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So you finally decided to buy a gas gun. Perhaps you would like to draw more realism from your experience with the airline. You may have already read some of our purchase guides. Whatever your reasoning, there’s still a decision to be made. What gas should your system work with? Your choice is green gas and CO2, so it doesn’t seem like such a difficult decision. However, this maintains a small external contribution to the problem. You’ll want to keep reading if you’re stuck with the choice between green gas and CO2.


Is a gas gun your first purchase? If that’s the case, you better buy a stun gun, AEG. Gas guns require more maintenance and knowledge than their electrical counterparts. Especially guns. Some models can be very demanding. For a new player it will be disappointing. Chargers for gas guns are usually particularly sensitive to damage caused by accidental dropping of a gas gun. New players are usually clumsy with their equipment. If you’re willing to take good care of the rinse, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Propane AKA Green gas

You might be surprised that what airsoft fans call green gas is just propane. Well, mostly propane. Inside the soft green gas bottle is propane and silicone oil. Actually, you shouldn’t be looking at the green gas can. That’s the danger of a grenade. Lubricating oil is used to maintain both the weapon and the workshop. This will in no way replace the need for regular cleaning. You’ll want to know how to remove your gas gun so you can lubricate it at home.

There are many options for green gas, which is processed at different price levels. Many manufacturers of aerospace cosmetics have their own green gas. My personal experience has taught me that there is no significant difference between the different brands of green gas. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will find propane in your local large drawer or in an outdoor shop. This gas is much cheaper than ready-made gas.

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Green gas

Sweet. With the right equipment you can save a lot of money when refuelling your green gas guns.

We present a range of Airsoft Innovations adapters. The kit contains a plastic adapter tip, a cap, an extra tip and silicone oil. For those of you taking notes, it’s the same as what’s in your drawn green petrol cans. Put a few drops of oil in the outer valve of many personal propane cylinders, screw on the adapter – and you’re ready to go. The added oil lubricates your gun about ten times. Then just remove the adapter and add a few more drops.

CO² ASA Red gas

If you have air rifles, you already know these small stainless steel tubes. This tube contains carbon dioxide. In contrast to green gas, the 12 g cartridge only contains CO². There are no added fats. So you have to take care of your CO2 gas gun. Lubricate the seals and valves of the warehouses after each cartridge change.

The least common name for CO2 in Airsoft is red gas. You can buy it in banks as green gas. Most CO2 gas gun magazines accept 0.12 g cartridges. Glasses are produced for magazines, which normally use green gas. However, some gas mills are compatible with CO2. However, the gun packs produced for the green gas through which the CO² has to pass can disintegrate due to the extra pressure of the CO². If you want to try to use CO2 in a green gas gun, you must provide a guarantee to prevent changes.

Shot for shot (back): Comparison

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One of the main differences between these two gases is the way users fill in the protocol. The green gas allows you to recharge the gas in the logbook between laps. In the case of CO2 storage tanks, the pipe must be replaced before the fire starts again. And those pipes are a sin.

Double cassette

the use of glitter. That’s why problems can arise in the middle of the game when restarting. If your target is gross energy, then the CO² system is the right one for you. This gas in the cartridge is under a higher pressure than that of the green gas storage. This means that you tend to see higher initial speeds, measured in feet per second. This applies even to the cheapest gas guns without recycling. In fact, most inexpensive Airsoft guns use 0.12 g CO2 cartridges.

CO2 products also have more stable SPF ratings. This falls with the cooling of the system by a rapid fire, but also applies to green gas. On the budget? Green gas is the solution. The price of a glass from the propane system is lower than that of the CO² system. This is especially true if you follow a route with pure propane and adapters. The purchase of large quantities of green gas and CO2 lowers prices.


Let’s try to understand the costs of using green gas in relation to CO2. Suppose a CO2 cartridge can contain two or three full loads. Let’s share the difference and call it 2.5 twigs. You get a package of 40 Crossman cartridges, which means you get 100 complete magazines for one price. Firepower’s 8-ounce canister with green gas contains more than 50 full chargers. Don’t forget that green gas is more efficient but less powerful. With two packs of green gas, for example, you get more than 100 full magazines. So Airsoft green gas is only a few dollars cheaper than CO2. But don’t forget the option with the adapter. CO² simply cannot keep the candle at the price of propane gas. If you think about it, you drop the candle. It’s a risk of infection.

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CO2 versus green gas Final remarks

After all, you decide which gas is best for you. I prefer green gas because I can fill the warehouse without wasting the cartridge. But I’d be lying if I told you the CO2 cannon wasn’t in my future. Thank you for visiting iamairsoft.com! For great products and more information about the game, check out our Airsoft and Airsoft Upurchase guides!



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