Hold’em Down, man! 5 Best Airsoft DMRs for 2019


Have you ever been pinned down by an opponent whose gun seemed to shoot further than yours? I’m stuck, and believe me, it’s uncomfortable to be stuck in this particular situation – it shows that in Airsoft it’s vital to outperform your opponent. If you can hit the target more accurately than your enemies at a distance of 20 metres, you have a huge advantage in any large-scale air game: you can suppress the enemy’s movements and possibly eliminate multiple players without your own team running the risk of being hit. That’s why every effective team needs at least one licensed Marxman rifle, and every player should try to own the right licensed Marxman rifle (DMR) at some point in their airsoft career. Although DMRs have built a reputation as an expensive project, any player with a minimal budget can achieve the status of designated shooter by investing in the right rifle platform and the necessary upgrades.

Short term ? Here is a list of points:

  • The budget: CIMA M14
  • Tactical: Conventional Army ARS2
  • Single: Ares SL8
  • BB: KK-02
  • off the shelf: Actual Sword SVD: Actual Sword SVD:

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What does DMR do?

In the real world, the DMR is a world-class infantry rifle that can fire outside the range of a standard rifle. In Airsoft, this term has different definitions, and it is generally best to find out the rules of the domain or organization you are playing with. Indeed, the definition varies from place to place… Some fields make it possible to classify rifles as PMR, but only with certain characteristics or specifications. In the Airsoft, the only thing worse than being surpassed by your opponents is that your rifle exceeds the safest FPS or breaks another rule on the side.

SR25-DMR For example, the American Milsim rifle, one of the most famous organisers of military simulations in the United States, defines the DMR as a special weapon; it is a standard infantry rifle equipped with optics that have been improved for greater range and accuracy. They also require all DMRs to be semi-automatic, be longer than rifle guns and have a maximum power output of 450 bps with .2g BB. This essentially makes the pneumatically operated PRM rifle a step between the self-draining rifles and the bolt-on rifles: It fires at a higher velocity than an automatic weapon, but at a higher velocity than a repeating rod. This also makes DMR a useful tool, not only for long-range killing, but also for suppressing long-range attacks: It allows your comrades with a smaller range to approach and flank the enemy. In general, most compressed air guns that come directly from the shelf make the PRM insufficiently powerful and inaccurate. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple adjustments that can help you take your rifle from mediocre to excellent!

What are the main characteristics of the DMR?

The only important facet of the DMR is the effective range, which I would define as the maximum distance you can expect to hit a male target several times. In general, it depends on two things: strength and precision. An accurate but ineffective rifle must never approach the target, and a powerful but inaccurate rifle must never hit the target.

Finally, I would say that my random minimum DMR requirements are that it is semi-automatic, can reach 440 FPS with BB’s of 0.2g and 0.3g, and can hit a man-height target 7/10 times at 220 feet. I thought a rifle capable of carrying out these tasks was well suited to his role as a sniper. Unfortunately, these destinations can be expensive – I’ll explain in several paragraphs what that means in terms of price.

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What are the practical functions of the DMR?

The rifle is easy to build on paper (it meets the minimum requirements mentioned above), but is very uncomfortable to use in the field. In my experience there are some things I like about a really effective rifle:

  • DMR-Kataklysm Use the viewfinder with two to four times the force to detect the target. The variable zoom is also practical! More than 4 times is a waste of airsoft cassettes, and too much zoom can make tunnel vision easier.
  • A well marked Marxman should be agile; a complete rifle with rifle scope and magazine should weigh less than 10 pounds.
  • There must be a minimum delay between retrieving the trigger and firing the ball. This can be improved by using thicker cables, more powerful motors and highly sensitive LiPo batteries.
  • A full payload shall include a sufficient number of flaps of at least 250 BB for an average longitudinal distance. Adjust this for longer and shorter races.
  • The length of the inner trunk shall be between 455 mm (length AK47) and 509 mm (length M16).
  • The jump shall be designed to avoid any inconsistency with the hand movement.

How much is the DMR?

That’s the real question, isn’t it? If you just got into Airsoft and don’t have a lot of money, it can be scary to look at other players’ assemblies and see pieces worth $600. However, I would say there is a DMR budget. If you are careful with your spending, do your DIY to save money, and especially if you expect a good sale, a DMR can be built on profitable terms for well under $250. There are many good parts for air rifles, but for budgeting purposes I have some recommendations based on my experience. All items below can cost less than $100 and are compatible with virtually all AEG rifles.

  • Lonex 70° Hop-Up Bucking (If you think you want a project, it is best to install R-Hop or Flat Hop. The advantage of this bucking is that it is an easy installation).
  • ZCI carbide barrel in AEG stainless steel (vary sizes, choose the right length for your rifle).
  • E&L or ZCI-high torque neodymium-high torque motor (vary sizes; make sure the motor you buy matches the layout of your rifle motor)
  • Aluminium piston crown for the Lonex venting system
  • Protective springs SP120 (420 FPS) or SP130 (450 FPS)

What is the best basic weapon for a DMR?

