Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Air Rifle Pump Review


Ease of use, easy storage and low maintenance – these features make the Benjamin 392 an excellent player when carefully stored in the club. Considering that it is a .22 caliber air rifle suitable for hunting small game and shooting targets, its simple design, timeless performance and reliable accuracy have made it a popular rifle for everyone. In our exclusive review we see how Steve Carey researches Crosman’s Benjamin 392.

  • Dude: .22
  • Generator set : variable pump
  • Action: Improved action
  • Cylinder type: with thread
  • FPE : 14.90
  • front view: locked
  • Rear viewfinder: adjustable
  • Material: Solid wood
  • Magazine: Turntable
  • Triggering: one step
  • Warehouse style: Wood
  • Security: Crossbars

Appearance: Displays Benjamin 392Capacities

Benjamin 392 -Variable displacement pump Made of American hardwood, special design. The Benjamin 392 can withstand all types of loads, shocks, impacts, etc. with a minimum of impact and wear. The best thing about hardwood is that, even if it has scratches, you can still refine it to make it shiny and flawless. The Monte Carlo Lodge, with its slightly raised crest and lower heels, plays an important role in improving accuracy. This is due to the fact that with reduced kickback the eyes connect more naturally to the Monte Carlo stick and small game can easily sit with a quick follow shot (if necessary). Besides, it’ll look good when I show it to all my friends at the gun show.

An inflated front handle makes pumping easier, although it is never easy enough for the lazy ones. The multi-pump pneumatic design allows the user to select the pressure delivered to the gun. If you look at the other side of the medal, you have to pump at least a hundred times if you want to make 15-20 hits on the dashboard. Benjamin 392 rifle

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It is easy to pump, but the lack of optics and a mounting device makes it a bit cumbersome. You can order a quality cassette, but installing it will give you a bit of a headache. Either present a scout type riflescope with a large pupil in front of your eyes, or find a compromise with the ease of pumping. Production and cutting into strips or rails is not the best option either. However, it is possible to do this with a B272 jumper. For each of the areas or attractions listed in the Accessories link on the official website, you must either Crosman 3/8″ Intermount or Air Venturi Weaver/Picatinny Intermount.

How to shoot a gun

  1. The stages of work:
    Gun) Place the gun on the safe iii) Hold the bed with one hand iii) Open the forearm with the other hand until it stops iv) Do this at least three times and it is recommended not to use more than 8 pumps.
  2. Loading the bullets i) Return the gun to safety (don’t worry if you already have it)
    ii) Lift the lock and pull it back to open the lock
    iii) Insert the bullets into the opening so that the nose of the bullets faces forward
    iv) Push the lock forward to
    v) Pull the lock down to lock the gun.
  3. You are now ready to fire on the target.
    A few things to take care of:
    – Pumping can damage the
    rifle – Always leave a pump in this rifle when you have finished shooting the
    – Pumping can take some time, so be patient and wait until the reflex is set.

For more information on operating the gun, refer to Crosman’s manual.

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How accurate is the rifle?

Achieving an average speed of 630+ FPS is easy with Benjamin 392, where 3 out of 5 pellets fall into a small subset of just 0.75 inches (30 feet). Some test results are listed below for a more detailed overview:

Pellets Speed Energy
Crosman Premier 14.3 Cereal pellets 637 PCA K.A.
Daisies 14.3 Cereal pellets 633.8 FSK 12.76 PEI
Crosman 14.3 Shot for hunting with pointed grain 612.1 FSK 11.9 CAI

Durability and precision are the most important characteristics of this rifle, and it is these characteristics that make this rifle a bestseller. To measure the speed of each shot, I used the competition’s digital electronic chronograph, which I think is the best candidate for the title of best shooting chronograph. When you see the test results, the speed seems average, but the killing power is sufficient to kill pests and small game.


Accuracy - Crossman Benjamin 392 With the Benjamin 392 pump gun, which fires more than 650 SPF bullets, you can enjoy hunting small game and shooting targets with accurate and consistent results. The performance of the .22 caliber rifle is largely determined by the user, taking into account how often you decide to pump the rifle.

At full pressure, the rifle fires at 685 feet per second at the targets, but, as mentioned earlier, this only depends on the air pressure. However, its accuracy should be noted on this point. The rifle is so accurate that the average shooter can easily fire 3 out of 5 shots in a 0.75 inch subgroup, and with an even better experience.

It is available in two versions: .177 for shooting a target and .22 for hunting. With the rifle you can sharpen your shooting skills and it is also a good remedy against standstill fever if you can set up a small shooting range in the basement or hall.

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The Benjamin 392 has a medium to high noise level. It’s not as quiet as you’d expect, but it’s perfect for hunting grounds, although it’s a problem if you live in the city or the suburbs and the neighbours complain. Pulling the trigger is quite consistent at 5 pounds and takes little getting used to.

Final reflection

The Benjamin 392 is sold comfortably for about $170 and is available with the instrument at many dealers for about $210. This is a handful for this price, given its precision and functionality. It is also powerful and is characterized by the durability of the well-built hull. The rifle is very resistant and will serve you for many years. The finish of Monte Carlo hardwood is certainly well done, and the price of (about) $180 US is fair.


  • Robust construction
  • Good speed
  • Accuracy
  • Sturdy durability
  • Adaptability to different circumstances


  • Average speed
  • Pump fatigue effect
  • Not a good reporting position



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