGun has copied an incredibly beautiful shotgun, and they have done a fantastic job both inside and out!

Buy now.


The advantages of

  • Close to the real version
  • A beautiful design
  • Robust construction
  • Precise and powerful
  • Plenty of space for accessories


  • This is not the most popular AK model on the market.
  • The design can be too aggressive for some players.

LCT has one of the most realistic AKs currently available on the market. To make the experience as real as possible, they kept the nylon fibre grip, the pistol grip and the buttock (as in the real version), and the rest of the body is made entirely of steel. As you can imagine, these materials are not light, so the last rifle you hold in your hands is quite heavy. But if you know what you’re doing, it’s a beautiful, durable weapon.

Rugged construction, designed for fairly heavy impacts

If you didn’t know there was a battery in the butt cheek that powered that cannon, you’d be inclined to believe it was the real thing. The body is beautifully designed to be strong and stiff, giving it a masculine appearance.

The battery is easily accessible by simply removing the top of the receiver, and you can easily insert a NIMH 8.4 or 9.6 stick.

Finally, the gun is equipped with a multi-position left-hand type LE, allowing anyone to use it in CQB situations. The movement from one position to the other is smooth and the rifle feels good in the hands.

Impressive performance

I like the fact that LCT has decided to give players a lot of space on the rails (there are top and bottom rails, but some elements can be installed sideways), which means you can add a margin. In addition, the internal gear is of high quality with good wiring and the barrel makes a nice sound.

The gun is equipped with a 130 mm metal magazine, AK-style, and fires approximately 12 rounds per second. Moreover, it is easy to disassemble (like the AK) and the construction is very robust.

Good performance and value

The LCT AK-104 AEG is powerful (approx. 450 FPS) and accurate. All in all, it’s a good AEG range that will certainly enrich your collection!

Buy now.

KWC Desert Eagle

The advantages of

  • poor conception
  • Impressive performance
  • Surprise comeback
  • It’s hard and fun to


  • Very strong.
  • Large gas consumer
  • Large handle (not for small hands)
  • Hop Up is hard to reach.

Looking for a good replacement hovercraft gun? The Desert Eagle’s GBB gun can only be for you! A recoil rifle, realistic disassembly and a historical look at The Matrix, this rifle will amaze you!

Hand gun – voluminous and cheeky design.

Although it resembles the largest gun in the airsoft series (which it actually is), the Desert Eagle follows the real steel design developed by Magnum Research. So there’s a real gun, just as big and noisy! Now that KWC has redesigned the gun for Airsoft gamers, you can be sure that the gun has all the necessary markings, which makes it really attractive.

The airsoft version runs on CO2 and is not designed for nervous people (or people with small hands). Because of the fully automatic bolt, the gun will hit an enormous blow and you run the risk of falling out if the clutch is not properly engaged.

Integrated metal speaker and great sound presence

Its all-metal housing makes it one of the best compressed air guns available (with the exception of the plastic side elements of the handle). Of course all this metal makes a nice sound when you drop the cursor and start moving; almost like a real gun. Even cooler is that the slide rises as much as the real version – that’s because the gun needs all that power to generate that wobbly kickback core.

The weapon is equipped with a 21-channel CO2 warehouse that can be easily removed and reloaded. However, you will notice that the adjustable Hop Up is quite difficult to get.

Excellent performance

Yeah, it’s an animal! The weapon shoots approximately 390 FPS, and it’s safe. Aiming can be done using the observation equipment mounted on the top of the barrel, but it is necessary to have a large handle and a heavy gun at hand. If you’re not used to handling such a heavy weapon, you may have to adapt.

In general, it’s a big gun, with a lot of power and sound, and I wouldn’t recommend it for an Airsoft style game. It’s perfect for diving, practicing or just having fun, and it’s a great experience for anyone who can do it.

Buy now.


The advantages of

  • ABS gearbox and G&G metal gearbox
  • Powerful and big on a full car
  • Lightweight and easy to grip for people with small hands.
  • Interesting design
  • Magazine of 300 cups
  • Adjustable bouncer


  • It is too compact to use in corners.

