KWA Airsoft: Lead Design of High-End Airsoft Replicas


KWA produces great guns and rifles. The robust construction, the structured materials and the metal surfaces completely compensate for the internal problem. Because if the Airsoft gun has everything you need from the beginning, why did you have to fit in the gun?

The KWA brand is ideal for different types of stock guns, but don’t forget that they have a specific type of interior (i.e. your own).

Ownership means you don’t have too much freedom when it comes to installing, repairing and upgrading. However, KWA has come a long way and although it continues to sell weapons with its own transmission, it also offers the necessary spare parts for upgrades and repairs. In addition, MSF weapons are used by a wide range of actors, from novices to military and law enforcement personnel.

Characteristics that made them famous

They are well known in the market for pushing the boundaries of airsoft technology and promotion, while other brands pay more attention to the appearance of their products. For example, their NS2 and 2GX Mechbox gas recirculation systems are designed to increase productivity and reliability compared to conventional standards.

Key features

KWA guns are considered proven, easy to use and accurate, even after heavy wear and tear.

Areas of competence

The KWA is known for its GBB rifles, pistols (LE/military and 1911 series) and SMG machine guns. They also make training weapons that are not designed for a standard airport.

Price point

As usual, the price varies from one type of air rifle to another, but most KWA products are sold at prices between $120 and $400 and higher.

It’s usually not the cheapest brand.

Best KWA products

Now that we’ve talked a bit about the brand, let’s take a look at some of its specific products. The ones below have proven to be the most popular, but preferences may change of course. However, they can give you a good idea of the type of airsoft weapon you can expect from this brand.



This Adaptive Training Gun (ATP) with NS2 gas supply system is a semi-automatic design developed in collaboration with law enforcement and military agencies.

Because it is made to simulate real combat situations, the effects are clear and distinctive, while the editing is very realistic. The combination of a full metal slide and a polymer case gives the weapon a realistic weight and feel.

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There is also an adjustable jumping device that allows players to adjust long distance shots for greater accuracy. Not to mention the fact that the rail under the barrel is an ideal place for various accessories.

The gun shoots at approximately 320 – 350 FPS, has a 23-shot magazine and comes with replaceable rear tires (for better comfort).

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This 1911 pistol is representative of the quality level of GBB pistols. The gun is equipped with the NS2 system (for realistic conditions), has a high power output (350 HP at 0.20 BBs) and a high shooting accuracy.

In addition, the M1911 MK II is designed for training situations, which means that the manufacturer did not use standard quality standards. The result is that the weapon feels strong and heavy in the hands. In addition, the player can use the jumping device to make adjustments for different shooting ranges.

In terms of design, the weapon is elegant, and the skeletal trigger and hammer make it more interesting. You’ll also like the tactical guide under the barrel, which allows you to use a variety of cool accessories.

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Thanks to its solid bolt (thanks to the NS2 system), the M9 PTP tactical pistol is ideal for use in the field and for training. The KWA M9 is accurate (thanks to its adjustable vacuum), powerful (up to 350 FPS) and comparable to a real gun.

I like the fact that it combines a perfectly balanced metal and polymer cabinet that feels like a real steel analogue.  It also has advanced safety systems and a hammerbox, as well as picatinny rails for accessories.

The magazine can hold up to 25 cartridges and thanks to the front and rear view, this semi-automatic pistol can be used by any type of player. In general it is a good ancillary mechanism (suitable for most cases) that works well in the field or for training.

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GunsGBB andAEG


The AKR-74M is one of KWA’s latest AEG models and players love it for its realistic feedback thanks to the Kinetic Feedback System. So even if you don’t fire a GBB gun, you can still enjoy it.

True to its mission, the KWA has also equipped this rifle with the Switch Life Extender, a system that reduces tractor wear to a minimum. In addition, the weapon can be individually adjusted thanks to the quick-change spring system. It also comes with an adjustable bumper and adjustable front and rear visors for greater accuracy without the need for optics.

The design includes a foldable polymer padding with a metal alloy housing and a polymer handle and hand protector. It feels like the gun is heavy in your hands, like real steel. The rifle is also powerful (420 FPS) and can use a 30 or 60 shot magazine.

The battery (11.1 V LiPo) is placed in the side hinge plate and you can mount a side mount for the optics. In addition, the AKR-74M is equipped with a mechanical switch that switches off when the charger is empty.

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The AR 15 GBB rifle is designed for professional training and approved by the ATF. The receiver is made of an aluminium alloy and has a bolt holder with a steel-reinforced bolt (which provides a realistic shoulder feedback).

This rifle can also be adjusted with the pistol grip and the trigger guard AR 15. It is also equipped with a new and improved hop pump system, which improves the performance of the range. So the rifle can fire at 75 degrees Fahrenheit (green gas is the main fuel) with about 380PFS.

The charger can hold up to 40 shots, which is well within the shooting speed of 13+ RPS. I also like the fact that the rifle can be used in semi-automatic and semi-automatic mode, which makes it ideal for CQB situations. Not to mention a folding bed in 6 positions and adjustable visors at the front and rear!

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Most KWA fans know their Ronin M-series and the RM4 is described as one of the most modern models in the series.

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Thanks to its modular design, the RM4 Ronin works with KWA’s 2.5 and 3 AEG gears, allowing players to adapt the interior to their needs. In addition, the internal components give this rifle high performance (410 FPS) and a realistic response (thanks to the Kinetic Feedback System).

Outside, the RM4 Ronin impresses with its MLOK compatible bus, which allows players to add accessories as needed. You will also like the electric shut-off system that switches off the ignition when the magnet is empty.

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The brand is also known for manufacturing several machine guns, but I will only mention one of them, because others have a slightly similar design with slightly different interior details.


If you want to impress your team, here’s the Airsoft weapon! Equipped with the legendary KWA NS2 GBB system, the divider has a lot to do, so I don’t recommend it for beginners.

Airsoft players love the high recording speed, amazing reliability under the toughest conditions and performance (380+ FPS with 0.20g pellets). Because it is a machine gun, it can operate in semi-automatic or fully automatic firing mode, but the magazine is a bit small (only 48 bullets).

Finally, I like the foldable countertop (ideal for CQB situations) and the Picatinny rail system, with which you can install all kinds of accessories.

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As I mentioned earlier, KWA also produces parts, so players aren’t too limited when it comes to upgrades. They mainly produce chargers and parts for various gas chargers (e.g. valves and other products subject to wear and tear). You will also find parts for screw joints, BB’s and some interesting carbine sets.



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