It’s fun! 8 Best Airsoft Goggles in 2019


Fighting with Airsoft can be relaxing and entertaining or involve tough and intense combat scenarios. Whatever your approach to gaming in Airsoft, don’t ignore the basics, and that includes security. Participating in a dogfight without eye protection can be a fatal mistake! I’m sure you used a stopwatch and you know the speed of those bullets. You can never predict when your opponent will fire a perfect head shot with an air ball. Although shots can easily be fired with simple protective equipment, even minimal exposure in or around the eyes can cause serious injury, including the risk of temporary blindness or partial loss of vision.

Short term ? Here is a list of points:

  • Airsoft’s best glasses: Colour accuracy I4 Protective goggles against thermal splashes of ball paint Protective goggles
  • Airsoft’s best budget items: AirsoftTactical Eyewear
  • Airsoft’s best gauze lenses: Airsoft BBTac Goggles
  • Best Airsoft household compensation points: UKARMS Tactical gauze Airsoft Metal Gauze
  • Best Airsoft glasses that go with the glasses: Desert Locust Control Audit – Basic
  • Best airsoft glasses: ESS Turbofan glass profile
  • Airsoft’s best fog glasses: ZJchao Airsoft X800 GX1000 Tactical Glasses
  • Coldest Airsoft glasses and mask: AirsoftTactical Helmet

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helps you choose the best, lighter

The modern company Airsoft Gearplace offers a wide range of safety glazing that has been adapted to this niche after extensive research and customer feedback. This helps you choose from many options, but it also creates a problem: there are so many options that the right choice can be overwhelming. As every year in the recent past, many airsoft safety goggles have challenged today’s competitors. Tactical Airsoft magazine researched and created a list of the best airsoft glasses:

Best Airsoft Glasses Total

Colour accuracy I4 Protective goggles against thermal splashes of ball paint Protective goggles

Dye i4 Google Paintball (black/gold)

Serious players must achieve certified high performance points in order to play Airsoft. They only get one pair of eyes, and their careful protection must come first. These Dye points can be doubled in Paintball and Airsoft points, the whole time you look like you’re coming out of the halo.

If you are looking for spectacles with an anatomical shape, excellent eye protection and soft glasses and goggles, you may have won the jackpot. In fact, you might need a jackpot to buy them, but what difference does it make? You can eat a dollar menu for a few months in exchange for the best airsoft glasses!

This goggle and goggle combination offers 100% UV protection and an extremely clear appearance thanks to its thermal and anti-fog technology. The compressed ears also make this mask flat and offer excellent protection.

What is?

  • 25 colours
  • Quick lens change
  • With the scream ventilation system you can take your voice with you
  • Hold the tiger belt…
  • Sealed Fog Lenses

What don’t you like about?

  • Prices

These glasses are light, comfortable, space-saving and offer maximum protection. If you wear glasses, it’s even better: Your glasses should be comfortable underneath. The ring-shaped impact lens is glued to the hard coating, reducing scratches and abrasive wear on both sides.

There are so many things in this complete mask that it is difficult to list them all.

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Best budget items of Airsoft

AirsoftTactical Eyewear

Lancer Tactical CA-203G Airsoft safety glasses with a set of interchangeable multiple lenses (green OD), including a smoked light yellow lens

Lancer eyewear is an excellent choice for the budget because of its thermoplastic polyurethane lenses and polycarbonate frame. With this composition, they should be strong enough to take to any area.

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The kit includes 3 interchangeable lenses that allow you to adjust the style to the available light intensity. You also benefit from a large field of vision, giving you excellent visibility in the field.

What is?

  • Foam lining for breathing holes
  • Moulded lining for extra comfort
  • Adjustable headband and lens protection cover
  • 3 interchangeable lenses included

What don’t you like about?

  • There may be a minimum of fog.
  • The frame may cause discomfort in the area of the nasal bridge.

