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There comes a time when you get tired of rushing into the garden and wanting something more complicated. When you reach this point, be aware that there are many beautiful airports in the US, but some really deserve your attention.

Airports in the United States

Best airports in the United States

In what follows I have compiled a guide for beginners and professionals with the best places to play airsoft in the country. Look and choose! If you are looking for the Airsoft region closest to you, see the full list at the end of this article.

New York – Rochester Airsoft

Address: 121 Lincoln Avenue, Rochester, 14611 New York, United States.


Clock: Friday from 2 p.m. to noon / Saturday from 2 p.m. to noon / Sunday from noon to 10 p.m.

Rochester Airsoft

According to their website, this is Airsoft’s largest hangar in New York (and they can’t be wrong). The playground consists of a 20,000 square meter arena with a clean industrial environment. The obstacles and courses are complex and the general atmosphere is a bit futuristic, but there is enough space to move around without having to constantly search for the map.

I love the way they play in this area and the fact that they organize special events every month. You will have to pay a small amount of money to get in, but it is very nice and you can meet a lot of new people.

Watch video games here:

The field is ideal for professionals and beginners, as they help with the choice of equipment and consumables. You have your own business, but you can always choose the rental option.

The place is clean, the hosts are friendly, the staff is well trained and doing their job, and the prices are excellent – what more could you want from airsoft?

In general, it is a large field for those who want to try their luck in the room. It is great for airsoft games in winter, but it can be difficult in summer.

Virginia – Ballachac Airsoft Field

Address: 2900 Ballahack Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23322, USA


Every Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Virginia Ballahak Airsoft

If you want to spend some time outside, Balahak is the perfect place for you! It is located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forests, and the action takes place in an area with abandoned buildings and some swamps. So the terrain is difficult enough to satisfy the most demanding players!

Watch video games here:

They are supported by a huge online community of players and organize some pretty cool events, such as the Ballahack World Conflict (which is organized every month). The idea is that you connect with a large community, so you have a great opportunity to make new friends and learn from the best.

Their prices are quite acceptable ($25 for all-day admission), and they offer rental equipment as well as their own pro-shop. Of course you can bring a gun.

According to the comments, the staff is very professional and friendly, always trying to help and improve the Airsoft experience. In general, the field is well organised, the scenarios are complex and the security standards are in line with the applicable standards.

New Jersey – Cobra 1 Airsoft tactical field

Address: 25 Island Road Great Meadows, New Jersey 07838


h: only for organised events

Cobra Airsoft from New Jersey

Airsoft’s terrain is outside and the terrain is challenging enough for an exciting MilSim experience. What’s cool is that they also offer workouts, so you and your Airsoft team can go there and use the space for workouts.

Watch video games here:

According to their Facebook page, they organize many interesting events (day and night) and are supported by a large community of Airsoft enthusiasts. The staff is well trained and friendly, and you can buy your equipment in their local shop.

California – WORLD PLANE USA

Address: 4506 Panorama Point Rd, Anderson, California 96007, United States.


Clock: Friday – from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. (April to November) / Saturday and Sunday – from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

California Airline

With over 10 acres of land, US Airsoft World is one of the hottest places to play a fantastically well-organized game. They have more than 15 types of games and their staff is ready to help in any situation that may arise.

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Check out the video games here.

They have their own shop where you can prepare yourself, but they also rent equipment so you can always join in the adventure when you drop by. US Airsoft World is a family institution, and many children celebrate their birthdays there (with the Airsoft game of course).

Finally, to entertain their customers, they offer a wide range of airsoft weapons and regularly organize cool events.

Tennessee – GSF Airsoft

Address: 5485 US-11E, Piney Flats, TN 37686, United States.


Tennessee Airsoft

These guys are very interested in offering a fantastic Airsoft experience to their customers! First of all, they have their own well-stocked shop and offer courses for beginners, which is amazing. And then they have a few slots for airsoftgames.

Watching video games:

There is an 18,000 square meter indoor arena for tactical training and CQB. The kit is an urban environment with different structures and buildings. There are rooms, corridors and even accessories that can be used to hide. Scenarios are usually short and funny, and the staff is always helpful.

But there is also an open field of about 70 hectares with six mast feet that are more suitable for snipers. The terrain is complex enough for all ages and experience levels and the scenarios are very interesting.

