Feet Away, huh? 20 Best Airsoft Pistols in 2019


Your air rifle is great, but you know… …it can be a little boring. This is particularly true in situations of heavy fighting. You can try kissing that corner, but if you look into the fire, you show yourself a lot more. Lick that awkward weapon, shoot it, and you’re ready for these CQB situations. Now you have to make another decision. At the end of the article you will get the answer to the question of your life: What weapon?

Short term ? Here is a list of points:

Airsoft Guns (all CO2 and gas [GBB])

  • The compact gun: We-Tech Compact Bulldog
  • Ambulance rifle: KVA H&K 45
  • A gun: AZG CZ P-09
  • Beretta M9: KJW Full metal PTP M9
  • 1911: Elite force 1911 Tac
  • Victory of the Sauer: Cybergun Sig Sauer P226 X-Five
  • Glock type barrel: Adjusted propulsion weapon KWA
  • Desert Eagle: Desert Eagle .50 AE from Magnum Research
  • Best shared weapon of all time: KJW solid metal 1911 Hi-CAPA

Best Airsoft spring guns

  • Gun with full metal spring: British Arsenal Colt 1911
  • Spring Desert Eagle: Desert Eagle SoftAir .44 Magnum
  • Most powerful spring cannon: Firepower .45 Metal slide
  • Spring budget rifle: BBTac BT M-22 High Performance
  • Compact spring pistol : ASG CZ 75D Compact
  • The best spring-loaded gun you’ve ever seen:

Best AirsoftCO2 Guns

  • CO2 pistolfor operators with a budget: Falcons Tactical Air Force 1911
  • CO2 Selective firearm: Taurus PT99 Fully automatic from SoftAir
  • CO2 Airsoft Revolver: Crossman GF600 GameFace ACG357 Revolver 8 Shot

Best AirsoftElectric rifles

  • Original electric gun: GFAP13 Playing surface
  • Best electric machine gun overall: ASG CZ Scorpio 61

**Our more detailed description. Click on the links above to view current prices or to read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why use an Airsoft gun?

Tactical option

The tactical option of replacing it with a cannon is priceless. A good handgun will help you win up close. When you scout to shoot with a gun, you expose yourself to less exposure than when you shoot with a gun. If you’re a sniper with air sights, you’ll probably find a side arm in your gear. Your long-distance specialty is excellent, but you’ll be almost useless when the enemy approaches. With a gun, you’re ready to fight.

Firearms only

Rifle in the bag If you want to give the rifle a chance, you can even leave your rifle in the classified area. Try to play a game with your heart. This could be a lot of fun. You should think about your pictures before you take them. Your rifle won’t be smarter than a medium- or long-range rifle. However, you will benefit from greater mobility. With your gun and various magazines you can play the role of Tom Cruise or James Bond.

Caution with the portfolio

An airsoft gun is certainly not a necessary element for a beginner. If you’re just starting out, an air rifle would be better for you. With him you will learn the basics of Airsoft. However, quality guns are cheaper than quality rifles. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to try the Airsoft, this could be the weapon for you. You won’t get the same performance from your sidewall, but you can test Airsoft without burning your savings.

What are the restrictions for airsoft weapons?

Aeronautical and spacecraft weapons

When it comes out of the box, your air pistol is no better than a rifle. It will take a lot of money and time to assimilate even to for a rifle. That’s just it. This is a pistol, not a pistol, which should be superior to the rifle. Both are tools for different tasks. It’s like asking an Allen wrench to tighten a Phillips screw. It’s not possible, but it’s not the instrument’s fault. You want the tools to do something that hasn’t been done. The rifle has its strengths and weaknesses, just like the carbine.

Logarithmic capacity

Another problem with airsoft guns is the capacity of the warehouses. A regular magazine usually contains 12 to 15 rounds. Compare this with the capacity of the rifles, which can have 450 rounds for reloading. That’s why you can’t crush the angle of the weapon.

Gun Lights only in enclosed spaces

They also sacrifice accuracy and range. With your short barrel, the grenade won’t reach that distance. You’re certainly not chasing another player with your sideways bow. Any man in a hand-to-hand fight should be easy enough to touch. However, with a little practice and a jump setting, you will be surprised at the range of your weapon.

Difficult modernisation process

The ability to update some of the side wheels may also be limited. The details of rifles are generally not universal. Overall, this means there will be less after-sales service for your flank. This does not mean that options and are available. Only that the options are less.

Complicated service

Compared to electric weapons, gas-powered air guns can be quite advanced. If you don’t know how to handle it, you might have bought a hole for a lot of money. The basic maintenance goes far and is easy to learn. Your airsoft shop has silicone oil, clamping bars and a cushion in the barrel. Learn how to remove the cylinder valve and lubricate the moving parts and seals after each discharge. Apply lubricant to the magazine at the filling and deflection valves and at the seals. Your wallet will thank you for it.

In general, trade in airguns is more expensive. They are indeed more complex than all high and medium capacity AEG protocols. Inside only the bearings, springs and pinions. That’s good. However, the gas storage can contain components such as valves, rubber seals and gas chambers. You have to take care of these magazines, too. Guest magazines are more sensitive than AEG magazines.

