Greatest Gen. 5 of WW2 Airsoft Guns 2020


Most air rifles aren’t particularly historic. They reproduce firearms and weapons from the last twenty or thirty years, from the M4A1 rifle to the Criss Vector SMG. With all this focus on modern tactics, it is tempting to avoid the status quo of four tracks and red dots of aiming and return to the days of the Thompson SMG and Walther P38 (WWII airsoft). The construction of the aerodynamic load of the 2. The construction of the aerodynamic load of the 2. The construction of the aerodynamic load of World War II, with its intermittent rifles and equipment, can be one of the most entertaining things you can do in the field. Surprisingly, it can also be incredibly practical in the game if you make the right choice when designing your dress. With all the options on the American market, this is the best time to make an Airsoft WW2 download!

Short term ? Here is a list of points:

  • Best WW2 Airsoft Primary Input Stage: AGN. MP40
  • Best Airsoft WW2 Entry Model: WE Technology 1911 GI
  • Best Airsoft WW2 GBB Main: WE Technical Thompson M1A1 SMG
  • Airsoft’s best support weapon in World War II:
  • Best Airsoft WW2 Gun: Technology WE M712

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How did Airsoft grow during the Second World War?

Until recently, there were few weapon options for a regenerator or Airsoft player during World War II. The best-selling Airsoft WW2 pistol was the Chinese AEG version of the M1A1 Thompson SMG, based on an earlier model from Japanese manufacturer Tokyo Marui. They were very widespread, often available in large sports stores. If you are really interested in one of them, chances are you can find a little used and cheap copy. The Chinese company AGM also produced versions of the German MP40 SMG and StG44 machine guns and the British STEN machine gun. Apart from them, especially at a reasonable price, there were essentially no other options.

At the beginning of 2010, some manufacturers filled this gap. S&T, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer, has built its brand on niche replicas of low-cost aircraft firearms and has therefore been the driving force behind several new models. These include the Russian PPSh machine gun and the German MG42 machine gun, which is presented at the end of the article. The Taiwanese company ICS was also quite unique, in particular through the development of the first example of the American AEG model M1 Garand (the most important infantry weapon used by the United States during most of the war). WE Tech also began its series of legends with the introduction of the Mauser M712 and Walther P38 pistols along with the existing 1911 and Luger models.

What kind of Airsoft weapons were produced during the Second World War?

Now, your weapon options are, of course, much more versatile. On the German side you can buy copies of MP40 and MP41 pistols up to Walther P38 pistols, Kar98K rifles and MG42 general purpose machine guns in American shops. The American arsenals are well represented, from the modest 1911 pistol to the M1919 machine gun and almost everything in between. I’d say most AEGs are in airsoft 2. Today, WOII’s products come from S&T, a few AGMs, ICS and a few coincidences, while WE Tech is the undisputed leader in the field of historical handguns.

This doesn’t mean you can find a copy of absolutely every firearm from World War II. It is not surprising that most of the air guns produced during the Second World War were automatic and semi-automatic, despite the historical domination of repeating rifles as the main service weapon. Replica rifles such as the German Kar98K rifle, the Russian Moisin-Nagant rifle or the Japanese Type 99 (Arsaka) rifle are relatively rare and difficult to obtain in modern production. I believe that PPS produces the Kar98K and Moisin-Nagant versions with gas oil, and the Chinese manufacturer DBoys produces the Kar98K versions with spring oil and bodywork. I’m not sure there’s a Type 99 replica available right now. Moreover, it is a complex task to find all the copies of weapons used by small countries such as France, Italy or even Japan. As you can see, most manufacturers focus on American, Soviet and German weapons.

What would happen in World War II?

The meeting on the 2nd. The First World War does not differ that much from the modern version: Start with the idea and work from there. Although it seems that the most important point is the presence of a weapon, it is worth paying attention to the other clothing and equipment you look at, especially web equipment. Contrary to the modern MOLLE or ALICE installation, where the belts and buckles can be found almost everywhere, your ability to set a misaligned World War II gear is rather limited.

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weapons Airsoft WW2

Actually, it’s wise to start with the main weapon. I recommend using prints that allow AEG, just for practical reasons. However, if you are a specialist, you can use the GBB submachine gun as a main bolt or even a precision bolt. Even better news when you’re on a tight budget: Few soldiers (on both sides) have been released from the side streets, so you can renounce them if you want. Some Soviet soldiers weren’t even given guns and ordered to take the weapons of their dead comrades, although I don’t recommend trying the local airfield.

WW2 Airsoft Uniforms and Equipment

As far as the transmission is concerned, the big difference between then and now is that they were much less flexible in the way they combined everything. In modern versions of the rifle you have the possibility to use one, two or three point harness, and in each WWII version you have exactly two two point harnesses to work with the leather or canvas two point harness. When it comes to magazine storage, where modern equipment can distribute a MOLLE vest, a combat belt and six to ten boxes so you can stick your magazines exactly where you want them, you’ll probably have a canvas equipment with all your magazines (the combat weight is about six for most GMS) stored on it. However, the infantry often changes the daylight of the released equipment. So if you want to add an extra bag here, zip it up there – no one will complain.

