Best Airsoft Mask: The 2020 Expert Guide for Face Protection


What’s the best space mask? With about a million options on the market – fixed or semicircular, gauze, foggy or normal – it can be difficult to make the right choice.

This is no excuse for abandoning the most important step when purchasing aerospace equipment: good face protection.

Stop: Coxeer Full Face War Masks – the best mask for Airsoft! Full face, super breathable, looks venomously fresh and offers unparalleled protection – making it the perfect air mask for most players!

Coxeer Airsoft full face mask

Whether you’re a novice or an Airsoft veteran, the confidence that you have the best Airsoft face protection is paramount. That’s why I decided to write this guide and let you discover the world of Airsoft masks!

Best Airsoft Mask

Are you in a hurry? Check my three main air masks in the table below. Read on if you are looking for a detailed analysis!

Coxeer Full face mask

Coxeer Airsoft full face mask

Coxeer Full Face Mask The steel mesh mask is an extremely durable, breathable and effective full face mask. My first choice for beginners and veterans!

Thanks to the all-steel mesh, this mask never misses and gives you excellent visibility, no matter what happens outside.

Coxeer’s secret is the steel mesh, which looks normal but is actually extremely strong. This mask can easily withstand 700 FPS shots, making it virtually indestructible on the battlefield. Because safety has the highest priority, the Coxer full face mask is made with flying flowers and sets the bar very high.

The inner lining and fabric are designed to absorb as many shocks as possible. Given the quality of the materials, this mask will indeed hold your head well on all sides, even the ears and mouth, which are not fully protected by traditional gauze masks. What’s more, with this mask you can even wear glasses if you need them.

Coxeer full face mask for Airsoft

Another important feature is that it is quite light and comfortable to wear. The elastic laces can be adjusted to fit your head. The mesh can be bent and shaped as desired. Some customers reported that he first leaned against their cheeks or nose and then leaned forward and was perfect.

Finally, the mask, which is usually made of mesh fabric, has no effect on hearing or speech because the mouth and ears are not covered with bulky plastic material. This point is often overlooked, but it is very important in dynamic aerial battles.

However, there are certain size limitations. According to the specifications, this mask fits a head size of 23 inches or less. You should therefore take your measurements before ordering, in case there are not many complaints about the small size.

Available in 3 different styles: black and two types of camouflage. Coxeer Airsoft Black Full Face Mask

The mask offers plenty of space to attach your coats of arms, logos or other jewelry. Use this function and adjust the mask to your wishes!

Coxeer makes no sense and is impressive on any channel. He deserves a place on the number one stage like no other. A breathable, super-strong, breathable air mask with a stunning look that suits everyone.

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A victory in my opinion!

Buy now.

Second place

The OutdoorMaster full face mask, which is very close to the second one, is extremely impressive, but it simply misses the first place because it does not protect the back of the head and the top of the head.

OutdoorMaster Airsoft Full Face Mask Review

Don’t be fooled by a cool look – this OutdoorMaster skull mask has a lot more to offer. It offers excellent full face coverage and protection from nasty BBss, while you can clearly see where you’re going.

Oh, and that sounds so cool!

The steel mesh that closes the eyes provides more than adequate protection and avoids the fog problems that so often affect conventional spectacles.

Perhaps the best thing about this mask is that it is super comfortable and fits your face very well. It is suitable for most adults and teenagers and does not seem to complain about its size. In addition, there are six elastic bands that can easily be adjusted to almost any head size.

As for the material, it is made of a single piece of synthetic resin, which is great because there are no parts that hang freely. He is very strong and takes the blows like a master boxer.

The mask is rubberized on the inside to make it comfortable and soft. Another feature that places this mask at the top of my list are the few holes through which air can circulate when walking around. This makes him very breathable and keeps his head cool.

This fully equipped Airsoft face mask is not only very practical, but is also available in many different versions (9 to be precise). Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a minimalist, nomadic or mysterious black will.

Anyway, they all look cool, but the important thing is that this mask keeps the head intact. The only reason this mask is missing is because the back of the head is exposed.

OutdoorMaster is an extremely useful mask that is almost unrivalled in terms of price. If he had offered back protection, he would have led the race without a doubt!

Buy now.

Best budget mask in Airsoft

A super awesome, versatile and affordable face mask that can be customized and adapted for many things outside of the Airsoft!

