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Have you been interested in airsoft sports lately and are you now amazed by the many airsoft brands and thousands of different products? Well, if you spend a lot of time reading discussion forums, product reviews and websites all over the Internet, things can make sense. Or if you want to do it the easy way, you can read this article, learn a little more about some of the Airsoft brands I have experience with, and listen to the brands I trust. I’ll talk about my favorite budget brand for a new player and tell a little about my experiences with them, as well as recommending better weapons for air players who have more money for them. For those who need the best rifle on the field for their next match, I will even dive a little into the world of special guns. However, whatever your budget, these brands are a good starting point for any airline that wants to make a purchase.

How does the Airsoft brand offer good value for money?

There are a very large number of brands that specialise in compressed air guns. I can imagine about 30 years, and there are many more, especially on the Asian continent. With all these choices, it’s important to understand what a brand is worth to you. In my opinion, there are three important features that distinguish a good company from airsoft:

produces quality products

That kind of nonsense, but to be good, a company’s products have to be well made. It is clear that weapons made according to the principle of household may not be as polished or have as many extras as their more expensive counterparts, but in general, a weapon that breaks, breaks or starts smoking is not worth the money it was paid for, even if it is cheap. The good company airsoft produces reliable and accurate weapons with durable components. It is also important that the company tests each product before it leaves its warehouse to ensure that its reputation is not compromised when it ships lemons to its customers.

Fills lock

Whatever the objective quality of airsoft’s products, it is also important that they are unique and bring new variety to the sport. While Airsoft’s games will always be filled with M4 and 1911, many of the top companies are actively trying to distinguish themselves by offering unique and exotic products at prices the average customer can afford. Companies like this are one of the things that help the development of the sport and make every Airsoft game unique and exciting.

Provides good customer service

I cannot stress the importance of this last criterion, especially for a product as complex as a pneumatic weapon. Your weapon is only as reliable as the people who support it. If the toothbars or the engine of your gun burns out, it is essential that the manufacturer and seller help you find the right parts and solve your problems. An added bonus is when a manufacturer actively invites its customers to listen to their feedback on what they can do best, and even on the products that customers want to see in the new future!

Airsoft’s best brands on the market

Airsoft’s best brand for beginners:

CYMA Airsoft gun

Cyma Airsoft Guns When I first started playing Airsoft, I didn’t know much about how Airsoft guns work. I just wanted something that would make it possible to shoot BB’s, that was easy to learn and that would last a lifetime. These are some of the features that make Airsoft guns beginners, so I would recommend CYMA and especially their AK line as a good choice for your first serious AEG.

CYMA is a Chinese brand that produces compressed air guns. In general, their products are based on designs (e.g. cloned) from more expensive brands such as Tokyo Marui or LCT. However, CYMA’s prices are much lower, often half or less, which means you can get a great new product with some high-end features for about $150-175. Especially the CM048, a copy of the original AKM steel, has an excellent price/performance ratio, with robust internal components and a robust external structure consisting of a steel container and a dust cap.

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  • Excellent all-metal guns for $175.
  • The last few years without updates or repairs
  • Large selection of AK type rifles, from SVD to PP19.
  • They are widely available and can be purchased in most online and local stores.


  • Produces several non-AK AEGs
  • Made in China
  • Most of them are rated 400+ FPS and may need to be downgraded to be legal in your region.

Best brand for airsoft guns:

WE Airsoft gun

Although I personally don’t take the reserve army with me when I play Airsoft, there are many players, all much better than me, I swear. If you tend to bring a second gun into the field, you’ll probably choose a gas gun – it’s light and comfortable and provides a decent amount of backup firepower in case you need to reload, pinned or in any other risky situation.

Often, when you hear another Airsoft player talking about weapons, they tell you that we are inferior or badly made. He or she probably owned a WIR weapon before 2012. The WE guns from that time tarnished the company’s image because they were poorly produced and were not checked by the quality control department before being sold in the United States. However, WE’s modern weapons have undergone significant improvements, and today the company offers a variety of different models for about $120 or less. A wide selection of low-cost weapons, combined with improved quality control and frequent new releases (at the time of writing, IMI Desert Eagle is published under the Cybergun brand) make WE a serious competitor.


  • Relatively cheap and almost always under $120.
  • WE are solid metal replicas
  • Offers a wide range of gun options
  • Magazines for $20 or less


  • Older WE rifles may be of inferior quality.
  • Intermediate class and gas efficiency
  • At some point you will need spare parts to keep working.

Best M4 replica:

ArmaliteAir pistol

ArmaliteArmalite, the ancestor of the M4 and M4A1, M16, Mk18, C7, HK416 and half a dozen other variants, is probably the most widely used rifle in the West.  In addition, it is practically a series of installed firearms that are easily adaptable and largely modular. Whether you want to install live daylight from your rifle or reproduce military or pop culture boots, the AR-15 platform is for you.

G&P, based in Taiwan, is a high-end aircraft manufacturer specializing in the AR-15 apron. The CAR-15, M16, XM177, Mk12Mod0, M4A1 rifles and a range of non-military versions with useful features such as keymod style rails or PDW style cabinets. I’ve had one for a while and I was quite impressed with the money opportunities. However, it is possible that American sellers do not stock many G&P products, so be careful: to get exactly the gun you want, you may have to order abroad, which can be a difficult task!


  • CNC-controlled metal of excellent outdoor quality with a robust and attractive surface
  • From good to excellent precision
  • Some models are available in the United States for as little as $240.
  • Produces almost all known versions of M4.
  • He sells spare parts for his guns and facilitates repairs.