Rifle type A – CO²/Gas, spring or electric (AEP)

The bottom line is that when choosing a weapon, you have to decide what kind of drive you want on the weapon. There are advantages and disadvantages to the three main options.

Why gas / CO² cannons?

Each Airsoft gun allows you to get closer to the cache so you have a smaller target, but only CO2 guns offer more stable projection speed. These guns use steel cartridges of 12 grams under pressure with carbon dioxide. Some guns keep the cartridge in the grip of the gun. Some people keep it in a magazine. It is available with or without bribery. Compared to green gas guns, CO2 guns are not exposed to extreme temperatures. You can buy 12g CO2 cartridges in bulk to save your money. The cartridges using these air guns can be found in every department store. A typical gun fires a new cartridge between two and four full magazines.

Used CO2 cartridges can be disposed of in a more responsible way than green gas cans. When you place the cartridge in the magazine or stock of the gun, the cartridge is perforated by the gun from the top of the magazine and the gas in the system enters the gun. That’s why you can be sure that the cartridge is completely depleted when you remove it from the magazine. Some transformers do not accept green gas cans because they cannot see if they are empty. This entails a safety and contamination risk. Contact your local scrap dealer or recycling company to check if they accept empty cartridges.

Submachine gun CO² Disadvantages of

One of the disadvantages of CO2 weapons is more tactical. Since you cannot refill the CO2 cartridge between the cartridges as you do with green gas storage units, you risk having an empty CO2 cartridge in your side pocket when you need it most. Changing the cartridge in the middle of a shot almost certainly brings you back to square one.

To avoid this problem, try keeping track of how many times you have deleted a particular log. You know when to change the cartridge. If you accidentally load an empty magazine into your weapon, just remove it and insert a new one. If this one’s empty, well… …there’s always time to replace the 12-gauge cassette between spawning grounds. When the CO2 pistol holds the cartridge in its hand, it is even easier to follow the cartridge change.

CO2 and legs per second

CO2 rifles tend to shoot very hard. Some have a muzzle velocity of 400 feet per second. We’ve even heard of a 600-pound shot! In general, a box with an air rifle indicates the speed of the bullet when leaving the barrel. The box also contains the BB mass used in the factory to test the FPS. To make their airguns on the shelf more impressive, the manufacturers will test them with 0.12 grams of bullets. This leads to a higher SPA. Since nobody ever records a .12s field, you’ll see the lowest FPS when it’s time to time your CO2 pistol.

Unfortunately, most closed fields limit the use of an Airsoft weapon that measures more than 400 FPS in Chrono. You can play hot games on most outdoor pitches, although they may limit the range of the target. If you think there is a physical limitation on your local domain, please contact the owner or administrator. Their first task is to launch a safe game, and they will work with you to make this possible. Please take into account the type of fields available in your area when making your purchase decision.

Gun CO2Maintenance of the gun

As you probably know, a green gas bottle consists only of propane with a silicone oil additive that helps to lubricate the weapon when it is fired. The CO2 gas in the 12-gram cassette is not processed, so it is only gas. The exclusive use of 12g cartridges without proper maintenance endangers the life of your weapon. You must clean and maintain your CO2 pistol before and after use. But that goes for any floating rifle.

The fan responsible must know when and how to take care of his equipment. Manually apply silicone oil to the moving parts between the sets. The most common cause of cartridge leakage is the dry seal. Therefore, when replacing cartridges, apply some grease to the seal where the CO2 is introduced into the gun.

How to choose a CO² gun

When deciding which CO2-pistol you want to buy, you should take a number of the following points into account. Do you want a machine gun with or without a charge? Nothing in Airsoft is more satisfying than a hard blow against a CO2 pistol. However, free-loading weapons generally cost more than their stationary siblings.

Cheaper weapons usually have very few external metal parts. Really cheap plastics are almost always plastics that look like toys. So if you want something that looks as strong as a gunshot, you have to spend more money. Luckily for you, there are CO2 cannons in many configurations. For more realism there are revolvers with a simulated handle return. With them you get bowls for loading the BB. The 12g cartridge is inserted into the handle. You will also find CO2 guns with selective firepower. You have the choice between a safe, semi-automatic or fully automatic system, just like a normal sized rifle!

Green gas or CO²?

Do you want your weapon to run on green gas or CO2? There is not much difference between the two systems. But air traffic controllers swear by their choice of gas. CO2 works with a higher pressure, which means more FPS, but leads to greater wear and tear of the internal components. If you want your green gas gun to use CO2, you need to upgrade it. Still, it’s not a good idea.

Why spring cannons?

Spring guns are excellent as emergency air guns. You don’t take sniper shots with a jumper, but you can cover the entrance until it’s safe to prepare your area code again.

Airgun Most airguns are cheap, so you don’t blow up a bank. They are a great gift for newcomers and veterans of aviation. They are also a good option if you want to get a young family member into Airsoft by not giving them an expensive piece of equipment that breaks.