Florida – OPS Airsoft Badlands Field

Address: 12888 US-441, Bellevue, st. 34420, UNITED STATES


Florida airsoft

This outdoor airsoft is available for children, teenagers and adults and offers a range of fun tasks and scenarios. They offer a wide range of air guns and organize special events and even birthdays.

Watching video games:

The staff is well trained and friendly, and the environment is safe for both young people and adults. The region offers forests, slopes and hills and even buildings (ideal for CQB), so your game will be fun and exciting. The field is about 22 acres, and there is enough debris and waste for everyone!

New York – Competitive sports

Address: 450 Kommak Rd, Deer Park, New York 11729, United States.


Airsoft Blasting

It is a closed facility specially equipped for airsoft games, training and military simulations. The arena covers an area of approximately 65,000 square meters and you have access to a wide range of weapons and accessories. This is a family place and everyone can have a bit of fun, even if they are beginners.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and has a professional shop where you can buy high quality equipment (according to the recommendations of professionals). It is also possible to rent equipment and soft drinks in the arena.

Watching video games:

The good thing about this arena is that you can play as a team, even if you go alone. The staff and players who come are often very friendly and you will meet a lot of new and friendly people. The entrance fee is a bit high, but given the benefits you get, I think it’s worth it.

Maryland – Tactical aerospace arena

Address: 20 Southdown CT B, Rockville, MD 20850, USA


Clock: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Airsoft in Maryland

The Tactical Airsoft Arena is a 3,600+ square meter airfield with scenarios and terrain for CQB situations. The facilities are clean, there is food and drink and you can rent all necessary equipment. Moreover, the prices are affordable and they organize private parties, from birthdays to teambuilding.

Watching video games:

The staff is friendly and well trained, and the arena is well organized for complex competitions. The arena is equipped with 2.5-metre-long modular walls, allowing staff to change environments from one session to the next. That way you don’t get bored and the game remains complicated. In general, the arena offers several entrance halls, nine rooms and several exits.

California – Gamepod War Zone

Address: 1400 West 4th Street, 2. Group, Antioch, California.


With 120,000 square meters, it is the largest indoor aviation and space arena in the world. The nice thing is that the arena is not only for airsoftsplayers, but is used by companies for teambuilding and occasionally also by law enforcement for training. In fact, the facility is specifically designed to provide an appropriate learning environment for public institutions. They did it with the help of the LEO and military.

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Watching video games:

The enormous space makes it possible to work long distances as well as CQB, and many buildings and details can be used as accommodation. And when I say accessories, I mean vehicles, deadly houses and almost anything you can wish for in the game.

The staff is very well prepared and offers rental equipment and training for newcomers. Of course they organize special events, but you have to stick to their calendar if you want to participate.

New York – Buffalo Battlefield

Address: 1888 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Tonawanda New York 14150


They offer a variety of entertainment activities, but one of the most interesting is the 22,000 square meter indoor air and space arena with all the necessary equipment to have fun. The area is full of obstacles and challenges to offer realistic play, and they serve both individual players and groups.

Watch the trailer video:

In general, they are always friendly and offer the opportunity to relax with a great game!

Airsoft field next to me

To find Airsoft pitches and arenas in your condition, check out the list below, thanks to the penalty shooters on (who also sell an incredible range of equipment).


  • Repp Road Paintball Field


  • Apache Tactical Airsoft
  • Battle of the City of Cobras
  • Lothian Airsoft Theater
  • Mt. Doom Paintball and Airsoft
  • Ridgeline Airsoft
  • Rose Hill War Zone
  • Establishment of the Airsoft association


  • Timberline Adventure Park


  • Paintball and Airsoft shredders
  • Fightertown Paintball and Airsoft
  • Airsoft Freedom
  • Airsoft VIP
  • Wild West Paintball and Airsoft Park


  • Airsoft Battlefield
  • Airsoft Extreme Arena
  • Ambush in the aerospace park
  • Camp Pendeton Airsoft Park
  • Code red Airsoft Park
  • Fighting a paintball park
  • Quebec City
  • Slaughterhouse DSOC
  • Aerosoft-Arena Fresno
  • Gamepod War Zone
  • Giant Airsoft Hollywood Sport
  • Giant Airsoft San Diego
  • Gorilla-Airsoft
  • HBC Armory Airsoft
  • Hills 559
  • Jakta Legion
  • Jungle Island Airsoft Park
  • Mr Paintball USA
  • Country of destination 707
  • Project Airsoft California (P.A.C.).
  • SC Village
  • Sierra Austria
  • Stryker Paintball and Airsoft
  • Tac City Airsoft
  • Airsoft World (United States)
  • Ukau Airsoft
  • Opposing actions
  • West Coast Adventure Park


  • American Paintball Coliseum – Indoor
  • The desert areas of the SFOE
  • DMZ Airsoft CQB
  • F.A.F. Flat Acres Airsoft Field Farm
  • Come on, Airheads.


