Best Beginner Airsoft Rifles – Guide to Reviews & Buyers (2019 Budget Edition)


In our criteria for beginners and the budget for the use of air guns we take several factors into account. First value: As a beginner you probably try to get the most out of your dollar (literally). But where other lists of the best newcomers to air guns distract attention from ours is sustainability. As a novice player you want a cheaper weapon, but not one that breaks or fails in your first few games if you don’t even know how to fix it. There is no easier way to get angry about the sport than to buy cheap weapons and equipment and worry that your equipment will break in the middle of the game.

This is an article about the best budget weapons for Airsoft beginners who want to play in regulation games, leagues or pickup games on Airsoft fields. We also have a list of the best cheap air rifles for diving, outdoor play and random shooting.

Read our recommended weapons below or scroll down to learn more about choosing the right weapon.

1. Fighting vehicle Thieves G&G 16 M4 AEG

No wonder. The G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider is on the list of recommendations for beginners, and there are good reasons for that. This AEG M4 rifle is one of the best on the market, and for $150 you can compete with players who have spent hundreds of dollars more on their rifles. It is a light but very resistant rifle, made of hard plastic, that can withstand the inevitable blows a beginner gives when he decides to use and maintain an air rifle. These two characteristics – lightness and durability – are extremely important for beginners who are still learning how to handle their weapon.

The interior is award-winning, and a 450-page magazine is aimed at new players who tend to splash around and pray during the first game. The CQB version of the weapon (close combat) is even lighter and more manoeuvrable and is ideal for playing indoors where the player can really learn the basics of the game and shoot accurately.

The CM16 rifle is highly upgradeable and compatible with the Tokyo Marui. So, if you invest more time and money in this sport and discover the fashion you love, this gun is ready and willing to be upgraded in your playing style.

One of the few disadvantages of this rifle is that it tends to fly off the boards. It is one of the best-selling rifles on the market, even if not in 2019.

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Read our full CM16 presentation

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2. ICS Sportline M4A1 AEG

For a little more money (or a lot less when it’s for sale, which is often the case) the ICS M4 Sportline is an upgrade in the middle of the entry-level M4 offering.

The M4/M4A1 Sportline is an entry-level ICS rifle of large calibre. Like the others on the list, it is primarily a polymer construction, but with some advantages that CSI offers and others that it does not. The M4 Sportline is equipped with a two-piece ICS gearbox, which is so important for beginners that you can’t exaggerate. It repairs, updates and switches the spring off for the CQB or plays the absolute wind outside. The rifle opens directly at the back of the lower receiver and you can hold the upper receiver in your hand for a few seconds. The pneumatic seal can be checked to ensure that the gun can be replaced during use. And newcomers, who are otherwise not natural pliers, will probably have to give their weapons to their friends or more experienced representatives for inspection or repair if they use weapons without split gears. The charging button can also be tilted backwards slightly if you wish to adjust the ICS turnout at home or while driving.

The shutter-release button response in semi-automatic shooting is sharp, the shooting speed in automatic shooting is impressive, and the ICS M4 Sportline shoots in the range of 350 to 370 frames per second at 0.20 g BBs. So if you use 0.25 BB’s, which is probably better, you should play close to the upper limit of CQB and be strong enough to play outside. Otherwise the spring is just a quick replacement.

If you get this gun for sale, or if you want to earn a few extra dollars for a beginner’s gun that’s more reliable, lighter and easier to use, you can sit back and relax knowing that you’ve made a fantastic investment with the M4 Sportline from ICS. ICS is known for the quality of its products, so an entry-level ICS M4 is an extra guarantee. It is also known for its compatibility with almost all M4 magazines on the market.

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3. CYMA AK-47 CM040C All-metal AEG

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cm040s full metal ac-47 fps-420 electric air rifle (Airsoft Gun)

We finally have a rifle that’s not an M4 rifle! If there’s one thing you’ll hear about the CYMA CM AK series, it’s a tank. It’s one of the hardest weapons for less than $300 I’ve ever seen. If you’re a new player, it’s probably the number one factor when it comes to weapons. This AK is resistant to beating, both externally (assault and beating) and internally (beginner’s service), which are just as hard as the real AK. Every player I’ve spoken to at CYMA AK says his weapon has servedyears. It is not uncommon that this rifle has been working for you for more than 3 years without any problems.

The CYMA is known for its AK-47 and AK-74 rifles, clones of VFC or Tokyo Marui, which are usually copies of higher class weapons. Cloning allows young players with a more modest budget to have good weapons at an affordable price.

For less than $200, CYMA AK comes with real AK hardware (full metal receiver and rails, real wood furniture), a very spacious magazine (usually between 400 and 600, depending on the model), perfect for beginners who tend to splash around and pray, is compatible with Tokyo Marui and can be fully upgraded.

The interior is really decent for a low-budget gun. I’ve heard some players say that the rifle should be greased out of the box, but others said that their AK shoots like a beast as soon as it comes out of the box. If you’re a beginner, you can’t go wrong with the CYMA CM series AK.

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4. Tippmann M4 AEG control

Tipmann Tactical Command Tipmann AEG 14.5in rifle airsoft Tan rifle

Tippmann produces good entry-level models for mass production for paintball and indoor shooting. Like the Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun, the first decent, affordable and customizable paintball gun in years, the Tippmann Commando is his airsoft counterpart. If you have a G&G Raider 16 combat vehicle in front of you and it’s out of stock or too heavy, check out Tippmann Command. Designated by gamers and Airsoft critics as the next entry-level G&G CM16 weapons raider, Tipmann has earned his place on our list. It’s a full M4 polymer, like most good beginner’s rifles. It is very light but very strong, with well-made polymer and nylon fibre materials and comes with wafer magazines. With only 2 kg, the Tippmann Commando is the ideal rifle for beginners and young players who are not used to or not strong enough to quickly hit targets with heavier weapons.

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Command has several functions that are a pleasant surprise in an entry-level gun for its price. It has a folding iron visor with an unlocking button so that the visor does not fall on you at the most inconvenient moment. The rear viewfinder is temperature resistant and the Command comes with the supplied belt holder.

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5. Top of M4 AEG Rapid Attack (OEM: Classic Army)

Airsoft Rifle Apex Fast Attack M4 Airsoft Rifle Apex Fast Attack, the original Classic Army rifle, is another nylon rifle mainly of entry level, reinforced with nylon fiber polymer M4. The Fast Attack is a beginner’s rifle, much cheaper than the other rifles on this list for just under $100 – it’s probably the best beginner’s rifle you can find for under $100. It is equipped with a Classic Army 25K engine with a 6.03 barrel and burns 370-380 FPS directly from the box.

If the price really gets in the way of your entry-level Airsoft gun, it’s probably one of the few entry-level M4 models that offer decent performance and reliability at a double price. Apart from the Apex Fast Attack, at this price for an entry-level rifle, the only other option you actually have is the Lancer Tactical M4, which is not known for its reliability and durability, and the Apex Fast Attack is a much better option.

I tried the Apex Fast Attack from the beginning, without any clue or anything like it, and I was able to get into a very tight group at 50 feet and a chronograph at 370 to 380 frames per second. The Apex Fast Attack has a slightly lower firing speed than I am used to, but it is a very acceptable sacrifice to keep this rifle so affordable.

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