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Airsoft guns are believed to resemble firearms, such as rifles, carbines and machine guns – firing pills by means of gas, spring or electrical systems. Airsoft weapons are used for targets, as film props, for paintball and firearms and can be compared to balethrowers or grenade launchers. There is no doubt that these action-packed guns have fun applications, but players must understand that Airsoft weapons are always based on a combat simulator and can pose a potential threat if used carelessly. These weapons, which are sold as automatic or semi-automatic playground equipment, are becoming increasingly popular with children and adults alike.

Airsoft is a somewhat undefined niche.

Although weapons manufactured by aircraft are generally considered safe, their manufacture, possession and import are still regulated according to government requirements. Indeed, in some countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia, the possession of airguns is illegal, while Canada prohibits the import of replica weapons. The strange resemblance of air guns to real firearms can have catastrophic consequences, as defined by federal law in the United States, and varies from state to state. It is also important that customers know the difference between a rifle and an air gun. Airsoft weapons use a primary ammunition called a BB, which is a spherical bullet and is usually made of plastic or steel. Air guns use a primary ammunition called a bullet, which is a non-spherical bullet usually made of lead.

Safety issues related to airsoft weapons cannot be ignored

The Airsoft-Guns is advertised as a gaming device, but reality tests show that this projectile weapon can cause damage. According to the statistics, most non-agricultural injuries were injuries less than 20 years old. Some of the most popular Airsoft machine guns are capable of firing bullets at several hundreds of meters per second (FPS), which carries a risk of serious eye or other serious injury, so you should always wear glasses when playing Airsoft. In the United States, hospitals across the country have reported a significant increase in the number of eye injuries due to Airsoft gaming in recent years. Another key to safety in the Airsoft is the adjustable speed of the weapon. With stopwatch shooting you can make sure no one fires twice as many shots as the FPS allows. In some states there have been numerous reports of police shooting at young men with copies of firearms wrongly believed to be real weapons.

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Airsoft Guns – Perception question about weapons of all types

Since owners, especially young people, regard these weapons as toys, they are often unaware of the risks involved in keeping only toys. Some rather shocking cases involve the use of hovercraft as a weapon in robberies, because the victims do not understand that the weapon they are threatening to use is a copy.

The risks and consequences of air guns cannot therefore go unnoticed. Anyone who owns or wants to buy air weapons must be aware of the laws that apply to such weapons in his own country.

Overview of US Airsoft legislation – Domains by State

Federal import laws in the United States require a flame-orange tip with a diameter of at least 6 mm on every airgun imported or transported into the states. The goal is to avoid confusion with real weapons. However, the laws of the state vary depending on whether or not the orange tip of the submachine gun can be removed. Only those who are at least 18 years old may purchase the Air Force. People who use an airplane or a replica of a gun to commit a crime are always treated in the same way as those who used the real gun. Be careful when carrying a machine gun in public places and always carry the gun in its holster. In some U.S. states, there are local laws restricting the area in which you may play with a firearm, which require a permit from the relevant municipalities. There is also a restriction on pointing a weapon at an unsuspecting person and carrying the weapon in a personal or commercial vehicle.

Revision of the state wisdom laws of Airsoft

  1. Arkansas. It is forbidden to own or use the air force in this state.
  2. California – The California Air Force Act is defined in Senate Bill 199, first proposed by Senator de Leon. The minimum age for possession of an air rifle is eighteen years. The gun, rifle or shotgun must be fluorescent in color along the entire length of the trigger guard and must have a 2 cm long band of fluorescent color around the circumference of the rifle grip and a bright orange dot on the barrel, as required by federal law.
  3. Colorado… Make sure a student who carries an air gun is expelled from school. There are rules that limit the marking of air guns by pointing the gun at someone and for areas where you can train with the gun.
  4. Illinois – Since the 13th century. From 1 July 2012, air guns will no longer be classified as firearms, but large barrel air guns with .18 calibre ammunition and higher are required at a speed of less than 700 feet per second (FPS). In Aurora, Illinois, the Air Force is totally banned.
  5. The Basic Law prohibits the sale of a rifle or air pistol to a child under the age of 16.
  6. Massachusetts – prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from selling an air gun to a person. However, a person under the age of 18 may have access to the weapon to play if he or she is under adult supervision.
  7. Michigan – The age limit for owning an air rifle is eighteen years, while high-powered and/or large-calibre air rifles are legally defined as firearms. The orange dot on the barrel of all replicas is mandatory.
  8. Minnesota – You may not wear or mark an air gun in an intimidating manner in a public place. Sellers may not supply air guns to children under the age of 14 without parental consent. It is forbidden to carry or store weapons at school.
  9. Missouri – Air rifle shooting is governed by local law, and minors under the age of 12 playing with air rifles must be accompanied by adults. For more information, please contact the town hall.
  10. New York Persons under the age of 16 are not allowed to carry air rifles or shotguns. Reproduced firearms must be brightly coloured and covered with plastic. New York City does not advertise the weapons of the brand airsoft. In fact, this is considered an illegal activity and can lead to legal problems. New York regulates the use of aircraft guns in accordance with section 39-B IMITATIONAL VEAPONS.
  11. North Dakota – classifies airguns as dangerous, so all criminal laws relating to dangerous weapons apply to airguns.
  12. Texas – The state of Texas allows the purchase of air guns, but in most cities it is allowed to fire outside the city limits. Air guns are legal, but depending on your city, local laws may apply where you may shoot.
  13. Washington, D.C. – No weapons should be thrown away in a public place or where people’s safety could be compromised. Air guns using compressed air or other gases, including carbon dioxide, shall not be transported on school grounds or in school buses. Replicas of firearms are illegal under the Airsoft Washington Pistol Act.
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In San Francisco and Chicago, all leads are illegal, while most states have strict rules for carrying air-to-air guns in schools.

Airsoft control systems under federal regulations

Airsoft handguns are legal under federal law, but in some U.S. cities the definition of a firearm and related regulations vary somewhat. Some states also have spring and air guns, while in other states the legislation may be more flexible. Federal law also requires the removal of trademarks of airsoft guns in cases where the manufacturer does not have a license agreement with the manufacturer of genuine firearms.

Compliance with Aerodynamic Law and the Laws relating to aerosols and other products over

The laws governing weapons using aircraft equipment vary from state to state, but there are some general precautions that must be observed when handling weapons and guns using aircraft equipment. Since some replicas have a calibre corresponding to a real firearm, there is no question of reckless use. In some states, reckless manipulation of the air force can have criminal consequences. Parents or legal guardians have a legal obligation to supervise minors who practice Airsoft in the United States. Those planning to acquire aircraft weapons should familiarise themselves with local legislation on the use and possession of such weapons in order to ensure legal certainty. Thank you for visiting! For great products and more information about the game, check out our Airsoft and Airsoft Upurchase guides!



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