The arsenal of springy gas guns opens up many possibilities for interesting games that you can play in small groups. What if you fall into a big puddle or a stream? You don’t want to use an Airsoft gas or electric gun until you’re sure you won’t hurt him. The knight in your pocket? It has no batteries or gas bottles. This should work well if you’re soaked in the field.

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If you are the type of player that thinks you want to get clean performance out of your kernel, you are used to dealing with commitment limitations. If you jump into your equipment, you don’t have to kill or surrender every enemy within a radius of three meters. Most air guns don’t have a high muzzle velocity. Normally they work at a speed of 250 feet per second.

However, the FPS jumper is one of its limitations. Because airsoft guns are not equipped with rebound devices, the BB will not be very accurate. You’re gonna have a big problem hitting a moving target. With a low SPF, your target may not feel or even hear the impact of the shot. You may have to meet them more than once. The springy pistol can best be used to hold a narrow passage or to catch someone who is not on his guard.

Another problem with spring cannons is that they are usually made of inferior materials. With some weapons, a collision with a wall can cause a crack in the frame. Still, not much can go wrong with a gun. As long as you put the spring of the barrel in oil and occasionally tighten the screws, your jump will take a long time. Even if he breaks, his replacement won’t empty your wallet. Unfortunately, some air rifles are sealed there, making it impossible to open them.

How do Airsoft battle guns work?

Airpressure gunAirpressure gunAirpressure gun – simple device. Basically, the system uses the collected air and the spring to activate the ball. If you load a magazine into your spring-loaded gun, you’re not ready to shoot yet. You must first tighten the main spring by pulling the bolt or hammer. He opens the gun camera and lets air in. A small notch in this room makes it possible to catch the other part of the trigger.

When you press the shutter button, this part comes out of the camera. The released voltage pulls the whole camera forward. The collected air comes into contact with the ball and sends it out of the barrel. Then a spring in the warehouse pushes another ball into the barrel, ready for another shot. Due to the simplicity of the system, there are few things that a weapon can penetrate.

What to look for in an Airsoft Spring Actionair gun

If you are in the market behind a spring gun, the first thing to think about is the quality of the exterior finish. You don’t want your retention to come out of the drop. Some may even burst if not properly folded when cracked. There are several solid metal options to choose from, and even these won’t cost you more than $30.

Since the performance is almost the same for all resilient fighting guns, you don’t have to take that into account when making your decision. You want to consider the size of the magazine. After all, you don’t want to have to recharge your last source. Because it is difficult to find additional protocols for the different models, you will usually only have one protocol. And if it is, you want it to be deep magic. 15 BB or more is a good amount. This factor should then be taken into account. Does that sound good? Is this the right size for your hands? Is this a copy of your favorite gun? What about the price? Will it be easy to replace him if he breaks up with you?

And now, with all this in mind, here are some spring fighting guns we recommend! All airsoft guns are tested with 0.12 grams of pearls. If you load them with standard 0.20g cartridges, you get a lower FPS, but slightly more accuracy and range.

Why Airsoft Electric Weapons?

Electric Gun If you’re new to Airsoft, you might be surprised to hear that, yes, that’s the thing with AEP! They blend the best parts of the AEG world with the compact size of the weapon. Gas guns are great. But even the best gas pipelines suffer from temperature problems. In extreme cold and high temperatures, the weapon may not work as well or not at all. Not to mention the hypothermia that occurs when a gun is fired quickly. The EPA will work in these extreme conditions, just like your rifle. They don’t expect realism from a presidential candidate. Electric motors don’t have it on their own, both for the movement of the frame and for the ignition of the BB. Since most AEPs burn in both fully automatic and semi-automatic modes, they are ideal as side walls for snipers.

There are several airsoft stun guns on the Asian markets. Tokyo Marui makes electric Glocks and upgrades to make them even better. Unfortunately, these weapons are not available in the United States due to copyright law. Check out our article on why it’s so hard to find Airsoft Glocks here.


Overall, the performance of most members will be incredibly weak. In fact, there are several real quality weapons. And is even less than the real weapons in . One of the best aspects of the LEP is that it is difficult to work with them. Because of their compact size, not much happens under the bonnet. It’s rare to find an electric rifle that shoots at more than 300 feet per second.

Submachine gun Upgrade Option. And the upgrades you choose are similar to the upgrades you would do to enhance an AEG SPA. Remember, as soon as you crack a stun gun, any warranty is void. Upgrade the spring for more power. Improved transmission for cleaner operation. However, it will be more difficult to achieve a higher burning rate. You should use a more powerful battery. To make a, you must prepare the entire system to support the additional electrical load. Higher speeds are necessary because the extra boost you get from a larger battery will wear out the replacement parts.

Excuse the jargon, but you can change the battery wiring from Tamiya to Deans. In short, Dean’s wired systems have a lower electrical resistance, which means less damage to the electronics. To do this, you need to know how to use a burner. There are many guides in the network explaining this process. Now we need to find a place to put that big battery. In some cases it is better to stick them on the outside of the weapon. It sounds like a bad decision, but that’s because it is. If you have experience in any type of production, you can build an outside curve.

