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Air warfare is a game with an airline, where two or more teams try to get out of the game by shooting down their opponents (of course with BB). The game is intense, fun, very well organized and only the best professional players are invited.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, an incredible number of videos have appeared on YouTube, and we wanted to collect the best war videos on the Internet. In this article I will guide you through the 10 best wars I have ever seen and tell you about tactics and how to use them with your own Airsoft team.

Air war

The criteria we used to include wars with aircraft were as follows:.

(we’ve watched hundreds of videos)

  • Originality – there are several very original scenarios.
  • Creativity – the use of accessories and alternative vehicles and various tools.
  • Action and image – of course it is important for the fun of television that people can film well in front of the camera!
  • Scope – some of them are huge, planned operations with an incredible level of detail and organization.

1. Tank Warfare VIII

If you really want to try the adventures of Airsoft, you should make a trip to Russia and participate in their biggest event (WIII. Tank War). The Russians don’t joke when it comes to Airsoft, so you see everything from incredible guns to tanks, APCs and other armoured vehicles that you only see in wartime.

The event presented in this video brought together about 3200 people and took place somewhere near Moscow. As this is a global competition, the Dutch, Israelis, Estonians, French and other countries have joined the Russians.

The event lasts 24 hours and you can participate later. As you can see, the terrain is not friendly at all and there is a long distance to cover (that’s why they used transport). Each team had a mission.

After all, this event offers one of the most true Airsoft experiences in the world, and every amateur and professional should try it at least once! The action is epic and nothing can prepare you for fun!

2. Border War 9, 2017

The border war is an annual event of the MilSim / Airsoft war, and in 2017 it was the 9th border war. If you want to register to participate, you have to buy a ticket and travel to Prague (the playground is located near the city, in the former military zone).

The event is open to all Airsoft beginners and professional players and includes a tactical Airsoft MilSim with some LARP components. Last year, players from 31 countries came together for an epic 50-hour event, and the results were amazing (as you can see in the video).

The terrain is difficult and you can expect fairly advanced weapons. In general, the atmosphere is definitely worth living for and travelling, but you can also make new friends and enjoy your time in the field!

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3. Ultra Mega Battle BB

Have you ever seen an Airsoft LAN party? Otherwise, this is your chance! More than 2000 players gathered during the last air war and had a lot of fun in a surprisingly well organized event.

The video shows that the boys are well equipped and they even have a strategic map of the terrain so they can discuss the strategy per zone. On the map you have noticed that the field is in the forest, which makes the game more complex and interesting. You’ll also see a cool military ear, full face masks and helmets and an incredible weapon!

Each team has a flag and wears bandages to identify themselves on the field. They are also heavily loaded with ammunition and most of them have high quality AEGs. Of course everyone wears spare guns and grenades, and on the guns you can see many cool accessories.

In general, the action is interesting and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. I’m not a fan of the big Microsoft games because the game might be late, but it seems that these guys managed to organize a pretty funny day full of Microsoft!

4. Operation: General basis (Ep. 2)

These guys really love Airsoft and this operation has some cool video episodes – each telling the story of this mission. Operation Common Ground, Episode 2 is one of the most popular air wars of all time, so it’s on my list, but if you like it, I invite you to watch the whole series.

As you can see in the video, their goal is to protect the base and restore a box of medical rope from the crashed plane. They were not told the exact position of the aircraft, and the team had only 10 medical cords (this is the breathing system used).

I love this area because it makes amazing use of the natural environment and makes you feel like you are in a real combat situation. Not to mention the camp, which looks exactly like an active military camp, with watchtowers, armoured vehicles and protective walls of sandbags.

Airsoft guns are advanced, and you can hear the fast fire of different AEGs. You can also see that boys are well equipped, both in terms of equipment and protection. What’s cool is that it was a big operation, with different teams – each with a different mission (as you can see, when the video is recorded, they rush to help the other team).
I appreciate the level of organization, the great field of aerospace and the fact that they were dealing with real problems.

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5. Desert fox field

The famous team of 777 Airsoft participated in this game, which was attended by unique heroes and 3SAS. The action took place on sandy ground with organised obstacles and was attended by about 50 people. As you can see, before the action the boys were equipped with AEG rifles, CQB weapons, pistols, grenade launchers, AT4 grenade launchers and much more. To make the situation more realistic, there were also suicide bombers and civilians (people trained for this role).

They also use high-quality protective equipment, communication tools and proven military tactics to defuse the situation and win the contest. Finally, I really liked the army’s equipment, which was in perfect harmony with the context and general atmosphere of the game!

You can see them using covert tactics, and each man carries at least one secondary weapon as backup. Of course the protective equipment will help you carry the extra ammunition you need for those fast shots. In the end they made full use of the medical ropes and I thought it was good for everyone to play fair.

In general, the action is very intense and the game is well organized, and the professional players are doing a fantastic job! I loved the guns, the rocket launcher and the suicide bombers – they gave me a bit of a shock and made me feel like I was looking at real images of war. Great game, guys!


This video was recorded from the player’s point of view (not that of an outsider), and I love the camera angles! You can clearly see the escape path of the BB and whether or not it has hit the target. It is also clear that the guys are professionals and I love the accommodation and the organization on site (between the hills, with abandoned cars and even with a tank in sight).

As you can hear (and possibly see), the weapon is the AEG (long-range weapon and some CQB weapons), and most boys are equipped with heavy protective equipment (from full face mask to helmet and goggles to vest).

The action is pretty intense and you will see the end of the game, which is a good touch.

7. Airsoft Island Sniper Game

This MilSim takes place on an island in Croatia (where there are a lot of hardcore airsoft sites), which leaves a lot of space for the players. Each team has its own mission, and you can see the action from a sniper’s point of view (even if you’re not very happy with the story).

As you can see, all players are well equipped, both in terms of protective equipment and high quality sniper rifles, and everyone knows their role in the game. It’s cool that in the game you can see how a spare weapon (like a gun) can save your life, even as a sniper.

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The action is very interesting, and I think it’s a good idea to have a whole island at my disposal.

8. Gang war against Airsoft – Gang war on the lawns

This video has been edited to look like a real version of the GTA 5 – Gang Turf action, and the result is amazing! The boys enjoy moving around in their town and taking control of enemy territory. It may not be a great airsoft war, but it’s fun and exciting!

9. Airsoft WW1 in trench shape! Blood diamond surgery

It was a MilSim operation in which more than 100 people tried to revive the fighting atmosphere of the First World War. The action took place in the forest, pockets with sand gutters, cool looking protective clothing and really bad weapons (there are a lot of powerful AEG’s and this replica AK47 is absolutely awesome!).

Competitor teams had to collect diamonds, which they could then use as a bargaining chip. As you can see, they use the medical rope of the airways, but the game is funny because all the characters involved in the game

If you like part 1 (this video), I suggest you watch part 2 – it’s quite fun to follow the battle to the end!

10. Sun Hunter Hills Sniper Team (long distance)

If you want to see what a sniper looks like at war with Airsoft, this video is perfect for you. The game is taking place somewhere in Austria, and the terrain is amazing! I like the way you can see everything from the sniper’s point of view and the way he explains the target and the strategy he uses.
I also like the ghillie suit, the full armor and of course the long-range rifle (which is super accurate). If you are careful, you can even see how he disguised the barrel of his rifle so that it doesn’t get noticed easily (that’s a very clever idea).

If you have any other Airsoft war proposals that we have missed, please contact us and we will be happy to consider adding your war to the list.



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