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Some players call them the AEG Ferrari, while others may try to convince you that their airsoft rifles are too expensive. Still, they are one of the oldest players in the game, and their products are great.

G&P began as a supplier of battle lights to the military and law enforcement agencies and slowly developed into devices and weapons to simulate combat operations with aircraft and military simulators. They are currently designing some of Airsoft’s sexiest animals and their quality process is legendary. According to G&P, each AEG rifle is assembled by hand and machined by specialists to meet their quality requirements.

G&PAirsoft Guns Short history

G&P began production of military equipment and accessories in Hong Kong in 1995. Their flashlights were used by the police and the army and are still recognized today as one of the brightest and highest quality flashlights in the world.

In addition to the world-famous AEG, G&P is also best placed to produce accessories, conversion kits, spare parts and much more in this sense. They are also investing in new Airsoft rifles, such as their version of the Dragunov SVD rifle, the GBB rifle they introduced in 2002, and the G&P SP System series.

They are now well established in China and almost all airsoft players around the world know their brand. Their location is ideal for making quality products at affordable prices, but you should not expect to find cheap weapons in their range. Airsoft guns that look just as good as those from G&P are not available at very low prices!

Characteristics that made them famous

They are known for the excellent design of their products, especially the AEG. G&P uses CNC precision machining and real steel finishing for most of their air guns, and they try to simulate real steel guns. The quality of their internal organs is subject to certain requirements, but this can happen with any brand.

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Key features

  • Beautiful airsoft design
  • solid state
  • Different AEG models
  • An excellent quality control system
  • The interior is a bit dingy.

Areas of competence

  • Impressive collection of M4 drawings
  • AEGs
  • Pomegranate launcher
  • Accessories and spare parts

Price of item

For rifles, G&P prices start at about $200 and can go up to $700. However, the most popular drawings are between $300 and $450.

Commercial products G&P

M4 AEG rifle

G&P V5 Airsoft M4

This version of the M4 comes ready to use from the box, but you will need to purchase a battery and other accessories (only the charger is included). The design is generally very realistic, offers plenty of space for accessories (thanks to the elongated rail system) and has rear and front handles for easy manoeuvring.

Collapsible shaft (7 positions), receiver, holder and metal rail plate. Because of its design it is strong in the hands and has a healthy weight (3 kg), but it can be a bit difficult to use on long missions (especially if you’re not used to this type of rifle). But if you want, you can attach loops to it (it has a point with rounded bars at the back).

The rifle shoots with about 400 HP and is driven by a full metal version 2 (upgradeable), which is equipped with a 130-shot magazine with a metal core. It works with a Little Butterfly type 9.6v or 7.4 LiPo (recommended).

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G&P M4 Airsoft AEGCarabiner Carabiner

G&P has a large collection of M4 rifles, so I decided to include a second rifle in this brand review. This version is similar in weight, construction and design to the above mentioned version, but has a foldable M16 box (more space for large batteries) and no front handle.

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This M4 version is equipped with ABS protection and a high-quality handle, while the receiver is made of heavy metal. It also has a detachable handle and a viewfinder. The gearbox is also made of metal, version 2 with reinforced internal parts and 7 mm metal bushings. The rifle can run up to 400 FPS and the G&P M120 rifle is powered by 7.4 V LiPo batteries. It is equipped with a choice of full, half and safe ignition modes and a 130-cylinder metal magazine in the central lid.

In general, both rifles are powerful and reliable, with virtually identical characteristics, leaving the choice to your design preferences.

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Other AEG

M14 DMR Custom Airsoft AEG sniper rifle

The Bad Boy sniper rifle is built to last, with an ABS butt, a metal barrel and a metal barrel. Gearbox – 7. Version, reinforced, all metal construction, with 7 mm plugs (upgradeable) and G&P M120 DMR high speed motor. The motor can be powered by a 9.6 V nickel-metal hydride battery or a small 7.4 V lipopropylene battery (recommended).

The rifle can reach long and medium distances at about 390 FPS, with a 500 mm inner barrel. In general, the M14 DMR rifle is quite heavy and long, so I don’t recommend it for beginners. However, I like the fact that it has a full range of accessories, as well as semi-automatic and fully automatic recording modes.

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G&P AK47 Metal rifle AEG Airsoft

The AK47 is one of the weapons that will always be in fashion, so it goes without saying that G&P has its own design. They decided to follow the standard model, but the novelty is the furniture in natural wood (for the ramps, the barrel and the pistol grip).

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The rifle impresses with its strength, and its heavy barrel, which is mounted and accepted for service, gives the rifle a healthy weight. Version 3 of the metal gearbox is upgradeable and the firing speed is about 400 FPS. With a 150-shot average magazine and adjustable visors, this version of the old AK47 will make every player on the pitch untamable!

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G&P M870 P.T.E. high performance airsoft shotgun

In my opinion, no airsoft gun collection is complete without one or two reliable shotguns! G&P agrees of course, because the M870 is one of the best shotguns on the market (also a copy of the Maruzen 870).

Realistic in weight and physique, this bad boy features a metal sleeve and barrel assembly, as well as a high quality ABS handle, hand protection and adjustable rear tap. I also like the top rail, which makes a lot of accessories possible.

The smooth-bore shotgun is powerful (about 420 FPS), accurate (adjustable jump) and has a good range (about 100 feet). The M870 works with realistic pumping action, making it the ideal side-to-side gear. The magazine has 22 cartridges, and the shotgun has only one shooting mode, in live-action gun mode.

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