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Such a well-designed rifle at such a reasonable price is a rarity in the world of air rifles. The air rifle Benjamin Marauder is a bestseller since the first model with wooden pommel. The Marauder, known to amateurs as the Mrod, is an ultra-modern, very accurate, constantly burning PCP air rifle for a weapon in its price range.

Benjamin Marauder

Air rifle Benjamin Maroder PCP .22 caliber with air defense system 4-16x40 mm.

Test the accuracy and consistency with more than 20 pellets belonging to the same group as the 2-inch pellets (at a distance of 50 to 60 metres). The rifle offers an accuracy close to the competition class and is best suited for pest control, hunting small game and shooting targets. It is very quiet and is perfect for hunters.

We can try to find design and performance flaws, but they are relatively small, because the Marauder has been tested and proven. Although there are reports that people are getting fake or newly released weapons, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to calibrate them. It could be a quality control problem, or it could be just a few plans going crazy because of a human variable. With quality control these weapons pass by, and the purely American production makes them reliable and best-sellers.

  • Multi-shot pneumatic shotgun with repeating system, PCP (air rifle with preload)
  • Delivers up to 32 consecutive strokes per filling
  • Adjustable two-stage competition release.
  • The 10 load protocol provides fast data tracing
  • Shots fired, covered barrel.
  • 31.7 lbs Energy (pounds)
  • Dovetail mounting rail
  • Pendulum attachment means
  • 8.2 pounds total weight

The Benjamin Marauder air rifle is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibres and in a black coated version with synthetic buttocks. Since she’s out of the loop, a little understanding of what makes her so special and beautiful.

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The Benjamin air rifle splitter is in full swing among amateurs, air rifle hunters, because of its properties and accuracy. With a multi-loading warehouse (the size of the warehouse depends on the caliber) this is a multi-loading harvester that is also very quiet. Although the airflow is high and the rifle has to be filled every 30 bullets (it is recommended to fill it after 20 bullets), the strength and speed of this rifle make it a very popular rifle for hunters. The multiple shot with its powerful PCP boom makes it an excellent tool for pest control and hunting.

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The speeds also relate to the calibre. Here is a table of the calibre and the corresponding speed:

Pressure gauge Energy



21 IZO

32 PEI

45 PEI

Where the energy of the fox exceeds 0,22 and 0,25 kg, the fox may be put down when kept motionless. This will also not be a problem, as the rifle is very quiet with a built-in depiper, which dampens the impact of the bullet and leaves the rifle with a dull sound.

The .177 shotgun can also be used for light hunting of turkeys, raccoons, etc. with heavy bullets.

Design and appearance of Benjamin Maroder

The Benjamin Marauder air rifle, developed and manufactured in the United States by Crosman, a leading manufacturer of air rifles, can be accused of being too simple or too heavy to use. But the fact is, it’s pretty damn accurate, it provides a lot of power for hunting, and most of the shots fall into the same small subgroup, right?

Mrod’s hardwood stock is designed and balanced to be transported in fields, bushes, etc. for long periods of time. It is also equipped with an adjustable comb that allows individual adjustment. A very small but innovative change: The trigger slides back a little to allow for a comfortable hand position, making holding, waiting for the game and aiming a little less stressful. This relieves the boom of extra pressure and increases accuracy. Another feature of the design, which is advanced and adapted to the Marader cannon, is the reversible lock. The mouse hole (protrusion of the bolt) has also been removed and the design of the locking block has been simplified.

Pull back or push, the Benjamin Maroder air rifle isn’t just an achievement. It has an elegant appearance with refined lines and a clear view of the piston and barrel. The simplified bolt offers the best platform for different views, while the satin black finish of the Hunter looks great with both wooden and black plastic sticks.


Marauder-Benjamin-Crossman Hunters fell in love with this gun as soon as they tried it on one of them. If we exclude the fact that the rifle has to be filled with a pump every 20 shots, the Mrod is an excellent hunter with great power and easy handling. Under the silent air rifles they were recognized by experts and hunters as being silent.

We always have the impression that every mid-range air rifle needs one or two replacement units (usually the visor and the trigger). The Benjamin Marauder air rifle proudly shows the tractor, which is part of the rifle’s standard equipment. The movement is light enough not to affect the accuracy, and can be further adjusted (quickly look for tips and tricks) so that the tractor does not need to be updated here.

The Marauder is adjustable in many ways and can be the easiest and most modern PCP air rifle to use. The popularity of the weapon is also complemented by the fact that its simple design makes it easy to find different compatible parts.

So take it whenever you want and start shooting BB’s in the garden, on the terrace or in the basement, the last thing you need for the cabin fever here. It is quiet, does not disturb the husband and is neat, pleasant to photograph, with various shooting possibilities.

For more information on the use of this weapon, please refer to Benjamin Maroder’s user manual.


The king of JSB and the special bee grenades in the field got along best with this cannon.

The king of JSB and the special grenades for the bees in the field got along best with this cannon.

Because we’ve talked about the accuracy of the rifle in all areas, we know it’s accurate. But what precision does it offer?

The fact is, Benjamin’s air rifle is accurate, and it’s too direct. It doesn’t take much time to walk in, calibrate or adjust the various aspects. The test results come from the same group, the group is only 2-2.5 inches large (it is the human variable).

The high quality of the barrel with the match class stock offers an experience that is close to that of rifles used in competition. And no adjustments are required to achieve this accuracy.


Although the verdict is clear in our minds, we want to focus on the elephant in the room. The Benjamin Marauder air rifle can be the next big thing in the world of air rifles because it is professionally designed, easy to use, highly adjustable and offers competitive accuracy with great durability. If you’re willing to pump air every 20 shots, there’s no other reason why you can’t get that gun. It has everything a hunter would like in an air rifle: plenty of shooting power, speed, accuracy, non-standard features with a minimum of adjustment and adaptability and a fair price.


  • Incredible power
  • Competitive accuracy
  • Uniformity
  • Requires very little active service
  • Adaptable in several ways
  • Super silencer with four-chamber silencer


  • It’s a little heavier.
  • It’s even heavier after the ball is added…
  • It’s camouflage training, you have to swing a lot unless you have diving equipment.
  • Again, wearing a pump or diving equipment is a tight…




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