Other considerations for the gun

Stability and reliability

Refillable pistol The most important question to be answered is that of durability. Will my new Airsoft gun last long? This is not an easy question to answer. Some manufacturers have a reputation for producing reliable equipment. Some are known to produce cheap counterfeit products. However, on each assembly line you will find items that fall into the quality control cracks. They’re called lemons. Even if you have chosen a brand that you know is good, your weapon can (and will) fail. Which brings us to another question. Can you fix it? You need a part that is easy to replace.

Storage and update activity

What about the performance? You need something ready to use, with built-in precision and performance. But remember, the initial speed is , not . You really want something you can jump on. Any weapon without that would be less accurate. You won’t be able to adjust the accuracy either. What if you want to improve what you bought? You’ll want to pick a service gun. If you choose the right model, you will receive a wide range of cosmetic updates. You can also make it better under the hood. This can be a complicated process. Don’t forget that you can increase the barrel of most air guns to increase accuracy and the FPS slightly.

Silver pistol Peg peg ?

The price must also be taken into account. With Airsoft, as with many other things, you get what you pay for. Although you should always look for a better offer, it can be unwise to buy something that is sold in retail for less than $100. At the same time, we shouldn’t believe that a gun worth over $200 would be the best choice. Again, you have to look for manufacturers you know make a quality transmission.

Miscellaneous considerations

Then there are several considerations. If you’re left-handed, you need ambitious management. You want your gun to be big and heavy and all metal? There are possibilities for that. If you own a certain weapon, you can buy the analog weapon – Airsoft. Is there a country, a police force or an action hero you want to follow? Are you obsessed with a particular model? Think about giving more weight to this decision.

The best airsoft guns on the market

The best Airsoft compact gun:

We-Tech Bulldog Compact

Evike - We-Tech Bulldog Compact Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Gun - Tan - (43581)

We-Tech Bulldog is definitely a good piece if you want a super spy look. A lot of air traffic controllers will tell you to stay away from the We-Tech gun. But that’s because their previous entries in the airsoft market gave them a bad reputation. The manufacturer has activated his game with Bulldog. It simulates the PX4 storm in its design, so if you’re a Beretta fan, this one’s for you. It has a durable mounting quality with a polymer floor frame and an aluminium slide. The metal on the polymer gives a hard blow to the air guns. The Bulldog Compact runs on green gas. Unlike many other guns, it is available in three colours: Matt black, chrome and dark earth. The low FPS rating of the We-Tech Bulldog Compact means you are less efficient remotely. Again: Weapons shouldn’t be any better than anything else. They’re built for the CQB, and the Bulldog’s compact design surpasses them.


  • Ambidextrous security and hammer decoder
  • Ergonomic pistol grip for easy use
  • 20 magazine photos
  • Integrated fiberglass viewfinder front and rear
  • Prices


  • 250 L/S
  • Magic and unbiased triggers.
  • Cannot withstand a BB of more than 0.20 grams.
  • Short rail frame limits accessory options

Learn more about the Amazon

Best right- and left-handed double-sided Airsoft gun:

KVA H&K 45

KWA H&K 45

If you’re left-handed, you know that life is a struggle. It’s just that things aren’t good for you. And you have ink on the back of your hand when you write with pens. The joystick is also much harder to learn. Fortunately, the KWA thought of you when it created an airsoft version of the USP 45 from Heckler and Koch. The greatest appeal of this weapon lies in its ambitious characteristics. On both sides of the gun you’ll find the lock and the magazine. Even if you’re not left-handed, you can still shoot with your left hand. Even if it wasn’t ambitious, KWA HK45 Green Gas is an important by-product for your air needs. Just like his real analog he has a metal slider and a polymer frame. It also has a decryption mechanism for extra security. With the lower frame you are ready for the installation of the lasers and lighting. At just under $200, the KWA HK45 is a fairly expensive weapon. However, it is worth it if you are tired of handling airguns that are not good for you.


  • 340-350 PCA
  • Deep magazine with 28 rounds
  • Three sights
  • Suppressor ready


  • Prices

More information

Best Silent Machine Gun with Airsoft Technology:


ASG CZ P-09 Airsoft Compressed air gas gun with male thread in barrel

This ASG Green Gas Gun is a good choice if you are looking for something ready for a gun suppressor. The reason you need a suppressor for your weapon is that you can extend the inner barrel without having a headache if you replace the outer barrel. The weapon will also complement your Russian charge. If you put it next to other guns, you’ll find it’s long. This makes the weapon more accurate than other weapons on the market. The safety valve helps if you’re left-handed. The weapon is analogous to theirs. The handle is also thin, giving it a unique feel in the hand. The two-tone appearance of the weapon makes it striking. The three-point iron view makes it easy to catch and hold a target. This gun’s a little hot. Some see this as a disadvantage, especially in internal areas. You can reduce SPF by using heavier BB’s. It also allows your BB to maintain accuracy over long distances.

