5 Best Air Rifle Scopes: The Top Picks


In this article you will find our selection of the best air rifle detectors, but also what to pay attention to when choosing, for example, the size of the fixed barrel in relation to the size of the variable barrel and the reticle.

Aerial photos

  • UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope of application
  • Hawke Airmax 3-9×40 AO
  • Gamo Night Hunter
  • Twod 6-24X50mm Scope of application
  • UTG 3-12X44 30 mm Application range
  • OTW 3-9X56 Milt-to-Point Scope
  • IR Center 4-16×40

Top 3 Air rifle applications

How to find the air pistol with the best volume

First we’ll see how we can choose a visor that best fits your air rifle. Although the sight selection functions are the same for all rifles, we recommend that you choose a product designed for air rifles.

Since air rifles develop more energy at the muzzle, the rifle scope must be more durable than air rifles. There are also fantastic aerodynamic sights, but they are not designed for hunting.

Fixed in relation to variable

To understand the difference between a fixed area and a variable area, look at the zoom. Fixed visors have clear magnification instructions (4x), while variable visors have a range (3-9x).

So in a fixed view, you have a zoom setting that you cannot change. They also have the advantage of being able to see more clearly and sharply because there is no series of lenses that can change. On the other hand, a variable range allows you to change the zoom within the range specified by the manufacturer. This makes it more versatile and easier to use in different situations.

Size target

This is the diameter of the lens, and just like the camera, the size of the lens indicates how much light can pass through it. Dimensions range from 32 mm to 50 mm and a larger lens usually allows much more light through, resulting in a better image.

However, the downside is that larger targets mean heavier benchmarks, which may be difficult to achieve.

Parallax control

If you’ve ever looked at the scope, you know the parallax effect. Basically, this happens at greater distances than with Voice Farm, when a fixed object seems to move as you move your head. In reality the object does not move, but it seems to move because of what we call the parallax effect.

In order to deal with this situation, you have to give yourself an adaptable goal. This ring will be placed around the target, where you can focus if you need it.

Repeater (or scopes)

This varies from brand to brand, so it can be difficult to provide guidance on the choice.

The main purpose of the reticle is to help you find a central point. However, each shooter is free to choose his style based on his preferences and his shooting activity. For example, a fine reticle is especially recommended for fixed targets, which offer a higher contrast, while a duplex reticle (thick lines on the outside and thin lines in the middle) is preferred for air rifles.

You can also use a custom target to keep the net on course, which is a pretty good feature.

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As you know, there are other possibilities to consider, such as an assembly and installation system, but these are generally easy to use. Since these are air rifles, it is important to choose a visor with a solid construction that is not easily damaged by the energy generated by each shot. In addition, the brackets must fit on the rail system of the rifle, so make sure they are compatible before you buy the rifle.

Top 5 best Airgun Platforms

UTG 3-9X32 1″ Scope BugBuster


The advantages of

  • Robust construction
  • Good lighting and light transmission
  • A hole of zero.
  • A great price for quality
  • Easy to install on most guns


  • It takes a little work to get a clear picture.
  • The objective adjustment of the yard is not accurate.
  • The supplied fixing rings are not suitable for

What I like most about this sight is that it can be used for air rifles, real steel pistols and air guns. The design is solid (developed on the True Strength platform), and the price makes it affordable for any type of research you plan to conduct.

The bulb is filled with nitrogen to prevent the penetration of moisture, is protected against rain and fog and has double red and green illumination. This means you can use it in both high and low light conditions. In addition, a comfortable vantage point and an awning are excellent accessories for archers out and about in all weather conditions.

The tube is emerald green coated for maximum light transmission and the towers have ¼ MOA at the click of a button. You also get an adjustable target (with free parallax visibility from 3 meters to infinity), a large field of view and a tactical grid with a millimeter point. UTG is one of the leading manufacturers that has improved mil-dot perception for better accuracy in long-range shooting. So it will come as no surprise that BugBuster scores 19 goals (compared to the 9 points offered by the standard mil-dot network).

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Hawke Airmax 3-9×40 AO


The advantages of

  • He’s maintaining a good posture.
  • A very clear and complete picture
  • Easily adjustable
  • Lightweight and easy to install


  • A very fine retina
  • The adjustable lens is slightly stiff

This visor can be used by both advanced arrows and professionals to improve accuracy and broaden the field of view (there is an additional 20%).
With the AMX crosshair, the viewfinder works on virtually any trajectory thanks to its many target points and mildot wire system. Not forgetting the adjustable lens (40 mm lens) and the 3 to 9-fold magnification are useful functions in the field!
Hawke designed this visor with a one-inch single-tube frame for greater durability, which means it can even withstand the double recoil of a powerful spring air rifle! Not to mention the fact that the product is waterproof, foggy and shockproof!