This configuration is quite unique in the world of Airsoft because it has a super compact style. The short front coupling with four guides makes it ideal for CQB situations, and its impressive performance makes it a must on soft ground.

A fairly cool design

Despite the fact that the weapon can be compact, it is still made with taste and elegance. The front handle and upper rail give it a solid, mid-range look, while increasing comfort and the number of accessories that can be installed.

The pistol grip is not very wide (but comfortable), making the ARP9 suitable for both young and inexperienced players. The 6-way adjustable LE axis and polymer housing make it easy to use in CQB situations, while the hinged leading and trailing edge makes aiming easier.

Famous G&Ggearbox

G&G’s all-metal transmission is known in the pneumatic industry for its reliability and robust construction, but best of all, you can benefit from it with the ARP9. I also like the fact that the rifle supports a spare battery (in case the used battery runs out) and an adjustable Hop Up, which makes life a bit easier.

With this super-compact rifle you can choose between semi-automatic or fully automatic firing, and thanks to the high-torque motor you can reach 330-340 FPS.

Adjustable box with high lid and magazine

The box is worth mentioning and I want to start by saying that 6 positions make this CQB rifle fantastic for all types of players, from the youngest to the oldest. There is also a battery compartment in the warehouse.

Generally the ARP9 is light, but you should know that it comes in hard. After all, a high-impact magazine makes him a workhorse and increases your chances of winning.

Buy now.

Avalon sword VFC CQB

The advantages of

  • Powerful
  • Good accuracy
  • Excellent display system
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Inventory
  • Good trigger.
  • Plenty of space for accessories
  • Easy to upgrade
  • 120 round central trunk


  • Battery not included

If you are looking for a unique weapon with an interesting design but also surprisingly powerful, then the VFC Avalon AEG sword is perfect for you.

Poor design

The design of the rifle is unique because it is manufactured in the M-LOK style, which gives the rifle a bad look in the field. I also like the Picatinny guide, which goes all the way to the metal receiver and increases the space for accessories. In addition, the track has hinged legs (front and rear view) and an ambitious back gauge.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a constructive element: the trigger. It has a small hook at the end that allows for faster pulling, and a small notch at the front to give you more control. Not to mention the fact that it’s lightning fast – how much colder is it?

However, I must also inform you that the trigger guard is small and that a person with large hands and wearing gloves may have problems with this aspect.

Foldable duvet

The QRS-box is robust and easy to use, and the spring is a fantastic feature! You will also find a battery set hidden in the magazine that can contain different types of batteries (either a 9.6V NunChuck battery or an 11.1V LIPO battery).

Powerful and accurate

The Avalon Saber VFC shoots at approximately 380-390 frames per second, which is quite impressive. Since this is an ultra-modern air force, you will also find a rotatable and adjustable Hop-Up that is easy to reach and adjust. Thanks to the front rail, the gun is easy to hold when shooting and works well from the box.

Finally, it should be noted that the railway system can easily be replaced if it is not sold on a type-by-type basis. Overall, it is an impressive performance, with good grip, great power, and it is easy to use, even for beginners.

Buy now.

Block generator 4 G17

The advantages of

  • Realistic design and weight
  • Nice shot.
  • Metal parts
  • Railway accessories
  • Powerful and precise
  • A great fit


  • Extra magazines can be a bit expensive

This Glock semi-automatic gas separator is a faithful copy of its Austrian counterpart made of real steel. This means that it is fully authorized by Glock and functions, feels and is understood as a real company. The design is simple but powerful, and the action is reliable (that’s why many soldiers and law enforcers use the real steel version).

In addition to its realistic design and weight, the airsoft Glock Gen 4 G17 has a pleasant reverse effect. To allow players to fully enjoy this shot, the handle has also been specially designed for better use. The standard option reduces player fatigue and fits comfortably on most palms. However, if you are not satisfied, you have the opportunity to change this.