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  • Strong 350-370 FPS
  • A deep magazine with 35 lathes
  • Gently squeeze the trigger


  • Low gas efficiency

Learn more about the Amazon

Best Airsoft-Beretta M9:

KJW Full metal PTP M9

kjw model-603m9ptp gas/co2 recoil full metal (airsoft gun)

If you’re a Beretta M9 fan, think of this Quan Ju Works rifle. KJW is a Taiwanese company that only produces gas weapons. So we can expect strong competitors in the world of air rifles. Probably the best feature of this weapon is that it can absorb both CO2and green gas. Just buy the right magazine. The internal services continue to be under higher pressure due to the higher CO2 pressure. However, it is designed to deal with this stress. And KJW is one of the brands that has customer service. The low throttle efficiency is achieved by using the KJW M9 brake caliper. As far as realism goes, it couldn’t be better. Without the charge, the weight of the weapon is close to reality. It works like a weapon, it looks like a weapon, and it even triggers like a weapon.


  • Deep warehouse storage with 25 cartridges
  • Powerful 300-340 FPS
  • Costs for after sales support
  • Numerous spare parts available


  • Side view in white painted iron
  • Low gas efficiency

Learn more about the Amazon

Best Airsoft 1911:

Elite force 1911 Tac

Elite Force 1911 Pneumatic machine gun BB 6 mm, 1911 TAC, FDE/black

If you like the real American classics, namely the M1911, but want a CO2 pistol, look no further than the Tac 1911 of the Elite Force. This version is available in two colours: aggressive black sledge and dark earth or grey frame with black handles. The 1911 Tac works like a real model, with a sliding lock and safety handles. It’s a good starter gun. It is very popular on many websites, and they are almost all sunny. Owners speak of high quality assembly, willingness to remove the outer barrel and precision off the beaten track. The CO2 cartridge goes into the warehouse. It is difficult to replace gas with pressure. If you find out how many shots the new cartridge fires, you can avoid getting stuck without a gun. Although 14 shots are still a good number, the best guns usually have more shots ready to fire. If you like, there are 27 round, scattered magazines. And who doesn’t like the look of battle?


  • Two colour options
  • Fully functional, 1911.
  • Tactile handles for better control
  • 345 PCA


  • Low-edition warehouse (14 photos)
  • Colored slot

Learn more about the Amazon

Best Airsoft-Sig Acid:

Cybergun Sig Sauer P226 X-Five

Sig Sauer P226 X-5 Airsoft CO2 Recoil Tactical Pistol, black

If you’re a die-hard Sieg Sauer fan, you’ll love this P226 from Cybergun. His marks match a firearm. You can count on the high performance and precision on this side of the box. The shooting accuracy is also 15 metres, which is impressive for a weapon of this size. Unlike some air guns, the safety locks are to let you know when it is safe. The curiosities have a high visibility compared to some of their analogies. It also has a rail frame for adding light and lasers. There’s no gas in the warehouse, but that’s because there are 25 cartridges in it. And while I like the tracks as much as the next respirator, I prefer to play with my guns. Beauty is an added bonus.


  • 320-360 FSC
  • In-depth magazine 25 rounds
  • Double hook and single trigger


  • Low gas efficiency
  • Painted marks are easy to carry.

Learn more about the Amazon

Best Airsoft Glock Gun:

Adjusted propulsion weapon KWA

KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Gun

Real Airsoft Glocks are hard to find on the American market. So the best thing is to find something like a Glock. Enter KWA ATP. Form and function are combined with this weapon. The curved back plate is adjustable and the wolf grey polymer floor frame gives it a unique tactical look. The gun runs on green gas and contains 23 respectable cartridges in the warehouse. The KWA has developed the ATP with the aim of training law enforcement officers to meet high standards. Has a polymer frame for accessories. A metal sledge means you get both tail power and high impact. It’s a respectable choice for a buffet, and your best choice is a kind of multifunctional weapon. One of the company’s greatest strengths is customer service. Updates are easy to find and install.


  • 340-350 PCA
  • Three-point iron view.
  • ergonomically curved pistol grip
  • Strong after-sales support


  • Not , but Glock.
  • Prices

Learn more about the Amazon

Best Desert Eagle Airsoft:

Desert Eagle .50 AE from Magnum Research

Desert Eagle Fully Automatic Airsoft Gun

If you want to turn your head on the field, that’s all. Get your Agent Smith with this .50-caliber Desert Eagle from Magnum Research. Thanks to the enormous all-metal breech position, this gun offers a heavy and satisfying shot with full effect. And you get this: He can shoot a full car! Although you cannot use it in most interior spaces, its selective light function makes it an excellent choice for primary rather than secondary or side lighting. There’s 20 laps in his magazine, so you don’t have much time for rock’n’roll. But that’s enough for a few muffled outbursts. And at a speed of 300 to 340 feet per second, you’re well within the speed limits of the bullets at the inner edges. The biggest drawback is the price, but it costs every dollar to see the expression on the enemy’s face when he hits your iron visor.