  • Airsoft ground field zero field
  • Mystical Firefields
  • Airsoft tactics
  • Mills Stream Airsoft field
  • Pumpkin Farm Valley
  • Attack on tobacco
  • Warrior village


  • 911 Airsoft


  • Zone 41 Airsoft
  • Airsoft Arena Battalion
  • Miami Slaughterhouse
  • Airsoft, Bethlehem company
  • Airsoft Black Tiger
  • Sport in a war zone
  • Doomsday Airsoft / Route 7
  • Airsoft DV8
  • The Indian company River Airsoft
  • Irresponsibilities Airsoft Park
  • Matrix Paintball / Airsoft
  • Miami Airsoft
  • OP31 Airsoft – Florida
  • Airsoft Tactical Liaison (T.A.C.)


  • Airsoft Depot
  • AllStar Airsoft
  • Arkenstone 1 Paintball and Airsoft
  • Airsoft Elite Operations
  • Fort Stewart Airsoft
  • Georgian Airsoft
  • Goldeagle Airsoft
  • Hoppers Paintball and Airsoft
  • Metropolis Arena
  • Supplier of paintball equipment
  • Performance parameters
  • Hot Cervix
  • SS Airsoft
  • Airsoft Team


  • Hawaii Extreme Paintball / Airsoft
  • OPAC Airsoft (Ohana Pacific Center Airsoft)
  • TAG – Tactical Air Force Hawaii game


  • Real Paintball Adventure Park


  • Paintball Soap Dish
  • Bing Field Paintball and Airsoft
  • CPX Sport
  • Heritage Paintball and Airsoft Park
  • Salt paintball fork
  • The city fights paintball


  • The airsoft revolution
  • Stocks of explosives
  • Butler Indiana Airsoft
  • The Plex Paintball
  • SpetsOps Group
  • Bonaiard


  • Mass Air and Space Centre
  • Paintball park in the drop zone
  • War Zone matrix
  • Wichita Airsoft


  • ACS Airsoft
  • Underground playground in Richmond


  • BuecheStyock Airsoft
  • Airsoft Cajun
  • IronSight Airsoft


  • AllStarr Paintball and Airsoft
  • Airsoft Special Operations
  • BattlefieldZ
  • Building 52
  • B52 Airsoft
  • OPS Airsoft Fortress
  • PNL Paintball
  • The ultimate battlefield


  • North East Adventure’s Paintball and Airsoft Field
  • Xtreme, the outskirts of Chesapeake
  • Land of the sport of paintball
  • Paintball Park Pasadena (P3) Airsoft
  • Play Airsoft-Arena again
  • Airsoft-Arena Tactical


  • Harris Farm Airsoft Field
  • Warrior village
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  • Airsoft-Kalamazoo
  • DarkFire Airsoft
  • Paintball Futuresball
  • One hell of a paintball game
  • Kalamazu Airsoft
  • Airsoft Club Matrix
  • Airsoft Michigan Tactical Center
  • Motor City Airsoft
  • UP Airsoft
  • West Michigan Airsoft, Hoss Family Field.


  • Great Lakes Tactics
  • Airsoft MN airline in the crossfire
  • MN Professional Paintball
  • Paintball for special units


  • Bailey battlefield
  • MAKO Centre of Expertise
  • So, come on, Airsoft.
  • Rock-Airsoft


Mississippi Airsoft Development Center (M.A.D.C.) Shady Grove Airsoft


  • Electric city of Airsoft


  • Airsoft Battlepark
  • Cedar Creek Airsoft
  • Game Control Solution Center
  • Cold-blooded battle
  • Center for Warfare Ganny
  • PBK-Sportpark – Charlotte
  • PBC Sportpark – Greensboro
  • Southfield Airsoft
  • XtremeKombat


  • Three brothers Paintball Ltd.


