How far is Airsoft Guns going to shoot? Assault, Sniper & Pistoles


Whether you’re alone, in the company’s tactical team or in combat, you may have questions about Airsoft. One of the most common things we get in AirsoftCore is the question to what extent the different types of Airsoft weapons can fire. Below you will find some answers and additional questions/answers for a better understanding.


How far can air rifles fire?

Most air guns are capable of firing at distances of 60 m/s (200 ft/s) to 125 m/s (410 ft/s). The range can be increased if a person is willing to purchase improved internal equipment. Allows the user to extend the average range to approximately 170 m/s (550 ft/s) or more. The range of air sniper rifles and pistols varies, but in general users can expect a larger range.

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At what distance do air sniper rifles fire? Airsoft sniper rifles differ from the regular versions. In the beginning they were made to film the FPS, which is very high. This is done to ensure that users get the most effective reach. Secondly, these weapons will generally have long barrels, allowing users to achieve greater accuracy than would be the case with fewer options.

At 100 meters or 300 feet most sniper rifles seem to be within range. If it is a standard gun that comes straight out of the box and uses conventional bullet shells for a certain type of equipment, the shooting distance is usually 60 to 90 meters.

The precautions that users can take to make sure they get airsoft rifles at maximum range ensure that you buy the right brand with the AEG model you like the most.

How important is it to ensure the maximum range of a sniper rifle?

Serious users of air rifles can focus too much on achieving maximum range. However, you should try to concentrate on other, more critical variables. In AirsoftCore, we find it important that users focus on variables such as sequence versus output power. It would also be a good idea to use heavier pellets if the goal is to achieve better distance and accuracy.

At what distance can air snipers shoot?

Users of Airsoft sniper rifles are very careful about how far they can be from the target to hit it.  Some people like to concentrate on distances up to 100 meters. At AirsoftCore, we believe that effective reach is more important.

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Everywhere, between 60 and 70 meters, the success rate is quite high. High SFP options are usually associated with the problem of decreasing accuracy, but with a small correct update it can help.

High-quality parts such as a drum heater and compression parts are also important. With such updates, the range of the snipers can reach several hundred meters, which means reasonable accuracy.

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How far can an air rifle shoot?

If we focus on a so-called medium effective range, the distance at which this type of air rifle can fire will be different. In general, users can expect a distance of at least 20 metres based on the average effective range. Sometimes it can reach 30 to 40 meters.

For those who don’t know what an effective range is, it simply means the longest distance a shooter can expect to hit a target. We’re assuming the shooter, in this case, has some kind of target practice.

At AirsoftCore we believe in a well made part, with realistic controls, realistic internal components, excellent trigger action, combined with a rear hook that brings a lot of energy, all contribute to long-range combat capability. Compliance with the general rule of 60 metres to 125 metres is generally good.

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How far can the Airsoft SMG and AEG versions be pulled with a high degree of safety?

With the SMG, users can expect a range of 25 to 35 meters, especially when the target is accurate. With the AEG options, users can count on a length of between 40 and 50 meters.

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In our opinion, what are the most important parts of AirsoftCore that also influence the total size of the aircraft under the different options?

Users should concentrate on the lesson. This assumes that the user is not a beginner and has a good understanding of the different types of options available on the market. Although it is important, it does not necessarily affect accuracy or range. The air seals and bounce elements should be at the centre of attention when determining the distance between BB flights and whether they reach the target. FPS is also a factor, but to simplify matters, if the goal of the user is an excellent range, focus on pellets that are of good quality and heavy. A good jumping system is also very important.

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How do the different types of air guns fit together in terms of firing distance, e.g. electric / Co2 or spring options?

spring-loaded air guns are generally slightly weaker than their gas and electric counterparts, but this need not always be true. An upgrade can increase capacity, as mentioned in the previous questions. These weapons are very simple in themselves, but can reach up to 450 FPS.

The gas versions of are capable of pulling at higher speeds than the spring-pressure versions. They’re also semi-automatic. This gives a greater shooting distance.

Motorized variants are considered the best option for those who take the Airsoft game seriously, whether it’s a team or a competition. The electrical options offer some of the highest SPFs, and they are stiff.

Electric air rifles are generally considered to be the best of the best. They usually run at 500 frames per second and are robust and easy to maintain.

Understand that they can be modified on any AirsoftCore weapon to improve attributes such as pellet speed, shooting speed, reliability and accuracy. So don’t be discouraged.

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Does the amount of money spent by a person affect the ability to remotely control an air gun?

It will be very important to know how much you are willing to spend on your business. This has an impact on long-distance transport capacity, as the cheaper options are generally cheaper than the FPS, although this is not always the case. High-end models usually have a better SPA, but factors such as the brand will be a determining factor. At AirsoftCore we offer a complete selection of the best AirsoftCore guns in both the upper and lower category.

As long as the low-end option is still of good quality (brand factors play a role in this), the possibility of withdrawing it should not be affected. The price is also important, because the cheaper the weapon, the less durable it is in general, or the more updates are needed to ensure a satisfactory distance/precision.

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Which brands do we recommend in AirsoftCore that have a good reputation and quality?

If the goal is reputation and quality, then you need a good starting point. The brands we are going to list are well known and should offer users a lot of possibilities, whether you find them on this site or not. Here is a short list of some of the best-known brands:

Tokyo Mauri(TM)

Tokyo Mauri was the first manufacturer of AEG, and today it is one of the best airsoft weapons you can buy.

SCI (I Chih Shivan Co.)

ICS (I Chih Shivan Co.) offers some of the best air rifles on the market. You’ll see they have pretty good external and internal organs.


This brand is very expensive. On the other hand, despite the fact that the rifles sold are very powerful. They’re designed to look like a real weapon. T

Echo 1

These weapons can offer the user the best value for money. Most of these weapons cost about 200 dollars and have an SPF of just over 350.

ASGI G4 Series

It is a brand that is not that old, but they have a good quality and a good external/internal relationship.

A brand is important because of the reliability of its properties and the overall efficiency in the way the user wants it. At AirsoftCore, we strive to offer only trusted brands that you can trust for remote functions, whether gas, electric or suspension systems.



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