Even if they are not completely waterproof for some consumers, they can be an excellent choice for your airsoft glasses at a reasonable price. The headband can be compatible with a helmet, a hat or just a headband. The polycarbonate frame offers good strength and protection, although it can become uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time.

A carrier bag can also be useful, which has proven to be a good feature of the kit. The lenses are shockproof and the user can choose between 3 lenses to play Airsoft. Usually excellent value for money!

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The best gauze lenses of the Airsoft

Airsoft BBTac Goggles

BBTac Airsoft safety glasses with wire mesh, sunscreen

It can be very dangerous to spray fog on the airsoft glasses during a race. If you are looking for a good alternative, take a look at these BBTac gauze goggles.

These glasses are equipped with an ABS plastic frame, rigid, strong and impact-resistant.  You will also notice a rubber seal around the circumference of the mask, which provides a complete seal around the face. Safety goggles are necessary to prevent foreign objects from getting into the eyes.

The lenses themselves are made of perforated metal that can block 6 mm BB over the entire length. Instead of lenses, these gauze lenses help maximize airflow.

What is?

  • Foam cladding around the outer glass
  • Adjustable straps – one size
  • Excellent peripheral visibility
  • Very comfortable for prolonged use

What don’t you like about?

  • Not compatible with glasses.
  • Separate purchase of an under mask is required.

Even if you have to buy a separate lower face mask, tons of airsoft fanatics prefer it to a full face mask. This reduces the amount of space required and allows the visor to be lowered more quickly. BBTac offers these extremely durable gauze lenses at a reasonable price with good abrasion resistance.

These glasses should definitely be considered as one of the best hovercraft spectacles that do not fog up. Looking for soft glasses to wear? Look at them down there!

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Best Airsoft household compensation points

UKARMS Tactical gauze Airsoft Metal Gauze

UKARMS Tactical Airsoft mesh lenses (tanning)

Some people need soft glasses that go with glasses. If you are one of them and prefer to wear gauze goggles, this might be the best choice for you!

Lenses that are too thick can make these glasses a little tight, but for most users they work well. According to UKARMS, these glasses can withstand bullets of up to 400 FPS (feet per second), although they can probably tolerate much more.

Equipped with robust mesh spectacles, which for the wearer is comparable to a view through a screen door, these spectacles must offer sufficient vision and breathability. As with gauze lenses, we recommend wearing protective glasses.

What is?

  • Adjustable headband
  • Rubber lining to prevent slipping of the face
  • Flexible to put on the face
  • Cheap and flexible swimming goggles

What’s not fun

  • Poor visibility at night
  • Not rated for most CQB events

If you play airsoftgames at night, it might not be your choice. However, it is a solid choice for casual airsoft games. The airsoft goggles that fit over the lenses make it possible for every user to use these gauze goggles.

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Choosing the best and cheapest space goggles is a little easier now that you’ve found them. These glasses are well made and are light green in colour to help you mix as much as possible.

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The best airsoft glasses that fit.

Desert Locust Control Audit – Basic

Main yellow high contrast grasshoppers, revision point 4-0309-0521 Main yellow high contrast desert brown, Vermilion

These revised military glasses are designed to be safe in all weather conditions, even the toughest! In addition, they offer superior comfort and anti-fog windows. You can even have prescription glasses put in these glasses, making them one of the best soft glasses.

This kit contains a frame for spectacles with high contrast yellow lenses and an anti-reflective coating.  With the widest possible field of vision and high quality optical lenses, these spectacles can be compared to some of the best military spectacles.

What is?

  • Dual thermal lens
  • OcuMax coating to prevent fogging and scratches
  • The comfortable foam allows you to close your eyes to the elements.
  • Compatible with Rx lens

What’s not fun

  • The comprehensive design of the glasses may not be suitable for faces with small frames.

The glass in these glasses is of the highest quality. With the two-panel thermal lens and the OcuMax coating, you benefit from a long service life. A shot at her shouldn’t leave a trace! Most people who wear glasses should have a full seal that protects them from fogging.