As I said, there aren’t many weapons that are perfect for a standard DMR. However, it is important to start with a basic tool that provides a reliable basis for updating, without forgetting that attention must also be paid to the details. In what follows I have listed some of my favourite starting points for the DMR meeting. Many of them will need to be upgraded to become outstanding artists, and most of them will only need to be converted into semi-automated to be legal in your environment.

Best Airsoft PMR on the market

Best CME budget:


Evike Airsoft - CYMA Sport Airsoft M14 AEG rifle (color: black polymer) - (31855)

The CYMA M14 series is one of the best air guns for $120.  Although the all-steel construction is a good bonus, I recommend it as a DMR launch pad because the Tokyo Marui M14 on which it is based has a mechanically superior rebound control system similar to a drum. Unfortunately, the biggest drawback is the weight, about 11 pounds, even without application. This M14 also does not accept standard AEG internal cylinders, but if you are familiar with your Dremel tool you can make the necessary changes.

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  • Classic style; used by the U.S. Army since the late 1950s.
  • Very long inner shell
  • Robust gearbox design
  • Big jump.
  • Affordable
  • Widely available


  • Long and heavy
  • Requires a separate attachment for the optics
  • The inner drums must be adapted to
  • Polymer material can be brittle
  • Cosmetic refill button that can break in case of overload

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Best Tactical DMR:

Conventional Army ARS2

AEG Airsoft Gun Classic Army M110-13 ARS2 Keymod rifle (black)

The Classic Army – one of Airsoft’s former hands – has been around for many years. However, they are keeping pace with the market and their new line of 7.62 AR rifles is currently proof of this. ARS2 has been developed in recent years and is based on several recent developments such as the Keymod rail system, full-size floating handrails and the current popularity of 7.62 in the AR-10 platform.


  • The design of the ARS2 features an extra large cylinder, allowing it to be used with longer drums.
  • The Keymod system maintains the headlight, but allows for the installation/adjustment of accessories.
  • The management and operation are known to all M4 users.
  • In addition, fired bronze is a very attractive colour.


  • AR-10/SR-25/M110/ARS2 chargers are relatively difficult to find compared to M16 magnets.
  • The price of about $300 is at the top of the list, but not on the unguided side.

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best single DMR:

Ares SL8

Sl8 Island

The SL8 rifle is based on the German G36 rifle of the same name and is a long barrel air rifle produced by Ares under the brand name Elite Force. The use of version 3 of the transmission, which for a long time was considered one of the most robust because of the amount of material for the piston and the cylinder, is particularly pleasant. Moreover, the SL8 is an extremely attractive exotic rifle, which in my opinion will be more than just a few views of the local airport.


  • Long barrel, usually with suppressor.
  • Ambidextremist version.
  • The bipod is attached.
  • High quality polymer housing.
  • Gearbox version 3.
  • Can be modified to accept M16 protocols.
  • The bed can be adjusted in height and length.

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In general, it is unusual for anyone to use the GBB as a DMR rifle because AEG has dominated the market for many years. Occasionally, however, a certain rifle appears: KJW KC-02. It is a pseudo replica of the Ruger 10/22 rifle, and has had a number of modifications available on the secondary market. Because it is based on a 10/22, many parts of a 10/22, such as the stock, will adapt with minimal changes. Unfortunately, all GBBRs suffer from problems such as hypothermia of the balls and loss of pressure, as a result of which the next shots have less force than the first.


  • Making the accelerator pedal means more realism, and it’s fun too!
  • For about 225 dollars it’s cheap for the GBBR.
  • 430 PCA out of the box
  • Known for making a decent leap.
  • Very light and compact
  • High availability of after-sales services from manufacturers such as RA-Tech and Falcon.
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  • Magazines can cost about $30 a unit, just like other GBBRs.
  • Less ammunition capacity than the AEG
  • Spare parts are mainly available abroad and are often expensive.

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Best of the DMR beam: Actual Sword SVD:

Actual sword SVD



SVD The real sword, modelled after the rifle of the same name from the Russian gunsmith-marketer, is one of the holy graves of modern aircraft collectors. Real Sword is best known for its AK-style replicas, and although their products are expensive, many amateurs with free money have decided to buy them. (If you can’t afford Real Sword SVD, the cheapest and most affordable option is CYMA SVD, a direct budget copy of Real Sword.


  • High accuracy without updates
  • semi-automatic
  • Complete steel construction
  • Attractive cut and finish


  • Very, very expensive.
  • Extremely rare in the United States
  • The costs are in the order of $750, plus shipping costs abroad.
  • Parts are hard to find

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Best End Words Airsoft DMR

As with everything Airsoft, you need to choose which features are important to you and what your budget is. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy a real SVD sword and spend a ton of money to make the perfect rifle. But if I just wanted to get started and had a good basis for my first DMR, I would have to choose the CYMA M14 because of its low cost and availability of spare parts. In my current form it should be an ARS2 Classic Army rifle, with a guaranteed high quality interior, an attractive finish on the outside and a large cylinder capacity for the use of long inlets, but just because I like this rifle doesn’t mean it is the best choice for you!

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