  • More expensive in the United States than in Asian markets.
  • It’s sometimes hard to find in the United States…
  • Additional upgrades may be required for optimal performance.

Best brand airsoft sniper rifles:

JG Airsoft gun

Airsoft sniper rifles are kind of a race. They are usually only slightly more powerful or accurate than standard AEG rifles, and to make them almost always usable, they need a few hundred dollars in upgrades and a lot of experience. At the same time, they have their own advantages: they can be made powerful, precise and – above all – almost silent. Add to that the excitement of quietly chasing your targets through the forest or laying a camouflaged nest on the lookout for your prey, and sniper rifles are starting to look really interesting.

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Many manufacturers produce repeating rifles and JG’s flagship, the BAR-10, does not stand out because of its special flair and uniqueness. But it comes down to what’s inside, and that’s where the JG guns succeed. A little history helps explain it better. One of the first conventional airsoft sniper rifles was the VSR-10 rifle, which was developed by the famous Japanese airline Airsoft Tokyo Marui. Because of its popularity, it has become an industry standard, many companies have developed copies of it, and even more companies have developed components that are compatible with it. The VSR-10 is currently the most widely used bolt gun in the tyre industry, perhaps because the tyre industry has a large number of spare parts that can be used to modify and improve rifles.

Since the JG BAR-10 is an exact replica of the TM VSR-10, it can use all updates designed for the VSR-10. This allows you to choose from different details when assembling your ideal rifle, and this compatibility also makes it extremely easy to find manuals that range from disassembly to custom painting of the rifle.


  • BAR-10 – cheap, usually up to $130.
  • Compatible with Tokyo Marui specification updates
  • Light, about 1.5 kg.


  • Requires significant improvement to be competitive
  • Until 2015, BAR-10 has relatively sensitive stocks.

Best brand of innovative weapons:

Maruy’s Airsoft Gun

marui It’s the perfect time to become a balloonist! In recent years, tons of new products have appeared that have contributed to the promotion of the sport. Electronic assistants, such as programmable MOSFETs, allow the user to adjust the operation of his weapon without ever disassembling it. The growing number of HPA engines, such as the PolarStar Fusion and Wolverine INFERNO systems, makes it easy to change the FPS and ROF without the greasy mess that the AEG gearbox forms.

Tokyo Marui was the first manufacturer to successfully produce an airsoft gun on a large scale. Their first gun, a copy of the French FAMAS, was launched in 1992 and over the past 25 years they have become one of the largest (if not the largest) players in the world airsoft market. Until recently, they were among the few innovators in this field; their new versions, such as the M14 and P90, were completely unique, while other manufacturers simply copied their designs. They already produce many original products every year; it is particularly noteworthy that last year they produced two new triple electric guns, the AA-12 and the SGR-12. This focus on continuous improvement and development makes Tokyo Marui the most influential and innovative brand in the airsoft industry.


  • The number of available parts and knowledge for TM weapons is absurdly large.
  • Extremely realistic look and finish
  • Known for its precision, despite its low power.
  • The only source for some single guns such as their range of automatic rifles and their electric Recoil Shock recoil rifle.


  • High-end weapons can cost between $300 and $500.
  • Made of polymer, in accordance with Japanese rules for the use of metal in replicas of firearms.
  • Relatively weakly motorised, it normally draws about 300 horsepower.
  • Rarely ordered in the U.S. and mostly overseas, with all the headaches and shipping costs that entails.

Best brand for special weapons:

Umbrella system Air and space weapon

Umbrella Arsenal With a few exceptions, such as the infamous $3,000 M134 classic army mini weapon, air rifles are generally cheaper. But as long as there was Airsoft, there were people who wanted the absolute majority of their weapons, whether it was range, power, fire speed or all that, and they turned to adapting their weapons with the biggest and worst upgrades.

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The Umbrella Armory team started around 2010 as the Airsoft team and grew in the following years – the first time I saw them mentioned was at the Airsoft Forum at the end of 2015. Since then, they have started selling their individual rifles of the same name through various airsoft online stores. Each rifle starts with a Krytac M4 series rifle and is manually adjusted and upgraded to meet specifications. Although you can buy most parts of their guns on the shelf, the performance of most guns depends on the quality of their assembly. Thanks to Umbrella Armory’s experience with air rifles and air treatment, they guarantee first-class performance without getting your hands dirty. It’s expensive if you know for sure, but for some players it’s worth it.


  • Perfect box construction – high accuracy, strength, recording speed and durability.
  • Built on (in my opinion) attractive and reliable basic guns.
  • Excellent warranty and customer service


  • Very, very, very expensive – about $1,050 for one.
  • Manual assembly, which means that availability may be limited
  • You make the gun you want, but only if it’s a Krytac M4.

Best brands of Airsoft Final remarks

If you want to come to Airsoft, you need to know which company you can trust to build a well-made weapon. Due to the large number of excellent options it is almost impossible to choose the best Airsoft brand, because Airsoft gamers all have different styles and preferences as well as different budgets. However, there will always be a good brand for your personal taste; if you want a cheap and durable AK, CYMA has a selection of weapons that will last for years, while we will probably have you covered if you need a new weapon. And if you can afford a high-quality custom-made assault rifle, a brand like Umbrella Armory might interest you. Whatever your price range or type of rifle, there is probably a good option for you, and I hope this article has helped you find what you’re looking for!

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