The best uniforms from World War II? Well-designed, they have a lot of pockets. You probably put a lot of pressure on these bags, especially the chest pocket. It’s a great place to lay cards and dead rags. Keep in mind that your biggest edition, if you make the impression of an infantry, is probably a replica of the helmet. Metal versions are sometimes incredibly expensive.

Of course, I recommend a small upgrade for each charge. Although there certainly weren’t any garbage bags on the beaches of Normandy, it’s a good idea to add one somewhere to your load. Magazines for the airsoft weapons of the 2. The Second World War is rarely cheap, and a good drop can end their lives. Moreover, the use of modern synthetic substrates, especially in cold weather, will make your stay in the field much more pleasant!

How do I find Airsoft Gear WW2?

It’s nice to get a signal from Airsoft, but if you want to go all the way, you should look at other parts of the WWII Navy kit. If you want to build a whole load of bags, equipment, uniforms and boots, maybe you should go hunting. Although it is now time to buy and use equipment from the U.S. Army in the 1990s and early 2000s, World War II equipment has certainly reached the status of a collector’s item and is better preserved in a museum than in a flying game!

Instead, keep an eye out for the manufacturers of replicas from that time. There are really dedicated people on the internet who work hard to preserve history by reproducing historical objects. If you stay on the militaristic or reconstruction forum long enough, you will surely find several companies run by people who are passionate about making good material. With a quick search on the internet for a replica equipment from the 2nd millennium BC. After the Second World War you’ll find about 20 manufacturers who will love it if you buy all kinds of cool stuff from them. If you are used to buying tons of MOLLE appliances, you may even be pleasantly surprised by some of their prices!

One last thing: For safety reasons, do not try to find your glasses to protect your eyes from germs. The ANSI and MILSPEC standards for ballistic spectacles did not exist at the time and you risk serious injury if you rely on the structural integrity of lenses developed three quarters of a century ago. To a lesser extent it also applies to boots. Modern shoes offer better grip, stability and ankle support than vintage shoes. Before you place replica leisure boots in your equipment cabinet, you need to decide how much safety you are willing to trade in for more realism in the field!

Best World War II Airsoft guns on the market

Best WW2 Airsoft Primary Input Stage:


agm mp007 40b aeg combo (airsoft rifle)

The AGM MP40 is an entry model pneumatic pistol, with a punched design and folding butt, which was mainly used by the Wehrmacht and the SS during the Second World War. Even if you are not interested in using a German SMG such as the MP40, it should be mentioned that many Allied soldiers bought these weapons to replace their rifles, which were poorly adapted to street fighting. From an airsoft perspective, the AGM MP40 has been in production since the early 2000s and is generally considered a reliable AEG and a good start for any airsoft or budget.

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There are a number of guides and a lot of community support in Airsoft’s most popular forums, which is one of the biggest advantages of the AGM MP40. Because it has been in continuous production for so long, it lacks certain features often found in more recent budget versions, such as steel gear pistons, piston heads or rudimentary MOSFET tube heat exchangers. But if you want quick and cheap access to WW2 downloads, this is one of the best ways to do it.


  • Affordable
  • Full metal construction
  • Inventory
  • Uses standardized internal parts
  • A high level of public support
  • Magnetic operation with AGM STEN AEG


  • Incorrect storage of the battery
  • Internal organs a little poorer than modern guns at this price.
  • precarious stock

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Best Airsoft WW2 Entry Model:

WE Technology 1911 GI

Evike Matrix 1911 GI airsoft pistol with full metal gas recoil

The WE Tech 1911 pistol is an excellent starting point for reloading air from the Second World War. The 1911 model has been used so often and in so many places that it is as realistic in today’s MARSOC as it was in the hands of an American soldier in the Second World War. For fumigation in the years 1911 with airsoft, especially on the American market, you can choose between two major manufacturers: WE’RE TECHNOLOGICAL AND VALIDATED. Both are good weapons. The main difference is that KJW is generally more expensive. KJW has the 26th. Power, if we only have the eight. In practice, however, it is not so bad, because both magazines have a gas tank of the same size, which is about sufficient to produce 10 rounds of ammunition. Therefore, the effective power of both weapons is equal.


