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Assessment of Critak Criss vector and CV

Product designation : Vector of the crisis of criteria

Product description : The Krytac Kriss Vector is a Super Spike, a beautiful weapon with a futuristic look reminiscent of games like Call of Duty, The Division and Splinter Cell, with engraved and printed logos that are visible on the rifle. It’s powerful in your hands, and you’ll feel real power when you put it into automatic fire mode.

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This rifle is equipped with all the gadgets you would expect from Krytac: digital trigger and fire selector thanks to the digital MOSFET technology; double opening on the rear visor and foldable breech bed, which makes this rifle suitable for long range shooting and CQB; numbered recoil plate; easily replaceable guides – we can go much further and will talk about it later in this article. The only thing you’ll notice when you use this gun for the first time is that everything seems to be going well. The Kriss Vector has a futuristic design, but when you lock and load this weapon, everything clicks into place. This rifle has only a few disadvantages: the price (450 USD, it’s not cheap), and a small battery compartment in the pistol grip. But you get your money’s worth, and when you use the Krytac Kriss vector, you feel like you’re worth your money.

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Critak is new on the air, and they don’t disappoint. Their LVOA and Trident guns have been well received by the industry. Krytac Kriss Vector was swollen and had waited a long time for the airsoft community. Part of the appeal and charm of the Krytac Kriss Vector is that it was actually made by Kriss, the manufacturer of the real Vector. That’s right – Krytac is a division of Kriss Simulators, and Kriss is building a futuristic space cannon found in many video games. The cast of Tom Clancy’s video games was a special Kriss Vector fan and had them in justof allgames, from Splinter Cell to The Division to Rainbow Six Victories. Even Call of Duty has included this weapon in their games.
Just like the real vector, the gun has the same exact dimensions as its analogue and weighs only 100 grams less than the real vector, which weighs 2.7 kg.

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Okay, let’s get off the train and go to the big dog store.

About vector

The Krytac Kriss Vector is equipped with a digital MOSFET transistor and a universal 8 mm electronics package. The gun is designed to disconnect the battery from the digital MOSFET when the fuse is lit. The hop consists of a numbered rotary switch. The battery is in the pistol grip, which is overloaded. Krytac says that for a chronograph, you need an 11.1-liter battery of 116 meters or less, but we had to order a shorter, customized 11.1-liter battery to match the chronograph.

Vector Criticality Specification

AEG Crystal Crack Vector: Specifications

Advantages and disadvantages


You’ll see why this gun costs $450 when you see the outside. The aesthetics of the rifle are absolutely stunning. This air gun is amazing in your hands. He feels powerful. The pistol grip is beautiful, with engraved lines on the front and back and rubber grips on the sides. Every external element of this gun, from the stock to the firing pistol, is fixed with a satisfactory click.

The vector is mainly polymer with an all-metal finish. Despite the fact that the weapon is made of polymer, it looks strong and well built without playing. Supplied with fixed top and bottom rails, including sidewall. Magazines are SMG magazines, so they don’t fit in the typical magazine compartments, but should fit in the rifle pockets. They are sharpened, pressed and locked during loading. Wizards feel good and natural when they start, but a little uncomfortable when they retire. We’ll discuss this later in the CONS section. The fire alarm switch can easily be activated and deactivated from the safety switch, because it is slightly more difficult for the witch to activate and deactivate it, because the safety is actually connected to the spring and deactivates the weapon.

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This is where Vector really shines. The vector is so intuitive and well done that it seems to be a natural extension of the hand. When the Vector is in full automatic mode, this PDW gives you an indomitable feeling, and I couldn’t get rid of the feeling of fighting with this weapon like a SWAT soldier. It was easy and incredible to shoot targets in semi-automatic mode and I felt like the shooter who shot that baby. The fact that the Critak Vector looks exactly like the Criss Vector weapon wouldn’t hurt.

When placed on a chronograph, the Vector runs at 17 rpm and 420 frames per second with a shorter 11.1 volt lithium battery. Iron lines of sight, like everything else at Vector, are surprisingly intuitive, and you’ll find that you don’t have to guess when you’re standing in line. The tractor is good, but with the MOSFET and a hole of 2 shots, we noticed some half cuts.

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Impairment losses

Krytac’s Kriss Vector is a pleasure to hold on to and a dream to realize, but it also has its weaknesses. One of the most important is the price.

The battery is located in the pistol grip, so the space for the battery is limited.

It’s with the magazines that we have the greatest influence. Magazines are a little cheap compared to the rest of this air gun, and the magazine number is a little uncomfortable – the first few times you could bend it. Compared to the rest of the rifle, the warehouses are longer and SMG machine gun cases are needed to install them, although this is somewhat obvious as the machine gun is actually a model rifle.

The tractor, although electronic, is difficult to operate. After a few hours of play your trigger finger hurts and he gets tired.

The attachment point is also located on the underside of the bearing, which is unfavourable. When we carried him into the field, we found the gun upside down.

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The Krytac Kriss Vector is a big, beautiful weapon, but for a price of $450 you actually pay $100 to $150 more for the aesthetics. You can buy an ASG CZ Scorpion EVO, a similar weapon with similar (but unsightly) features, for more than $100 less, or you can buy the low-end of an M4, such as the G&G M4 Combat Machine Raider 16, and upgrade to a new one for the same price.


Despite the price, we will say that you won’t regret it at all if you have money to spend on this jewel. It just looks and feels good, and when you pick it up and you see how it looks and feels, you immediately understand why it’s worth what it does. There are not many pistols that look identical; they are much smaller than the pistols made by their own firearms analogues. This child is fully authorized by Criss. They have a proven track record with firearms, especially on Vector, so if anyone can do Vector, it’s Critak. If you want to feel the power of this weapon in your hands, the power and durability of Krytac, and have a budget to buy it, run, not run, to your computer or phone and buy it as soon as possible.

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