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CVLIFE Flat View 6-24×50 AOE

The advantages of

  • Robust construction
  • Good lighting and light transmission
  • A hole of zero.
  • A great price for quality
  • Easy to install on most guns


  • It takes a little work to get a clear picture.
  • The objective adjustment of the yard is not accurate.
  • The supplied fixing rings are not suitable for
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It is a slim, light and beautiful sight that will help you reach some of the most remote destinations. You have to play a little between zooming and focusing (to get a blurred image), but once you’ve reached the best viewing area, the image is perfect.

The lens has a diameter of 50 mm, so lets a lot of light through and the field of view is wide enough. It supports the red and green backlighting and has two handles for focusing the image after zooming in or out. If this happens and the battery is flat, you can continue to use the rifle.

The construction is solid and the reticle does not move even when mounted on a kickback rifle. Moreover, he holds the zero well, whatever punishment he receives.

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Night fighterGamo 4×32 with laser and flashlight

The advantages of

  • Good basic properties
  • Impressive brightness
  • A hole of zero.
  • Laser is useful for improving accuracy
  • Good value for money


  • Poor quality lantern
  • Not very sustainable.

An entry visor equipped with a laser and flashlight to improve accuracy even in low light conditions. The laser and the flashlight are connected by means of clamping straps, the product is supplied with mounting material (standard 3/8 dovetail mounting). So it is ready for use immediately after unpacking.
With a fixed magnification and a one-inch tube, the scope is ideal for photographing parasites at less than 30 metres. It usually holds up well at zero and gives a clear view, but the design is not very robust, so it won’t stop the recoil of a strong rifle.

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Wires 6-24X50mm AOEG/3-9x40mm

The advantages of

  • broad mass
  • Impressive quality for money
  • Exactly when you’ve made all the adjustments.
  • A hole of zero.
  • A sharp image with precise details


  • It’s a big problem.
  • The included rings are not of high quality.

With a large lens (50 mm diameter) and a large field of view, this view is a dream for every novice hunter! It is equipped with red and green backlighting and a front eyepiece with focus for long distance photography.

The lenses are multi-coated to protect them from scratches, and the glasses are water and fog resistant. The image is clear and is kept at zero. In addition, it has different light intensities that make it possible to film in a wide range of lighting conditions.

As a pleasant haptic, especially in terms of price, the sun visor is equipped with hinged lens covers and a sun visor.

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UTG 3-12X44 30 mm riflescope, AO, 36 mil dot colours

The advantages of

  • Robust construction
  • A surprisingly multicoloured grid
  • Easy to set up
  • Special light amplification for poor lighting conditions
  • Maintains zero even with high recoil rifles.
  • Greater accuracy


  • Rather heavy, thanks to the robust construction.
  • The image becomes blurred as you approach the maximum and minimum limits.
  • Pretty big.

And we’re going back to UTG! It’s not for nothing that this company is known to airlines and other shooters – they make great accessories!

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This visor is also equipped with emerald lacquered lenses and True Strength platforms, which means it can withstand bumps, rain and fog. Unlike the model we were talking about earlier, this model has EZ-TAP backlighting and a multi-coloured grid (36 colours to be precise) for all weather conditions.

It is easy to use and configure, even with a long distance. The lens has a diameter of 40 mm and the field of view is acceptable for this scale.

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OTW 3-9X56 Red and green box

The advantages of

  • Well built.
  • Suitable for long distance applications
  • Quick installation
  • It’s at zero.


  • Small pupil sign.
  • It becomes blurred as you approach the maximum zoom.
  • No focus adjustment

The latest product on our list comes with 5 different intensity levels in a red and green grid and a clear image. The visor is fog and shockproof and has an adjustable eyepiece so you can find a clear image at different magnifications.

The construction is solid, and it holds the zero well, even on a rifle with a small impact! In general, in terms of price, this is one of the best ways to try both air guns and air guns.

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IR 4-16×40 AOCenterPoint TAG Series

The advantages of

  • Illuminated grid
  • 4 to 16 times more
  • Adjustable lens with 40 mm lens
  • Suitable for all magnifications


  • The lighting could have been better
  • Not very loud.

Beautiful 1 inch tube rifle with a magnification of 4 to 16 times and a 40 mm objective. The TAG sight is red-green with backlighting, making it much easier for even inexperienced shooters to reset the target.

The CR2032 battery is included so that it can be used straight out of the box. In addition, the target is adjustable and the size of the parallax can be adjusted to improve accuracy.

To mount the rifle you need a Picatinny or Weaver rail (the product comes with the necessary attachment). In general, CenterPoint is ideal for beginners because it has all the features you need and is available at an incredible price!

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It is important to note that the above series are amazing in terms of price, but they are not comparable to the quality and precision of a high-end product. However, some of them are powerful enough to be used on real steel weapons, and they can all be used on airsoft sniper rifles.

If you are looking for excellent optics for a rifle or air gun, then the above products are simply amazing!



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