  • Affordable
  • Metal construction
  • Can be used in many cases, depending on the period.
  • Enormous after-sales support
  • Good availability of the case
  • A strong return
  • cheap magazines


  • Plastic gripping plates
  • Low storage capacity (8th)
  • Moderately difficult disassembly process
  • Low load-bearing varnished surface

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Best Airsoft WW2 GBB Main:

WE Technical Thompson M1A1 SMG

Evike Auto Ordnance WE-Tech M1A1 Thompson Cybergun Airsoft Feedback Gas Rifle

The WE Tech M1A1 Thompson SMG, an airsoft gas machine gun made in Taiwan, is a 2018 version and one of the few airsoft GBB SMG WW2 machine guns available. Despite the fact that its performance is realistic as with all GBB guns, that its accuracy is lower than that of comparable AEGs and that the costs of new business are high, it has certain advantages. The people I’ve talked to who I used it with when gambling say they didn’t have reliability problems in the middle of the game until the weapon was cleaned properly afterwards. The effective range seems similar to that of most AEGs, about 180 feet. And if you are quite willing to invest in GBB, the chances that you are looking for realism are of course greater than most other factors, in which case standard storage capacity, hard kickback and the like will not disrupt things.

One last thing: The entire front observation platform is made of orange plastic. If you’re one of those players who like to shoot orange peaks, all you have to do is paint the whole show. You shouldn’t spend too much time taping off tape and splashing paint. Make sure you also connect the barrel, so the paint doesn’t end up in the barrel and stir the BB!


  • A realistic version of the GBB Thompson
  • High capacity (for BBB protocol)
  • Metal construction
  • Solid range, approximately 180 feet.


  • Dear Sir
  • Plastic furniture
  • Plastic visor (light orange)
  • Low accuracy
  • The locking screw must secure the thread.

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Airsoft’s best support weapon in World War II:


S&T MG42, an Airsoft replica based on the German MG42 multi-purpose machine gun: That’s cool, mother’s son! Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to study this material myself, so I recommend it based on what I’ve heard from other members of the Airsoft community. The body of the weapon is a combination of pressed steel and aluminium, with a steel bipod in the fuselage. In addition, the gearbox is split so that the springs can be changed quite easily. The performance is what you would expect today from an AEG with a medium to high range, up to 20% speed, an 11.1v LiPO battery and an FPS of around 360. The downside of the medal is that this Airsoft replica from the Second World War contains exclusive parts, including the gearbox housing. If one of these parts broke despite the surprisingly stiff construction of the rifle, it could be difficult to find a replacement.

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Accompanying note : If you’re a fan of the Aliens, you should know that the MG42 was the basis for one of the coolest accessories in the series: M56 Vasquez sniper. If you have production skills and the right parts, you can simply build the conversion yourself!


  • VERY stable construction : Steel, aluminium and wood
  • Better than the average burn rate.
  • Less expensive than the comparable GPMG WW2 in aerospace.
  • A very unique platform
  • 2500. Capacity
  • FPS docking


  • It’s expensive, but it’s still pretty expensive.
  • It’s heavy, about 10 pounds.
  • Numerous patented components (not interchangeable)

Best Airsoft WW2 Gun:

Technology WE M712

Evike - WE-Tech WE712 Full-size Airsoft gas gun with stock / imitation wooden case - (63915)

The WE Tech M712 is a gas gun with detachable stock and a choice between semi-automatic and automatic firing mode. The firearm (M712 Rapid fire) is a variant of the semi-automatic Mauser C96 pistol, which was used by officers of the German Wehrmacht (army) and the Luftwaffe (air force). It was surprisingly well received by the aviation world during the Second World War. The biggest disadvantage of most airsoft guns is the gas consumption in automatic mode. Fortunately, unlike the reciprocal bolt, this weapon uses an independent bolt (exactly against real steel), which offers both reduced kickback and reduced gas consumption. With the large gas tank, this means that the gun can be operated from the 26th full cylinder. can ignite before the gas runs out or is severely affected by the cooling effect of the FPS. The box is a good (although somewhat superfluous) addition to the packaging and allows the weapon itself to be stored in a foldable compartment.

A small defect of this model: It is marked to identify it as a unit produced for the Chinese nationalist forces before World War II, and is not specific to the period in which it was used by German troops on the battlefield. If this bothers you, there are also versions without registration, but sometimes you have to order them from abroad. The possibility of selective firing is also an anachronism, but it is easy to ignore.


  • Select a brand
  • An unusually convenient fully automatic mode
  • Distinctive shapes and functions
  • Metal construction
  • FOD adapted to the CQB
  • Different storage options: high and low capacity
  • Includes a removable shoulder elbow


  • Gripping is a strange form, some people fight it with their hands.
  • Chinese anachronistic marking

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Best Airsoft rifles of the 2. Last Words of World War

The last few years have been an exciting time for World War II airsoft fans! If you’ve ever been interested in an historic shipment, now would be a good time to start assembling it. With all replicas of weapons and equipment, you can get a decent enough piece of equipment at a good price and maybe even start auditioning. If you’re tired of high and low speed towing tactics, starting with an historical download during World War II might be the best way to enjoy Airsoft games again!

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