Without quality goggles you can forget the competition from the regulated Airsoft games. The choice of high quality certified glass is mandatory and these revision points are among the best Airsoft points on the market.

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Best Airsoft FanGlasses

ESS Turbofan glass profile

ESS Turbofan profile objectives, black

Sometimes the anti-condensation coating on the lens does not help. The day is too hot and too humid, or you don’t move enough to let the air circulate through the vents. All you need is a low frame ESS goggles.

These fan-shaped spectacles meet various American safety standards, including ballistic testing by the U.S. Army (.22). They suck in fresh air and extract humid air using a battery-powered fan that requires only one AA battery.

Even with 2.8 mm polycarbonate lenses you can enjoy 100% UV protection. Includes glasses, clear or smoked lenses, DeepL access pocket, soft storage pouch, flannel lens pouch and AA battery.

What is?

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 2 Fast Turbo fans
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof housing
  • The ClearZone flowcoat lens limits abrasion and fogging.

What’s not fun

  • The battery in the headband limits the possibility of wearing a helmet.
  • A high level fan can be noisy.

Comfort can be crucial to the success of an Airsoft day. With this purchase you should end up with high quality, fully closed fog glasses. ESS is a well known and respected company, and these low profile turbofan goggles may be just what you need.

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The best fog glasses from Airsoft

ZJchao Airsoft X800 GX1000 Tactical Glasses

zjchao Airsoft X800 Gx1000 Tactical Goggles, black/yellow/transparent

The best way to prevent fog is to buy double spectacles, thermal lenses or a fan. But sometimes value is important. These glasses minimize the fog, which has its price.

ZJchao contains 3 interchangeable lenses made of high quality polycarbonate that can withstand high loads. Black, clear or yellow lenses also offer UV-400 protection. The large adjustable strap should make it easy to store the helmet when needed. If you want to spend more money, choose the best Airsoft points listed above. However, some consumers will not be happy with the fact that they spend a lot of money on protective equipment. With its 3 interchangeable lenses and fog holes, it is an excellent choice for fog goggles.

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What is?

  • 3 interchangeable lenses for light intensity adjustment
  • Foam lining and ventilated inner frame
  • Wide nylon elastic
  • High product value

What don’t you like about?

  • Point not completely closed
  • Not certified by ANSI

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Coldest airsoft glasses and gauze mask

AirsoftTactical Helmet

WoSporT ABS plastic tactical helmet PJ Fast helmet with soft steel mask PC lens Motorcycle goggles Airsoft paintball BB CS games Hunting film accessories (black)

Sometimes we find him big and pretentious. If you want to look good and be unique compared to your competitors, you should take a look at it. A full defense with Call of Duty probably gives the impression that you’re playing with confidence.

Part of the helmet of this goggle is made of ABS plastic, which should be strong and durable enough for the toughest days of airsoft. The mask is made of low-carbon steel and covers from ear to chin and across.

Most importantly, polycarbonate lenses provide 100% protection for your eyes against ultraviolet rays. This helmet has a new design, but has been tested for eye protection of at least 420 FPS (foot per second). You can attach a tactical flashlight and cameras.

What is?

  • A unique appearance
  • Full head protection
  • Additional bus connections
  • Adjustable chin and neck cushion

What don’t you like about?

  • Adjusting your helmet can be annoying.

The best thing about this helmet/mask is that your accessories are easy to install. If you want to record your games or use a flashlight at night, this headset is for you. Add to this the ability of the lens to fight the fog and you have a great helmet!

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Final recommendations

Every airsoft enthusiast should invest in safety equipment, and glasses are at the heart of this approach. This article covers almost the entire list of possibilities, from the amateur to the ultra-light and high-tech safety goggles. We can’t say that this is an exhaustive list of airsoft’s best points, but we’ve managed to discuss almost all the serious artists in this segment. There will always be opinions and more candidates, but we have done our best to be impartial and use actual performance as the most important parameter.

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