  • It’s a Desert Eagle.
  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic ignition modes
  • Full metal construction


  • Prices
  • You didn’t

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Best universal Airsoft gun:

KJW solid metal 1911 Hi-CAPA

kjw 1911 meu kp07 Recoil gas gun (airsoft gun)

Yeah, it’s another 1911. But that’s because it has something special, because it’s a clone of the Hi-CAPA Tokyo Marui line. This is a high power reduction. Due to the popularity of TM’s Hi-CAPA line, many manufacturers have tried to replicate it. KJW’s doing the best they can. The classic tactical look is accompanied by black and green frames. Hi-CAPA has many customer services. With this weapon, you can change almost anything. You will find details about the aesthetics and the interior of this year 1911. And since the price is low compared to the Tokyo Marui guns, you get more money for these upgrades. As if efficient customer service is not enough, KJW Hi-CAPA takes green gas and CO2 magazines. You can choose between the two gas systems. It is up to you to decide what best suits your equipment and style of play. It’s hard to find any real problems with this weapon. That’s really good. It’s a bit heavy, but it adds to the realism of this weapon.


  • 340-370 PCA
  • Deep 32-round magazine
  • Low prices
  • First-class customer service
  • Robust all-metal construction


  • Heavy

Learn more about the Amazon

Best Airsoft spring guns on the market

In an ideal world, all your airsoft equipment runs 100% of the time. But what do you do when your gun doesn’t work in the field? Pull out the side wheel. What if she fails? Your only option is to call yourself. You now have less than one member in your team, which is especially problematic in objective mode. What you need is to hold a feather gun. That may not make you the most competitive player on the field, but it does allow you to win the walk of shame to rest. They are also an excellent secondary weapon for new players.

In the spring of this year, the UTG Sport M1911 proved itself as a leader in all aspects of the sport thanks to its durability and the value of the equipment included in the package. Both magazines are not very deep, but they do have a handy quick charge function, which is not available at a price four times higher than that of a gas gun. Most jumpers on the market come with only one magazine. The UTG Sport M1911 will not disappoint you. Every gas gun will overhaul your air spring gun. But that’s not why you should buy a sweater. Their value lies in their low price and simple design. The Action Pen Gun lights up when the rest of the equipment fails. If the worst happens during the game, don’t go back empty-handed. Take out your air gun and swing it down.

Best all metal Airsoft spring gun:

British Colt 1911

UKARMS COLT 1911 Airsoft spring loaded valve M1911 M9 Metal pistol Black pistol

If you are looking for an all metal air rifle, the UK Arms Colt 1911 is a good choice for you. The only plastic parts of this product are the spotlight and the magazine. Expect to withstand the harsh conditions on the ground. Even if the plastic plate can tear, this only affects the aesthetic quality of the air pistol. Performance is not affected by this. And the iron sightlines, although very low on the frame, are still not very useful. You’re not gonna shoot a shotgun anyway.


  • Robust all-metal construction
  • 240-275 PCA
  • Magazine of the 18. Tour
  • Two-colour view of the Second World War


  • Collection of low-grade plastics
  • Short and difficult to use iron visors

Learn more about the Amazon

The best desert eagle in spring:

Desert Eagle SoftAir .44 Magnum

Soft Desert Eagle .44 magnum spring-loaded airsoft gun with hop-up, silver, 170-175 FPS

There’s nothing like the feeling of an air cannon in your hand. The SoftAir Desert Eagle .44 pistol is available in all colours: black and two-tone silver-black glossy. The gun may be plastic, but it’s still strong. When fully loaded, he weighs a pound, which is a lot for spring cannons. The Desert Eagle .44 pistol has an amazing accuracy and range for a spring-loaded pistol. Despite the fact that the price of this weapon is a bit high, there is a price. With the money you spend to buy a SoftAir Desert Eagle gas gun, you can buy a cheap gas gun without any feedback. That gas gun will probably fall apart after the first few transactions. And even if it’s too big for a bag, why hide it? SoftAir Desert Eagle is what you want to show your enemies on the battlefield.


  • 240 PCA
  • Deep magazine with 28 rounds
  • Slide the locks to an empty newspaper.
  • All IMI brands


  • Too big to fit in your pocket.
  • The price of fighting guns in spring

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Most powerful spring cannon:

Firepower .45 Metal slide

Metal sliding spring air cannon .45 with jump, 325 FPS

One of the rare finds is a jumper that burns on over 250 FPS. Firepower .45 to 328 FPS. Although it is always difficult to hit a moving target because of your shooting speed, it means your target will feel the impact. As announced the slide is made of metal and the plastic frame is of good quality. The Firepower .45 cannon has no analogs in the real world, so there are no impressive markings. And although the magazine is a bit small, don’t empty it when it’s time.


  • 328 PCA
  • Metal slide
  • A unique view
  • Gun grip with point


  • Low storage capacity for 12 cassettes
  • Unrealistic brands

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Best budgeted spring fighting gun:

BBTac BT M-22 High Performance

BBTac Airsoft BT-M22 Airsoft spring gun, high performance 300 FPS

The BBTac BT M-22 is a good choice if you want to save some more money with your resilient weapon. It is also very useful to fill special game modes for playing with friends on a small scale. It looks a bit like a Beretta M9 and is about the same size. It slips easily into the bag, ready for the final fight. Although this weapon is almost entirely made of plastic, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’ll take a long time if you treat it right.


