No breaks of barrel! 4 Best Airsoft BBs in 2019


One of the most modest devices in the airsoft sector is the BB. If they work well, they go unnoticed. If a bullet crashes in a warehouse or in the barrel of your Airsoft gun, you know how important the quality of the ammunition in the Airsoft is. Buying the right BB can be a difficult decision, because all brands in your name are synonymous with quality. Don’t be fooled by a verbal choice. Let Tactical Airsoft Magazine help you find the best BB for your next 6mm battle session.

Short term ? Here is a list of points:

  • Biodegradable BB: Elite Performance Bio BBs
  • Plotter BB: Airsoft alpha tracer BB
  • Internal BB: Elite Performance Accuracy BBs
  • Round BB: Golden ball competition series

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How to choose the right BB?

Like many other things in Airsoft, not all BB’s are made the same way. The different types of BB have different applications and qualities.

weight BB and u

airsoftBB With the set jump unit you usually get a larger range with the heavier BB. In most areas, you will be asked to check the feet of your Airsoft gun in one second at a 0.20 gram bullet chronograph station. This is done to enable drivers to set safety standards. When you go on the field, you can usually choose any weight. To play enough .25 grB in the room. When you go out, you need a BB of 0.28 g or more. These heavy balls can withstand the wind and pierce the bow without losing accuracy on the way to the target.

Wholesale trade Purchases

The most economical way to buy BB’s is by buying them in bulk. The more it costs in a certain order, the less it costs you. Find a brand you and your friends trust and build a pool of BB money to buy tens or hundreds of thousands of products at once. Of course you will have a lot of BB’s, but the price of each BB will be lower than if you would buy them alone. Saving so many BB’s can be a problem. Clean the plastic bottles or tubs you have in the house and use them. Protein powder and large bottles of water are well suited for the preservation of BB.

BB’s in all colours of the rainbow!

Color BB's In your search you may have found BB’s of different colors. Maybe you’ve wondered why they exist. If you have ever played an airsoft game, you will see these little white balls cross the field before they hit you. If you react fast enough, you can even avoid the incoming power. Dark colors such as black or brown will be more difficult to recognize. Don’t forget you can’t see your BB’s easily either. You can also get BB’s in your favorite color just to invite good charms on your side of the fight.

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What to avoid with BB

You don’t do that when you’re working with the BBC. Do not use the guns supplied in the Airsoft gun box. These bullets are only here to check your gun. Even in this case it is best to test with the BB you use in the field. In general, the brands you find in the large cardboard shops are the ones you want to avoid. These bullets are well pinched, but they won’t work well on the top of air rifles. They are not produced with quality in mind. When you open one of these BB’s, you’ll find bags and insects inside. That means there’s a lot of air in the BB. That’s why inferior VH’s fail when they come into contact with your high-tech engine.

You will also find the color of the BB’s. They are identical to their 6 mm plastic counterparts, except that they are filled with paint. Don’t use them with your powerful and expensive weapons. They’ll jump in your gun and you’ll have paint all over you. Don’t use BB after they’ve been shot. The whole process distracts them from safe use. You risk damaging your weapon if you try to save money.

Best BB on the market

Best biodegradable BB:

Elite Performance Bio BBs

6 mm Airsoft BBS biodegradable Elite Power Premium ammunition. 20 grams, 5000 rounds

Some outdoor fields require a biodegradable BB. Nature can break and finally the plastic in each tower. But it takes months and years, not decades and centuries, to destroy biological weapons. That is why they are considered to be more environmentally friendly. The Elite Force claims that their biological BBs degrade in 180 days under the most adverse conditions. Combined with the quality the BB veterans expect from the Elite Force, they make it the first choice for organic BB. These BB’s are available in 0,20 g, 0,25 g, 0,28 g and 0,32 g heavy. They’re good for any air gun in your arsenal. You pay more to be good on the field you play on. If you want to be a responsible air cooler, the BioB must be on the list of outdoor units. And the best BBCs come from the elite.

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  • biodegradable, 1 year
  • Perfect quality


  • Prices

Learn more about the Amazon

Best BB Tracker:

Airsoft alpha tracer BB

Airsoft Alpha plotter glows in the dark BB .20 grams 5000 grams of graphene bag

BB plotters glow in the dark with plotters and flaps. A tracer is a device that is attached to the barrel of an air pistol as a suppressor. There is a sensor and a bright light in the device. When the BB passes through the unit, a bright light flashes and activates the brightness of the BB. The tracking memories work in the same way, except that the device flashes with the light in the supply channel. The Airsoft Alpha BB’s plotter lights up green when used on the plotter. If you play at night or inside, you should be able to see how your BB’s get there. You’ll be better able to adjust your target and you’ll know for sure when you’ve hit your opponent. It’s hard not to see how bright green bullets bounce off a tactical vest. Although you will need a plotter to use the Airsoft Alpha BBs Tracer correctly, you will see the benefits immediately. Don’t forget that the tracers work in both directions. You’ll see where you’re shooting from, but the enemy will see where you’re shooting from.


  • Reliable quality
  • The green light is the best way to improve visibility.


  • Prices
  • Supplied in only 0.20 g weight.
  • You need a tracer to lighten up.

Learn more about the Amazon

Best BB coverage:

Elite Performance Accuracy BBs

Elite Force Premium 6mm Airsoft BB's Ammunition, .25 grams, 5000 pieces, Multi (2279506)

It is not surprising that the BB Elite Force has made this list twice. Many airlines will recommend Elite Force BB’s in the forums. Their softness, small weight differences and low air inclusions contribute to their quality. The elite force claims to experiment with them in different kinds of protocols, so you shouldn’t see power problems. They also come in a handy bottle, so you can easily fill your high-capacity storage facilities. Although the limited weight range prevents these BB’s from going up, only 0.25g is needed to play indoors. Do you think the elite power is going to spend this day in close combat situations…


  • Manufacturer’s attention to quality


  • Limited weight availability
  • Prices

Learn more about the Amazon

Best round:

Golden ball competition series

GoldenBall 'ProSlick' 0.20G JDM-Spec Ultra Seamless Elite Airsoft BBs Class Competition - $4000 Round Pocket

The BB GoldenBall Competition rating is one of the best in its price range. As you can see, they are available in different weights: 0.20g, 0.23g, 0.25g and 0.30g. Every air force you own can use GoldenBall BB’s. The bales are seamless and have very few air pockets to compromise the integrity of the cycle. Japanese manufacturers have strict quality standards for their pneumatic ammunition. A small quantity per bag means that you cannot buy in large quantities. You’ll feel it in your wallet, but your aviation arsenal will thank you.

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  • High Quality
  • Numerous weighing possibilities


  • Prices
  • Small amount of BB per bag

Learn more about the Amazon

Best End Words Airsoft BB’s

You haven’t counted your pennies when it comes to plates and lids. You’re not stingy with your air rifle. Don’t be tempted by the BBC’s low prices. They’ve been saving money there, but only a few dollars. You will spend as much and as much as you pay for the repair of the inner tube when the BB breaks down. The price difference for each brand on the list, just like for any BB of your choice, is insignificant. GoldenBall BB wins thanks to its weight and excellent quality varieties. These BBC’s and BBC’s like them are best suited for your high-end air rifles. They contribute to your accuracy and give you the advantage you need to succeed in the fight against Airsoft.

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