BB Gun Fun, man! CO2 BB Pistol Review by Crosman C11


If you’re looking for a cheap and high quality BB submachine gun, don’t forget the Crosman C11. The Crosman C11 BB gun is designed to allow you to work with precision and accuracy whether you’re shooting at targets or trying to hit the vermin running around your property. Our first test with a gun gave positive results – as soon as you pull the trigger, BB flies with impeccable precision. The appearance is very realistic and with the right accessories you will be amazed at all the destinations you desire. We recommend the Crosman C11 BB gun for its accuracy and long service life. Note that this is an air rifle, not an air rifle.

Crosman C11 BBGun

crosman c11 semi-automatic compressed air gun co2 bb full air gun c11 semi-automatic compressed air gun co2 bb full air gun

Crosman C11 BB-gun – A design that does most things right

This massive BB gun has a very impressive and realistic look that gives it a solid feel. The quality components built into the CO2 pistol are complemented by the muzzle speed of 480 feet per second. The C11 is designed for hand comfort and has handles that slide backwards to open the CO2 starter. The gun has a plastic case, an integrated metal and C02 magazine, which is located in the handle.

The Crosman C11 BB gun is equipped with a detachable magazine for the BB-scope, a fixed blade and a rear visor with fixed neck, and a perfect finish for a more aesthetic look. Under the barrel is an accessory rail for smooth and uninterrupted shooting. The gun has a precise texture that covers the finger grooves, so you can easily grasp them when firing the bullets. Palm sweat is by no means a serious problem.

crosman-c11-co2-attachments-mods The practical weaving block for the trigger guard is part of an easy-to-use installation that allows you to use ideal accessories that require some adjustment, including the most important ones such as the laser or flashlight. The simplicity of the construction is one of the strong points that makes this weapon obligatory for fans of air guns.

  • Accessories guide under the barrel
  • CO2 energy
  • Removable magazine for BB
  • Picatinnyrail
  • One-step activation
  • Fixed observation device with knife
  • Fixed niche for rear view
  • Manufacturer – Krosman
  • Calibre – 0.177 Calibre
  • Speed: 480 feet per second.
  • Ammunition – BB
  • weight – 1 pound
  • Length of gun: 6 3/4 inch
  • VolumeMedium
  • Semi-automatic firing rate
  • The barrel is slippery.
  • Magazine capacity 18 turns
  • Mechanism – CO2
  • Usage – Flash/relaxation
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Crosman C11 BB gungun

piecetc11 muzzle clamp warehouse muzzle clamp cover is pulled back to open the co2 output. Loading the BB-Metall in a magazine is very easy. Simply press the button next to the trigger to unlock the charger and start charging. The visors are not adjustable and aiming must be done with fixed visors.

Follow these simple steps to operate your Crosman C11 CO2 pistol

  1. Install the SAFETY gun and slide the liner to expose the CO2 outlet.
  2. Insert the CO2 cylinder and secure it with the decompression lever. When you’re done, close the shroud.
  3. Press the magazine release button to remove the magazine and start charging metal explosives. Put the loaded magazine back in the gun.
  4. Release the fuse, aim the weapon at a safe target and pull the trigger.

For more information on the safe handling of the Crosman gun, see the Crosman C11 manual.

Power and accuracy

.177 Compressed air rifle Considering the cost of the Crosman, it has considerable accuracy and is very easy to use. This C02 12g gun, fired by an 18-shot bullet, has an impressive calibre of 4.5 mm. With an impressive speed of 480 FPS, the C11 is a double acting weapon. The weapon cannot be removed from the field, but can be disassembled for minor adjustments or to install accessories for the aftermarket. You’ll understand the tremendous power of this weapon as soon as you pull the trigger – 18 shots can be fired without interruption along the way.

We did a test of the bean tank to find out that the C11 can fire directly from a height of 80 to 50 meters, depending on how you changed the CO2 recently. This accuracy is supported to a certain extent by the 3 to 10 plane clamps (380-340 frames per second), which is quite acceptable. However, with slightly heavier grains (.20 grams) the SPF is at least 40 to 50 grams lower. After 60 shots at full power, the accuracy of the cartridges may deteriorate due to the CO2 pressure, but this is not a major disadvantage.

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We recommend adding some standard accessories such as a bridge mount, a red dot telescope and spare magazines to increase productivity. Since the warehouses for this weapon are not too expensive, we recommend purchasing two replacement warehouses, as this way 54 shots can be fired in less than 15 seconds. The gun is equipped with a metal trigger that works like a double-acting revolver and provides the necessary shooting speed. The metal spring clips are thin because they do not hold the CO2 cartridge. It is best to load them with a fast forklift, with each clamp containing 15 rounds of ammunition.

Our stop

C11-FINGER-TRIGGER The Crosman C11 gun has a good price and works much better than some guns in the same price range or even beyond. Some people find the plastic body of the weapon a bit inconspicuous, because it affects stability and makes the body vulnerable to burglary – first impressions do not suggest that this will be a problem. We do not want to say that there are no negative aspects to this purchase, but given the overall efficiency they can be overlooked. Before making a purchase, however, you should be aware of the problems you may encounter.

The main advantages and disadvantages of choosing this air rifle are the following


  • The design is impressive, the weapon is durable and realistic.
  • Simple trigger voltage combined with good feedback
  • The metal trigger and magazine contribute to the strength of the weapon.
  • Optimal weight – the weapon is not too heavy or too light.
  • Suitable possibility for starting shooting exercises
  • Smooth, fast operation
  • The trigger is very soft.


  • Unregulated investigations
  • Because the body is mainly made of plastic, the weapon is not very durable.
  • In cold weather the problem of CO2 can occur.
  • The clamps have low resilience and are not the latest on some models – the spring may even lock or loosen if the gun is not used carefully.
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Crosman Corporation is one of the most reliable manufacturers and makers of sport shooting equipment. He cut himself a niche in the landscape with an air cannon. The Crosman C11 BB gun may not be exceptional, but it continues the company’s tradition of producing world-class air rifles and machine guns. The C11 BB gun, which is exceptional in every way, represents an excellent combination of power and precision. The gun weighs perfectly, is not too heavy or too light and offers a reliable feeling when you wrap your fingers around the handle. The C11 bullet gun has a smooth and daring breech, and the shots are fired with ease and high precision. The rear stock is comfortable and durable, so you don’t have to think twice about buying this stun gun – you’re buying something very impressive!

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