  • integrated silencer
  • Metal barrel
  • 300 L/S
  • Low prices


  • Fully plastic construction
  • Warehouse with low turnover (15 shots)

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The best compact spring-loaded gun:

ASG CZ 75D Compact

ASG CZ 75 D compact air pistol with air spring

The ASG CZ 75D is an excellent platform in a small housing. It has a sturdy metal trigger, so you don’t have to worry about burglaries if you use it regularly. Although most weapons are made of plastic. The frame is provided with a guide for accessories. It is best to use a flashlight if you put something in the foreground. The magazine loads quite quickly, although it contains only 13 cartridges. It can be disassembled for maintenance purposes. Security is especially interesting because a good strong click confirms that you are safe. It’s about the same, up to 70 feet. I like the feeling of having compact weapons in my hand. The weapon is made of plastic, but not just ABS plastic. It’s a stronger plastic polymer. A low hit force can be a problem, but your target should feel the hit when you hit him up close. A feather gun is best suited for this purpose.

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  • A unique view
  • The most important parts are made of metal.
  • Rail frame for accessories
  • Metal interior parts
  • Rubber handles


  • 13-tower low-capacity warehouse
  • Plastic construction
  • Low SPA 210

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The best spring-loaded gun you’ve ever seen:


This UTG sports weapon is one of the best available. The only plastic parts in this part are the handle plugs and the outer barrel. The rest is solid metal that does not crack under pressure. Even magazines are made of metal! While the magazines have a small capacity of 13 cartridges, there is room for 90 barrels in a special compartment in the magazine. To charge with this function, turn the charger over and pull the spring down. Then shake the magazine until the chain is full. Just like the real M1911, UTG Sport has two safes. One is located on the handle and the other is designed as a sliding stop. You will see that when the trigger is pulled, the hammer is also activated. This function is not included in most spring cannons. It also dissects like the real one from 1911, which makes it easier to maintain.


  • Full metal construction
  • Two magazines included
  • Unique feature of the high speed warehouse loader


  • Lacquered surfaces are easy to scratch
  • 13 cycles of low business volume
  • Iron sights are small

Best CO2 weapons on the market

You’re pressed firmly against the door and you’re about to cook a corner of the room. What do you want to take over? This long Airsoft M4 does cover a long corridor, but now that it is pressed against the shoulder and the barrel is directed towards the door safes, it seems too long. You guys are gonna have fun watching. What you need is a solid side panel with solid carbon dioxide behind it. With the best CO2 cannon, you are ready to make the breakthrough and pave the way to victory.

Once the dust has settled on this all-purpose CO2 pistol, the P226 X-Five takes the lead with its loyalty to real guns and the capacity of its warehouse. Thanks to the deep magic you need less costs than your competitors. You don’t have to worry about the limitation of the closed field because of the low SPF. Keep in mind, however, that the FPS is not synonymous with accuracy. Spend some time on the farm with your P226 X-Five and see for yourself. This CO2 gun requires only the same care and maintenance as any other outdoor gun. Don’t forget to apply silicone oil to the seal where the 12g cartridge meets the gun at each change. Do this and you’ll have a reliable secondary mechanism to help you keep BQC situations under control. So put that M4 aside and get ready to make a corner with your P226 X-Five as a pro.

Best CO² gun for an operator with a budget:

Falcons Tactical Air Force 1911

Half Gun Falcons Tactical Airsoft 1911 CO2, 6 mm

There is nothing better than to hold a real American classic in your hand than M1911. This Falcons Tactical 1911 is a good choice if you are new to Airsoft. It is also for a player who wants to test the waters of the CO2 cannon world without going directly into it. Even if it doesn’t have the opposite effect, you get everything you like about the lever arm of CO2. The 12g cartridge fits in the handle, so you only need to replace one when empty.  Other magazines are available immediately. The Falcons Tactical 1911 Chronos is a bit high, but with heavier BB’s you can lower the FPS. As a bonus, these heavier BB’s compensate for the accuracy problems caused by the absence of jumping cannons.


  • Prices
  • A solid polymer material that doesn’t look like a toy.
  • Some metal parts on the sled
  • 20 rounds in a magazine


  • 360-400 FPS chronos with .20 gram BB.
  • No flashback
  • No explosive.

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Best CO2 Selective Weapon:

Taurus PT99 Fully automatic from SoftAir

Airsoft Taurus PT99 CO2 full metal pistol with jump and recoil, 280-300 FPS

If you like the fully automatic Desert Eagle function, but not the price, SoftAir has another option for you. Thanks to its more reasonable size, the Taurus PT99 is a great help for all air sniper grids. Thanks to the fully automatic function, you can better protect yourself if someone slides over you while you are shooting with your teammates. In the box you will find an extra cartridge tip to keep the CO2 in the warehouse. This clock operates at 290 to 330 frames per second, so you can use the PT99 indoors as usual. Other tests you see may tell you that it is blocked or does not work. As long as you perform maintenance before the first test recording, you can expect your PT99 to help you overcome sticky CQB situations.


