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MB08 L96 AWM/AWP Air sniper rifle

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MB08 L96 AWM/AWP Air sniper rifle

Product designation : Well, MB08 L96.

Product description : The WELL MB08 L96 (AWM / AWP) sniper rifle is based on the Tokyo Marui L96 platform, made of high-grade steel and aluminum, with the exception of the rear stock, which is made of durable, high-grade polymer plastic. The MB08 has a shaft that can be folded in the middle, just like the L96 in real life.

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The Well MB08 L96 large calibre sniper rifle is a heavy plastic butt, mainly made of metal, which is operated pneumatically. The outer elements are of high quality and the folding console closes with a simple click. However, the internal equipment is not satisfactory and should be replaced or upgraded if you intend to use the MB08. The MB08 L96 well is an excellent candidate as a sniper rifle customization platform, with its exceptional features in terms of stock, barrel, frame and bipod, combined with the savings on internal stock.


Fantastic and robust interior elements; mainly metal construction; includes bipods, telescopes and monopod for warehouse users; ideal levelling platform.


Fragile internal organs, poorly designed cheek support adjustment, uneven starting speed; not ideal for use with the buttocks

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Hey guys, today we’re going to take a look at the Well MB08 L96, the same platform on which the AWM and AWP are based, and an update of the Well MB01 L96 air sniper rifle.

The MB08 L96 is a new and improved version of the MB01, with higher quality external elements, a stronger all-metal housing and barrel and a thick and strong polymer shaft. This is one of the best sniper rifles I have ever considered in terms of appearance and build quality, with a very well designed folding butt which folds in the middle, just like the real L96/AWM/AWP. However, the interior looked cheap and fragile and was destined to be replaced, making the Well MB08 L96 a very competitive alternative to the JG BAR-10 in terms of custom upgradeability, but it’s worth thinking twice before buying this repeat sniper rifle to use as a box.

One of the features of the MB08 is ergonomics and comfort, a theme that can be found everywhere in this sniper rifle. The L96 of the Well has a 3x-9x free scope with a head reticle, but with a 2.5 inch pupil in front of the eyes. It also comes with an adjustable metal bipod that slides over a length of 10 inches and an optional rear monopod that slides for added comfort. The MB08 L96 is also equipped with an adjustable cheek rest and a rubber cushion, all in an ergonomic design. However, the adjustment of the cheek rest consists of only two light-sensitive screws, so you can leave it at that. Although the borehole MB08 L96 is mainly made of metal, it weighs a maximum of 10 pounds, including the ring, bipod and charger.

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The original version of the MB08 runs at a maximum speed of 420 frames per second at 0.20g BB’s; however, if you shoot longer, you need to use something heavier. The number of SPFs was also somewhat variable (+/- SPF), although the norm is generally a maximum of 10 SPFs. There are also higher versions of the FPS that are equipped with a stronger spring for a few extra mice.

The accuracy of the MB08 L96 was quite good, despite the range of the FPS, and I didn’t have to adjust the recoil at all to get solid shots with an impressive back – another convenience included in Well’s sniper rifle. But to be clear, the jump seemed very fragile and I was afraid to ruin it, because the sniper rifle with which we fired was (new) borrowed.

The gun comes with everything you need to get started, and I’ll give you credit for that. Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. Most sniper rifles have no target area and often do not contain all the tools and parts required for assembly. The MB08 is delivered from stock, ready to use. It includes mounting tools, a 3x-9x visor with pupil and amber transparent caps, buckles (cheap) and a quick charger. In addition, the receiver is equipped with a picatinny rail mounting system and an all-metal bolt.

Hole MB08 L96 (AWM/AWP) Specifications


The first thing that struck me when I pulled out the hole of the MB08 L96 was its sturdiness. It looked like a real L96/AWM/AWP sniper rifle. The receiver is made of solid polymer plastic, but it didn’t look cheap, and it was probably better to keep the weight of the rifle at 10 pounds. The rifle is very well balanced, no weight is needed on the back of the buttock, and the buttock glides with a satisfying click through the famous L96 buttock (for lack of better words), just like a real L96/AWM sniper rifle.

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It is also extremely ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use. The relief of the eyes on the visor was excellent, the balance of the rifle made it comfortable and relatively easy to carry, the foldable bed saved 10 centimetres when transported in a standard AEG case and the appearance was simply pleasant. Looks like a gun that costs twice as much. It comes with a fastening buckle and is complete, but the drain buckle was not of sufficient quality, so I advise you to use it.

The Well MB08 L96 is a robust and improved platform for sniper rifles. A typical SR-10/BAR-10 platform is a bit worn out in my opinion and it is nice to see a certain variety of platforms with sniper rifles. And the MB08 is fully compatible with the Tokyo Marui L96 platform and with all magazines and refurbished parts of the original Well MB01 L96. The internal parts are cheap and fragile, but if you buy this product to modify and convert it into a really accurate BASR (bolt action sniper rifle), who cares? The exterior is mostly metal and the solid polymer coating, combined with improved internal components, make it a damn good sniper rifle, and I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of such a rifle.

Well, MB08 L96.

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Deficiencies and impairments

Most of the disadvantages of the MB08 L96 fountain are related to the internal equipment of the box, so unfortunately I don’t know if I can recommend this sniper box if you want to use it for a longer period of time. The jump seemed incredibly cheap and fragile. Even the internal services looked so cheap and fragile that I didn’t dare touch them, and it seemed they were ready to click in an instant after about 50 shots in test mode.

On the left side of the box, next to the trigger housing, there is a rather striking Made in China seal painted, without which I could live.

I certainly wouldn’t use the included harnesses, because the metal buckles look ready to click, and the last thing you want to do is throw your brand new L96 on the floor, especially if you use the leaking interior.

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The buttons for the play mode were not really handles, they were bolts, and they were very fragile.

At the end of our tests, the magazine’s grip was lost.

If possible, I would replace the monotube seal or install it in another way, as it is also very cheap to produce.

Word in box

Most players I’ve spoken to have used the MB08 L96 fountain as an upgrade platform or are planning an upgrade and are very happy with it. The exterior finish of the rifle is of the highest quality and in combination with the high precision internal parts, the L96 reflects the appearance and feel of the rifle with incredible accuracy.


The Well MB08 L96 has a solid and very attractive appearance and looks like a real L96/AWM sniper rifle. All it takes is a satisfying click of a folding tree to take it with you, even if you don’t use it. It is ergonomic, balanced, comfortable to use and wear. It is based on the L96 platform and is characterized by high availability and a wide choice of spare parts for upgrades.

The disappointing interior design, the jump and play rest buttons make it a bad choice for a sniper rifle, although most airmail companies that buy sniper rifles to control the game initially do not use sniper rifles.

If you love the role of a sniper and are looking for a modern platform with fantastic looks and a balanced rifle, the Well MB08 L96 is a very solid choice, in every sense of the word. However, if you intend to use this rifle with an internal supply for accidental use or for shooting in the garden or forest, you must be prepared to replace or upgrade the internal equipment if it fails.

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