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I’m sure you’ll like the full metal rail and the realistic buzz. Moreover, the magazine is made of metal and the total weight and dimensions correspond to the actual specifications. So you can use a case designed for a real steel Glock.

You can even add some accessories using the guide under the barrel. Overall, the weapon is accurate and powerful (300 FPS), but it also has an adjustable rebound system. I’m sure you’ll like the trigger mechanism too, that’s obvious and very sensitive.

Buy now.


The advantages of

  • Standard design, easy to hold and pump
  • It is powered by green gas.
  • Surprisingly, to take cover.
  • He’s powerful and fast.
  • Adjustable reserve

I couldn’t finish the show without picking up at least one gun, could I? I chose the JAG ARMS SCATTERGUN TSS with the LE side-saddle gas rifle because it takes a hell of a beating and has three inner runs if you want to waste on your enemies.

Cooling design

The design of the gun is standard in the Airsoft world, with a metal construction and a plastic pump, but it is good to know that this gun is powered by green gas. This makes the pump operation much more interesting and the sound of the rifle much more pleasant.

The upper part of the rifle is equipped with a Picatinny/Weaver type rail and has a standard visor, but as it is a 3 to 6 shotgun, this doesn’t make much sense.

Excellent forCovering fire

Since the rifle comes with 28-shot rifles and you can use the side seat and lower barrel for storage, this rifle is an excellent choice for bridge shots. Not to mention the fact that three barrels are fired at the same time – you can only imagine how big it is. The smoothbore rifle can fire at approximately 330 frames per second in burst mode and can maintain a steady oscillation until you run out of BB.

The JAG ARMS SCATTERGUN TSS is generally powerful and does a lot of damage, so use it responsibly!

Buy now.

Umarex HK45CT

The advantages of

  • Perfect as a spare weapon
  • An impressive comeback
  • Powerful and precise
  • You can add accessories
  • You feel good in your hands.


  • The catch isn’t fantastic.
  • The curiosities are a little reluctant.
  • It takes some getting used to…
  • Very accessible

Small, muscular and angry are the first adjectives that come to mind in the Umarex HK 45CT. This small but heavy beast runs on green gas and/or advanced gas and fires with a 21-shot magazine at approximately 320 frames per second.

Kick-Ass features ideal for viewing

The HK 45CT already has a good reputation in the industry, and if you look at its features, you’ll understand why. First of all, the upper part of the receiver is made of solid metal (the lower frame is made of high quality polymer), and the housing is fully approved to look as realistic as possible.

The Tri-Dot visor is very handy, but you can add a laser pointer with a short front rail. It is also possible to adjust the Hop-Up with a simple key (no disassembly required). Finally, all controls are ambitious, which is very encouraging.

I like the fact that you can add a 14mm CCW suppressor to give it a more aggressive look (if you like). But I think you should also know that the grip isn’t as structured as I’d like; but with a pair of gloves it won’t be a problem. The same goes for the notches on the aluminium slide (these are quite small and do not offer too much support).

Good ergonomics, smooth movement, impressive performance

All in all, the HK 45CT is an impressive air rifle. It’s right in your hands, the pieces move surprisingly well and it strikes very well. But he has a weakness, the trigger. He’s on a long journey and he feels overwhelmed, which could disrupt your shot. But don’t let that affect you! If you want this rifle, you have to practice a little with the trigger, but it still shoots quickly and accurately at over 320 frames per second.

Buy now.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Our main list of the best air guns for 2020. Please let us know if you have any alternative offers or weapons you like better than those on this list, and we will be happy to consider them.

Frequently asked questions

What is the accuracy of air guns?

When using air guns, the accuracy depends largely on the shooting distance. Thus, most high quality weapons hit a target within 100 to 150 feet without error. But the accuracy tends to decrease as the target moves away.

On the other hand, if you have a good sniper rifle with a high quality rifle scope, the accuracy will remain stable within a few hundred meters.

