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JG BAR-10 Air sniper rifle

Assessment and evaluation

JG BAR-10 VSR-10 Sketch image

Product designation : JG BAR-10

Product description : JG BAR-10 is a cheaper copy of the Tokyo Marui VSR-10. The VSR 10/BAR 10 is the most common upgrade and equipment platform for sniper rifles.


The JG BAR-10 is perhaps the best positioned sniper rifle for airborne snipers trying to upgrade to a more powerful and accurate sniper rifle. For less than half the price of the VSR-10 Tokyo Marui, you’ll have more money left over for upgrades and premium features.

Editor’s note: We left the stars for the different aspects of the JG BAR-10 because this rifle is designed to be seriously improved and modified. However, as a raw material we estimate it at 4.2 / 5..

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Hey, air snipers! Today we are looking at the JG BAR-10, a cheaper trading alternative for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10. BAR-10 and VSR-10 are two of the most popular sniper platforms that can be launched as upgrade projects. The much lower price of BAR-10 gives you the freedom and remaining budget to actually integrate your individual upgrades and modifications into your custom sniper rifle. We also assume that some of you only want to use this stock for sniper rifles, and that’s normal: We will provide you with both sides of the most popular JG BASR (bolt action rifle).

Although the JG Bar 10 is one of Airsoft’s best sniper rifles, you get real power and performance when you upgrade this BASR with your internal equipment. Designed as an upgrade platform, the manufacturer has kept things very simple and inexpensive to facilitate compatibility and reduce the price margins of third-party accessories.

At JG Bar 10 there are several options you may encounter. The rifle is available in two versions: BAR-10 standard and more compact G-SPEC. You will also see some of the 450 FPS or 500 FPS versions being sold; these are the same guns, but with different inner suspensions.

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The specifications of the JG BAR-10 are already suitable for large open fields with a good starting speed and light construction, so you can already imagine the potential of the JG BAR-10 after the desired modifications. But let’s look at the simplest form before we continue with the changes.

Each package comes with rails and fasteners for the most common accessories such as double counters, slings and clamps. It also includes a fast forklift truck and a 30-cassette warehouse.

As a basic model it is already suitable for aerial competitions, with an impressive starting speed of about 370-400 fps at 0.25g BB’s and about 400-450 fps at 0.20g BB’s (Note from the editors: depending on the supplied pen, the version we are talking about is cheaper and has a weaker pen, as it will be replaced and upgraded at some point). The maximum range is 190 feet (supply), allowing you to hit targets at considerable distance.

If you prefer to use branded accessories rather than creating your own installations from different manufacturers, you can choose the option with the dual power supply and/or the device already included. These supplements are offered at a great price and are a certain value for the fun on the field. There are also versions with stronger springs for 450 or 500 FPS.

Now let’s talk about what’s really important: the pros and cons of the Jing Gong BAR-10 repeating rifle.

Advantages and disadvantages


The JG BAR-10 sniper rifle is very light and weighs little more than the mass of the air guns. This means that it won’t tire you for long and that it’s easy to wear even after you’ve added all your favourite accessories. Even with an upgrade and a new inner shell, your custom BAR-10/VSR-10 will be extremely light and comfortable to wear.

The speed of the muzzle is very impressive for a sniper rifle bench, fast enough to be used on pneumatic fields. But with the right upgrade, the JG Bar 10 can even reach 500 FPS+ with heavier BBs. You can consult the FPS’s rules for restricting grenade launchers on your local field before looking at the spring update.

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The BAR 10 is developed on the Tokyo Marui platform for good reason – the VSR-10 is a standard upgrade platform for your sniper rifle. So you’ll have no trouble finding a big choice to modify this rifle to become the sniper rifle of your dreams. It is perfect for real enthusiasts and more experienced snipers who have a specialized role and want to invest in a powerful BASR.

Impairment losses

Most disadvantages and flaws of the JG BAR-10 lie in the use of the rifle butt. Since this sniper rifle is intended to be upgraded, you are likely to experience performance and accuracy issues if you wish to use this stock at any time (or indefinitely). Without an upgrade, the JG BAR-10 is known for its double shot, its internal parts are not tight enough and it sometimes hits the corners of the shot because the jump is difficult to reach. A new spring, gear and inlet should be the first items on your upgrade list if you are looking to upgrade to a custom sniper rifle.

Again, the canned version is not the strongest because it has more nylon-polymer parts than metal (only bolts and a metal cylinder system). The metal transmission and the metal inner chamber and stock are good indicators for the durability of the air rifle, the lack of these characteristics therefore limits the performance of the stock.

JG BAR-10 (VSR-10) Specifications

Sniper rifle JG BAR-10

Sniper rifle JG BAR-10

  • ◙ This is not a list for any specific part of Airsoft. There are no parts for real weapons. Batteries, telescopes and other accessories are NOT included, unless otherwise stated below. The product is pre-assembled with an orange mouthpiece; on the first picture the product can be painted on the trigger guard, handle, stock, etc.; the colour of the strap can vary depending on the type of product ◙.
  • High quality aluminum alloy W/aluminum alloy brake lock; pressure/adjustable brake lock
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The JG-Bar 10 is probably the best filled sniper rifle for an experienced and cheap air sniper. The fact that the BAR-10 is half the price of the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 gives you a bigger budget and more freedom to invest in modernization of weapons. In addition, because the BAR-10 is built on the VSR-10 Gold Standard sniper model, there are no limits to the selection and availability of upgrades and add-ons.

Even if you leave it in the spare unit, the muzzle speed is good enough to play outside, which is more than many other models can say. A little fine-tuning, and you get even more power and precision. As long as you don’t depend on whether your BAR-10 is a replacement laser beam or not, and you plan to have some upgrades and a TLC as a possible upgrade, you and your BAR-10 will do your job perfectly.

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