  • Full metal construction
  • A safe FPS for indoor use
  • 27 round magazine
  • Breaks like a real Taurus PT99 or a Beretta M9…


  • Inefficient use of gas with fully automatic ignition

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Best Airsoft CO2 Tower:

Crossman GF600 GameFace ACG357 Revolver 8 Shot

GameFace ACG357 Crosman GF600 357 CO2-revolver with semi-automatic 8-shot airsoft-revolver

The biggest problem you will have with an Airsoft revolver is that it usually fires at 400 + FPS, even with .20g bullets. You’ll certainly have a hard time getting rid of it when you’re in a room where the CO2 cannons are really starting to prove themselves. However, if you are out on the street with your friends or you want to ask your enemies if they are lucky, the Crossman GF600 is a good choice for you. One of the biggest advantages over other Airsoft revolvers is that it loads eight shots into its speed loader. It’s also a double-acting revolver, so you don’t have to pull the hammer every time you want to shoot.


  • Full metal construction
  • High-quality textured polymer handle
  • Supplied with forklift trucks with 3 speeds
  • The grooved tube and the rail give it an aggressive appearance.


  • It’s too hot for most closed fields.
  • for the semi-automatic pistol
  • No explosive.

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The best airsoft electric guns on the market

So you want to use an Airsoft handgun, but you don’t want to have to deal with an advanced system that runs on gas. You have more experience with Airsoft electric guns, and you want that knowledge transferred to your weapon. Maybe you just want something else. If you had thoughts like that, an electric weapon should be on your list. As always, it can be difficult to sort through the crumbs to find wheat. Fortunately, IAmAirsoft is on your side.

Although the market for airsoft electric weapons is quite limited, the selection from our list represents what the best EPAs can offer. They offer a reliable power supply in a compact housing. ASG Scorpion wins with its versatility, quality and dedication to realism. However, the GameFace AP13 is still a good choice. This list looks more like a draw. GFAP13 wins the contract for live rifles and ASG Vz. 61 ranks first in the market for car guns. Any one of these guns is a good choice if you’re looking for your next gun.

Best real Airsoft Power Gun:

GFAP13 Playing surface

AEG Airsoft Gun Playing Surface

The GameFace AP13 is your best choice if you want something that fits in the holster of a gun. It even looks like a Glock. It burns in fully automatic and semi-automatic modes. And with a deep 30-caliber magazine, you can continue that fire. It has a heavy weight and a metal gearbox, like most AEGs. The gun comes with the warehouse. You must remove the slider to insert the supplied battery. This is a simple process, and the weapon comes with instructions to help you prepare it for use. While the GFAP13 SPF means you have to shoot at moving targets. At least you can shoot with a full car. It’s likely you’ll meet the enemy.


  • Lower rail frame
  • Magazine 30 days
  • Long battery life


  • Low 250 pounds per second.
  • Lack of realistic markings
  • Mainly plastic constructions
  • No explosive.

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Best airsoft universal electric submachine gun:

ASG CZ Scorpio 61


Look, in this case! Is the MMS airborne? Is that a gun? No, it’s a machine gun! The full license of Cesk Zbrojovka Scorpion Vz comes from Action Sports Games. 61. The dedication to realism can be seen in this Airsoft machine gun. Trademarks decorate the frame. It even has a muzzle that resembles a narrow pipe, just like the real thing. With the wire folding bed you can choose to pull over the shoulder or with one hand. ASG to keep the number of polymer plastic parts to a minimum. These parts are the top frame and the structured handle. The rest of the outside is made of metal. With 38 cartridges in a powerful warehouse you have enough ammunition to protect yourself and extinguish fires in case of an emergency. It burns in fully automatic and semi-automatic modes. Again, the SPF is low, but that’s what you get when you enter the EPA market. The rest of the Vz characteristics. 61 make it the obvious choice to cover the need for electrical weapons in the machine.


  • Realistic design and branding
  • Magazine with large capacity
  • Battery and charger included in delivery
  • Prices


  • 220-260 FSK
  • The battery only lasts one to two hours.

More information

Best last thoughts about an Airsoftpistol

I hope you found this list useful. We’ve identified some powerful Airsoft rifles to facilitate your decision. If you can measure the distance of an enemy better in feet than in meters, nothing beats a rifle. Corner duels will be easier if your weapon is light and small. Your enemy will defeat you from a distance if he has a gun. But with the new Airsoft gun, you have unparalleled mobility. You can somehow improve most of the weapons on this list. Only KJW 1911 has access to the popular Hi-CAPA line. Nothing beats the ability to make a weapon unrecognizable from the shape of the bed. You can really make it your own. This is the best way to enter the Hi-CAPA world on the American market. You won’t be disappointed. All it takes is practice. Practice loading drawings and loading side walls so that they are ready much faster. Choose the jump to prepare for a long-distance shot. With an Airsoft gun in a suitcase, you’re ready to dominate the close encounters that all too often take place in Airsoft.

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