You should also bear in mind that AEGs (electric air-pressure guns) are generally more accurate than their spring or gas-powered counterparts when fired over long distances. Most electric rifles are equipped with a recoil mechanism, which allows you to set the rear breech tail, printed on the BB, to change the trajectory. Moreover, a hop plant is fine if you don’t use the same BB type for every load.

Another factor that affects the accuracy of long-range shooting is the muzzle velocity (measured in FPS). A gun or rifle with a high FPS-value can fire more accurately on distant targets because the BB has more power.

In general, the AEG rifle with a well-adjusted recoil can provide a direct trajectory for any bullet leaving the barrel. This enables greater accuracy, even when shooting at long distances.

Are gas or electric air guns preferred?

In terms of accuracy over long distances, AEGs (electric compressed air guns) are superior to gas guns. Although gas guns and guns can be more powerful than the AEG, they still have to deal with temperature and sensitivity to outdoor conditions (temperature and humidity).

On the other hand, gas pressure rifles are superior to electric air rifles in terms of experience and realism of action. Most guns and gas guns have a high recoil, which makes you feel closer to a real gun.

In general, if you want high performance and expect very competitive competitions. AEG is your best choice. However, if you only play to relax and enjoy the experience, you may be happier with a gas model.

What is the best CQB air cannon?

Since each Airsoft player brings his own preferences and skills, no model can be considered the best for CQB scenarios. However, there are several weapons that meet all the requirements of an extensive field experience.

CQB scenarios require manoeuvrability and mobility, so the best weapon is short and easy to carry. It should also be easy to load and use without too much maintenance. Also, since you do not need a high-precision weapon (the typical range is quite short), you should focus on the capacity of the warehouse and the ability to shoot in semi-automatic and automatic mode.

The best CQB weapon is therefore the semi-automatic AEG with short barrel and large warehouse. Better options:

  • SMG (like this MP40), but the protocol is quite small.
  • AK’s – excellent power to memory ratio (like this CM028 AK47 rifle).
  • M4s with foldable crane bed (see this Colt M47A1 rifle).
  • Guns, e.g. Glock pistols (G17 Gen 3) or other similar models.

Short message: For more power and precision, choose the bullpup design.

Which is the best M4 air rifle?

M4 is one of the most widely used platforms in the Airsoft world because it is easy to maintain, offers many options and works in both CQB and long range scenarios. As you can imagine, there are many Airsoft M4 guns on the market, each with a number of functions.

This means that everyone can find the M4 of his or her choice and continue to adapt it, thanks to the extensive rail systems that normally come with such a rifle (this M4 SD is an excellent example). In addition, the M4 platform is equipped with a foldable stock and a medium-high barrel.

Finally, the M4 is a standard rifle used by the US Army, which has only increased its popularity in the aviation market.

It is now quite difficult to choose the best M4, given the variety and increasing number of sketches. However, we have used our experience and found different models that fit this term, and you can learn more about each of them in our best article on M4 rifles.

What is the most expensive air rifle in the world?

The Evike Custom Optic Thunder M4 Airsoft AEG rifle is sold for as much as $10,000, making it the most expensive airsoft rifle in the world. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that it is not very practical and is not meant to be used in real combat.

The Optic Thunder is nothing more than a standard M4 rifle, equipped with all possible accessories. As such, this bad boy comes with an integrated grenade launcher, tactical laser and flashlight, seven optics, a 2500 round drum magnet and many other accessories. Even more interesting is that there’s an accessory on the tip of the barrel that you won’t find in any other rifle – a tactical flag!

As you can imagine, this monstrous rifle was meant as a joke and was aimed at people who tend to overload their air guns. But this shows the incredible adjustment possibilities on the market!

Looking for cheap airsoft weapons?

We understand that this list is full of high quality equipment at a very high price. If your budget is tighter, check out our guide to low-cost airsoft guns – you’re sure to find something at a lower price that’s still a quality product.

Photo rental : Picture of Ivandreas Pretoria de Pexell.



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