Face protection mask Interim overview

Half Mask OUTGEEK OUTGEEK is an excellent choice and is a low budget mask for all Airsoft players. These simple yet functional airsoft goggles include plastic tactical goggles and a steel mesh floor mask.

This face mask is semi-adjustable, easy to use and will never strangle your face with hot air. The only possible disadvantage of this mask may be that it does not cover the lower cheeks, so it does not offer full face protection.

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As far as the glasses are concerned, they generally give a sharper image than a gauze mask (unless it is fogged!). But the advantage of these glasses is that they don’t fade (or hardly) and you won’t find them on every street corner. You have to constantly wipe your glasses to distract yourself from the game.

Thanks to their design and structure, they are lightweight and foldable. Although they look cumbersome, they fit perfectly and resist well. It can be easily folded with plastic glasses, but it may take a while before it adapts to your contours.

Another advantage of these two-component masks is that you can combine them with other devices you may own. Super customizable and super funny!

The steel mesh mask is light and strong, it stops any aggregate without damaging the mesh in any way. It protects your nose, mouth and most of your cheeks. It’s not just light, it’s airy and breathable, and most of the time you don’t even know what you’re wearing.

In terms of size, it says here that it is a universal mask, and that by definition it suits most people well. At the rear there are two elastic bands that can be adjusted at will.

The mask is available in different variations and colours of your choice.

Depending on the characteristics of your face, this mask will be either perfectly fiery green or a little tight. Some players have complained that it just doesn’t fit well because it can get stuck on the nose. Even in this case, the mask is well formed by brute force. If you’re a fan of half masks and have a budget, it’s usually an ideal choice for you.

Buy now.

As good as

Overview of the X Generation Global Stealth Predator Head Mask

Although this mask was originally developed for paintball, there is no reason why you should not also use it for paintball. In fact, many players swear by the GxG main mask at Microsoft.

This one-piece mask provides perfect protection for eyes and face. It covers the forehead and face, it also covers the ears very well (perhaps too well, affecting hearing), but it does not cover the top or back of the head. As far as security is concerned: As long as you don’t get shot out of a tree, you’ll be fine.

If you wear glasses, good news for you, you’ll find it perfect! The mask as a whole is very comfortable. With all those plastic masks, that’s not always true. There’s a big point here!

The mask is quite strong, both the plastic it’s made of and the glasses. And in case you’re worried about fogging up your glasses, there have been few complaints so far. The mask will hardly ever fade, not even if you’re very active!

Small holes are drilled directly above the visor to obtain a certain air circulation, a very valuable detail.

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A possible disadvantage for some is that it doesn’t really protect the whole head. Appearances can be deceptive, while it may look like a complete heavy helmet, but in reality it’s quite light. Someone might prefer – but don’t expect a full helmet for this price.

Buy now.

AirsoftInstructions for purchasing masks

Full Face vs. Halfeys
This is a personal preference. In general, both types of aerospace masks protect the mouth and eyes quite well.

Half masks are more customizable, generally cheaper and can be used for a number of things outside of Airsoft. Half masks are also much more flexible and lighter. The main disadvantage of half masks is that certain areas can be exposed, such as parts of the cheeks, forehead and back of the head.

Full face masks, on the other hand, are more durable, less foggy and often look better. They are most popular with Airsoft and easily available everywhere.

Air circulation
Nothing worse than walking with hot, sweaty, suffocating fresh air. Fortunately, this can be prevented by simply making sure there are enough holes in the mask. Poor air circulation can seriously spoil the fun. Make sure the mask you buy is not too tight on your face and has many holes/sizes for fresh air.

Fog Lenses
Fog lenses are a major problem for fog lenses.

Today, most lenses are sold as fogglasses; unfortunately, this is often just a nice word used by manufacturers. There are a number of ways to prevent fog from getting on the glasses. Sprays, mist pastes, fog goggles or even old tricks like spitting – they all work to varying degrees.

However, the best option would be to invest in good REAL fog goggles with small fans that provide a stable air supply and virtually eliminate the risk of fogging up of the lenses.

There’s nothing more depressing than falling in love with some amazing mask that Airsoft is looking at, only to discover that the size is completely unsuitable for your measurements. Some manufacturers indicate a maximum main size. Others will claim that their mask suits everyone. Read other users’ comments about the dimensions and check the dimensions specified by the manufacturer.

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