Airsoft’s VS BB Guns. What’s the difference, huh?


Are you one of the many people who don’t know the difference between airsoft and air guns? You’re not the only one. At the heart of airsoft, we look at airsoft guns, and they are certainly not like their competitors. Yes, there are similarities, but the differences clearly show that they belong to different categories.

So we’re gonna give you some answers to the differences.  This should eliminate any confusion.

Airsoft VS BBFirearms

AirsoftDifferences between weapons

Echo 1 AEG SMG Airsoft Rifle

  • BB guns are normally not used in recreational mode, but air guns are only used in recreational mode. There are different types of Airsoft games that users can play.
  • The balls supplied with the air gun are not intended to cause serious injury. Most of them can be shot at close range without fear of serious skin damage.
  • Airsoft games are designed to be similar to war games. It’s like paintball, but instead of bags full of paintball we use pellets. Hitting a bullet from an air gun doesn’t leave stains on human tissue.
  • Airsoft is a skill game as defined in, which means players must be willing to take the time to learn the game correctly if the goal is to be good. There are different forms of games, but you can also use them to have fun in the garden.
  • Airsoft guns have an important difference, which clearly shows that they are not real guns. It’ll be an orange peak. Federal law requires it when copying firearms. Although the orange dot can be removed as soon as someone makes a purchase, it depends on the law at that location.
  • Airsoft Bbs are generally available in certain sizes, e.g. 6 mm, and are made of hard plastic. The weight is usually about 0.2 grams. You can also find biodegradable Bb that is not harmful to the environment.
  • Most air rifles used in competition can fire‘s from about .300 to 500 feet per second (FPS). The accuracy depends on the quality of the weapon and the weight of the bullet used.
  • Although the Bb of the airsoft weapons is safe for one person, it must be ensured that this person wears protective clothing. These can consist of swimming goggles and face masks. In a serious competition game, the skin must also be covered with protective equipment.
  • Airsoft guns use three different types of fuel. No consumables other than Bbs are used for the spring version. The spring-loaded version has a manual lock, the electric version uses rechargeable batteries and the gas version uses a type of gas.
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Differences from BB guns

Umarex Steelforce .177 M4 Fully automatic BB gun

  • Bullet guns are designed to fire solid shells and are much more powerful than a typical air gun. Therefore, they may cause serious personal injury and should not be used to shoot another person.
  • BB rifles cannot be used in the competition game like airsoft rifles, but they are still used for people who want to shoot at parasites and small game.
  • Air rifles generally do not have an orange dot because they are designed as close as possible to the real weapon.
  • BB guns have two main types of ammunition: Metal BB and metal pellets.
  • BB guns can fire up to 1250 FPS. This could come close to what a real gun can do. Most BB guns fire in a range of 275 FPS to 1000 FPS.
  • When using a BB firearm, users will or should exercise the same caution as when using a live firearm, such as firing points.
  • BB shotguns use two main fuels: air pump or gas. The pneumatic pump uses no consumables, only ammunition. The gas version uses compressed and packaged gas. The gas version allows a man to quickly return to the fire.

Accuracy differences

  • Air rifles and air rifles are manufactured with great care. Some people think hover guns aren’t as accurate as their BB counterparts, but that’s not true. The fact is that users must ensure that the airsoft gun they have is of good quality and properly configured.
  • Air rifles are generally less affected by the elements when fired.
  • Airsoft guns have the advantage over BB guns because they have a rebound system in which the bullet has a rebound. This allows them to maintain a steady trajectory, which is useful for long-range shooting.
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Differences in reception conditions

  • BB guns and air guns use bullets of different weights and materials. It is therefore preferable to use them in different shooting situations.
  • BB shotguns are more likely to bounce if fired with much more force than the plastic bullets in an air rifle. Users should therefore be cautious when using an air gun near windows or other objects that may be broken.

Cost differential

  • The cost of BB rifles and air guns varies according to quality, brand and style.
  • BB guns can be more expensive when you come across higher quality models, but air rifles can also be more expensive. It is usually based on the brand.

Airsoft VS BB ? Clear difference.

As you can see, there are differences between the two types of rifles, but the most important thing is how much more damage an air rifle can do than an air gun. That’s why at Airsoft Core, we make every effort to train users so they understand what they’re getting into. Airsoft guns are much safer, but they must be sufficiently protected in a competitive game.

Another big difference you should take with you is that Airsoft rifles are only designed for competition games and not for shotguns. That’s why they can be found in many styles and have an orange tip to distinguish them. BBC weapons are too powerful for that, even at a low level. I hope you understand these two types of weapons now, and you won’t be mistaken if you think they’re one and the same.

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It’s actually quite simple, because you can sometimes visit a website that uses the same terminology for bullet guns as for airsoft guns. Think about the differences and everything will be all right. And if there’s any confusion, suppose you don’t buy from us, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

BB-Guns cannot be used for competitive play, especially in real leagues where there are many of them. In this case a real air rifle is absolutely necessary.

It is likely that your weapon will be tested before it can be used in a competitive game. Whether it’s in or out of the league.



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