  • Feeling good at the Airsoft farm
  • Airsoft CPR


  • C&C New Jersey Airsoft field.
  • Independence of airsoft and tactical park
  • Paintball of the new breed
  • Fast Paintball and Airsoft
  • R-14 Airsoft
  • Soft N.J.
  • Stryker Airsoft
  • Airsoft Factory


  • Hinkle Family Entertainment Centre
  • Hand paint and paintball


  • ACE Airsoft
  • war zone
  • The first paintball in Las Vegas


  • Tactics of airsoft
  • Buffalo Battlefield
  • War metropolitan region
  • CNY Airsoft
  • Coopers paintball cave and airsoftfield
  • Cousins of Paintball Riverhead
  • High speed paintball
  • Hudson Valley Airsoft.
  • Hunters Creek Airsoft
  • R&M Paintball and Airsoft
  • River City of Airsoft
  • Airsoft Sport Task Force
  • Brick house / clubhouse
  • Paintball in a war zone
  • war zone
  • Watertown Airsoft League
  • Zulu 24


  • Airsoft Assault Airlines registered
  • Attack of Airsoft Outdoor
  • Tactical background training (BTT)
  • Devilish playground Airsoft field
  • An airless warrior fallen into battle
  • A hidden ferry farm
  • i70 Paintball and Airsoft
  • Ohio Indoor Airsoft (OIA)
  • Airsoft Ohio Valley
  • Splotter Park
  • War The Airsoft


  • Tulsa Domestic Aerodrome
  • D-Day Adventure Park
  • Airsoft storage
  • Thunderbird Airsoft


  • Airsoft Acres Action
  • Leisure and entertainment campsite
  • CV Paintball and Airsoft Field
  • Gold Hill Airsoft
  • Airsoft arena and tactical store in Oregon.
  • Top Airsoft
  • Waste ETA
  • Paintball with splash action
  • SWAMP Paintball and Airsoft


  • Airsoft and Paintball out of the ambush
  • EAG Combat simulation
  • Linglestown Paintball
  • Mercer Airsoft Center
  • Poco Loco Paintball Park
  • Iron City Airsoft
  • Battlefields
  • Network code
  • Three rivers: Paintball and Airsoft Park


  • Battlefield
  • Extreme Airsoft
  • Rhode Island Paintball and Airsoft
  • Warzona Paintball and Airsoft


  • Fighting the sport of cats
  • Black Ops Airsoft – South
  • SQA aka Escue Airsoft


  • Bad karma Airsoft
  • Airsoft Battlefield
  • Blackwater Swamp Airsoft
  • CartCon1
  • Hellhounds-Airsoft-Field
  • Airsoft Elk Herd
  • Nashville Airsoft
  • OP31 Airsoft – TN
  • CPR by airsoft
  • Springfield airsoftfield
  • TennTak Airsoft
  • Compound Airsoft equipment


  • 5J Extreme sports
  • 878 Airsoft
  • The airsoft 15 revolution
  • Amarillo Tactical Airsoft
  • D14 Airsoft
  • Delta Paintball
  • DFW Adventure Park
  • Edinburgh Paintball Fields
  • Forney Airsoft
  • Fun on the treadmill
  • Airsoft in height – Beaumont
  • Ground air – Spring
  • Battle zone
  • The Airsoft cluster in La Vernia
  • The mission: Airsoft
  • Paintball Fixx
  • Paintball Zone – North
  • Paintball Zone – South
  • extreme sports
  • Tank Paintball – Zuckerland
  • Tactical Temple and Airsoft
  • West Texas Airsoft


  • 82. Domain
  • The city of MilSim
  • Sandbox


  • Augusta Airsoft
  • Airsoft Ballahack
  • Battlefield of Bethel
  • New Kent paintball/Air soft games
  • Paintball singer
  • The RATAC battlefield
  • XZone Airsoft


  • VTAG


  • Large paintball park
  • Nitehawk Airsoft
  • Paintball station
  • Airsoft Center
  • The Eagle Sample


  • Airsoft Arena
  • Airsoft Xtreme
  • Airsoft BlackOps
  • Edge-Paintball and Airsoft
  • The Promised Land of Paintball
  • Paintball chair
  • Twin Cities Airsoft


  • Killer Elite Airsoft Center
  • M2 Bravo Airsoft Arena
  • M2 Event centre
  • tri-state flying club

Let us know if we have forgotten something or if information is outdated and we will try to process it as soon as possible.



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