Bull-Pup, man! F1 Airsoft Gun Review of Cybergun Famas


When purchasing an air pistol, durability, accuracy, strength and appearance are the most important factors. It seems to prefer weapon brands that have earned a reputation for quality and consistent performance. Cybergun Famas is such a suggestion. With Airsoft, she has found a committed audience worldwide. The prices are tempting and there are no misconceptions about the quality.

Cybergun families F1

Famas Foreign Legion Airsoft electric rifle with top-down adjustable movement, 380-420 FPS

Before we move on to an overview of the Cybergun family, let’s take a look at their possibilities:

  • Pressure gauge: 6 mm
  • Maximum speed : 445 FSK
  • Security: Guide
  • Ammunition: 0,2-0,25 Cereals BB
  • Weapon weight: 6.12 pounds.
  • The barrel: Straight hair
  • Wood capacity: 300 lathes
  • Operation: Electric vending machine
  • Overall length : 29.5″
  • Function : Repeater
  • Very realistic.
  • Fully adjustable metal bipod
  • Maximum effective range from 140 to 220 feet.
  • Assembly of a complete metal case
  • Polymer grenade launcher visor
  • Steel bipod along the top protector
  • Adjustable pumping unit
  • Strengthened internal organs
  • Metal loading handle
  • Full metal gearbox
  • Adjustment functions rear view
  • inner diameter of the cylinder: 6.04 mm / length: 472 mm
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic ignition modes

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famas-f1-French-Foreign Legion Now that we want to know more about what makes the Cybergun Famas a wise choice for Airsoft, let’s dig a little deeper into their history.

French bullpup rifles were invented in the years 1946-1950. They were not mass-produced, but later gained popularity and were sought after as collectors’ items. However, it was the conceptual project that managed to integrate with the most important French artillery, whose inspiration is clearly visible in their military service rifles.

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It is no surprise that the replicas of the Cybergun Famas were a great success from the moment they were launched on the market. Arms athletes are increasingly attracted by the classic design and powerful functions. Thus, the Airsoft Cybergun Famas have managed to gain worldwide popularity.

Owning Cybergun Famas, officially licensed by Cybergun USA, can be an exciting experience for airlines because these weapons impress with their high accuracy and ease of use. So let’s start by discussing the design of this AEG gun, and then move on to more specific details, including accuracy and performance.

Basic design principles for the Famasairsoft Cybergun

The fully licensed Famas-f1-Cybergun FAMAS Airsoft AEG rifle is equipped with a new generation all-metal transmission, which underlines the strong composition at work here. Add to that a full metal barrel and a powerful 300 capacity warehouse and you have the best air rifle option. The adjustable metal bipod increases manoeuvrability. Just like the Crosman Stinger R34, his military style gives him a chance.

The full FAMAS F1 marking on the body of the weapon adds an extra level of realism. He also remembers that this rifle was used for a long time by the French Foreign Legion as the rifle of choice. If you are a fan of the original FAMAS, you will certainly like the FAMAS Cybergun for its realism. Weighing about 2.5 kg, the weapon is perfect for sniper games. Each FAMAS Airsoft-Cybergun comes with a rifle, a mini 8.4V battery, a charger and an integrated bipod. A lower screw makes it possible to tighten the grip on the canvas/rod for a tactical vertical grip.

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Cybergun FAMAS Cyber Cannon F1 Eg Fag – The performance of the Cybergun FAMAS shoots at over 350 frames per second at 0.20g BB’s, which is quite impressive. The all-metal barrel and the new reinforced metal transmission make this weapon very accurate. The all-metal transmission has a powerful spring and a reinforced piston.

Compared to the only competitor on the market, Tokyo Marui FAMAS, the Cybergun option is more affordable. The bipod works efficiently and the weapon shoots quite well, even for amateurs. The complete set comes with two spare magazines – the FAMAS monitor and a 2000 BB round bottle and some other accessories.

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Also available in smoke-coloured camouflage.

Also available in smoke-coloured camouflage.

If you want to hear the sound of every shot you fire, the FAMAS Cybergun can be an excellent shooter. It’s noisy, powerful, natural, but easy to handle. The optics are fully adjustable. Although the magazine has to be turned every 20-30 shots, the versatility of the rifle compensates for this small defect – in fact it is not a big disadvantage! Our short experience with this air rifle has proven that it has an impressive range. To achieve a high level of performance and precision, we recommend the use of BB with better spherical consistency and density.

The fire speed (ROF) is excellent for a fully automatic air gun that can function as a smart sniper option. This is good for everyone in Airsoft games, even those with more advanced automated options.

One thing you have to think twice about is the fact that FAMAS Cybergun rifles usually run out of ammunition very quickly. So it’s not a bad idea to invest in a few magazines. Maybe you want to spend money on a visor or a target, because the possibilities of the visor for this weapon are rather limited. Buy this product if you prefer a relatively robust construction quality and a guarantee of zero oscillation.

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