Review of Crosman Optimus Air Rifle


For serious shootings, the Crosman Optimus seems to be the best weapon. It is powerful with a supersonic muzzle speed and looks like a serious shooter with a hardwood stock. Steve Keary of Tactical Airsoft magazine investigates this gun in this review of the Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle.

  • CALIBRE : .177, .22
  • POWER STATION : Spring
  • ACTION : Tearing the barrel
  • BARREL TYPE: Gunshots
  • PREVIOUS EXPLOSION: Optical fiber cable
  • SO SO SOFTLY: Customizable
  • EQUIPMENT: Hardwood
  • RAYLE MONTING: Pigeon’s tail
  • TRIGGER: In two steps
  • SAFETY : Lever

Crosman OptimusAppearance and Design

The Crosman Optimus RifleRifle is a lightweight rifle that requires very light traction (35lbs). The rifle has an ergonomic and refined design that ensures comfortable carrying, holding and shooting for both left and right-handed people. The hardwood finish makes it a little more elegant, and the refined design with a comfortable bedplate is perfect for turning.

The gun has a rifle barrel, a micro adjustable rear visor, a fiberglass visor. The CenterPoint 4 x 32 mm precision sights are supplied with the rifle and offer a flexible shooting range with the same accuracy and precision.

The air rifle is an air rifle with a sprung bolt and a piston in the chamber. The mechanism is simple: When the weapon is compressed, the spring is compressed and a small hook at the end of the plunger is included in the search. The hook is released as soon as you pull the trigger and the plunger moves forward. And, of course, it all happens in a split second.

-optimus-optimus-UpgradeNow is known for its stability, high performance and impressive accuracy; the spring-loaded compressed air barrels – the best in terms of strength and durability In addition, the drawn barrel with internal grooves ensures that the ball rotates before it leaves the barrel. The rotation of the ball makes it more stable, improves accuracy and increases the shooting distance.

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The single-shot air rifle with rifle barrel makes it possible to fire only one bullet at a time, each time it is blocked. The rifle is available in .177 and .22 calibres, which means that the inside diameter of the barrel is .177 inches and .22 inches respectively. The two-step adjustable trigger and raised cheekbone on sight provide better targeting and greater accuracy.

Operation: Firearms control

The rifle did not meet expectations, so some preparation was needed before the rifle could be fired.

Steps from the Optimus Crossman Trigger rifle:

  1. Clear the race
  2. Open the barrel
  3. Loading the pellet
  4. Closing the barrel
  5. Aim and start shooting

It is advisable to fire a few hundred shots to reach the scope and get a clue to the operation. Accuracy is guaranteed by the rifle barrel, the two-stage adjustable trigger and the raised cheekbone. The two-step adjustable trigger is clear and functional and allows you to aim and fire with safe hands. The tensile force is also low, which makes the general work of the rifle pleasant, because for each shot the rifle has to be broken and fired.

Accuracy: Target Accuracy with Optimus

Precision clusters with Crosman Premier Pellets

Precision clusters with Crosman Premier Pellets

The submachine gun makes no sense without accuracy and consistency, so what is the accuracy of the .177 caliber Crosman Optimus rifle? It has proven its accuracy and helps achieve the goal with the CenterPoint 4×32 mm vision. The rifle comes with a rifle scope, but adjustments such as the red dot or the best rifle scope mounted on a 3/8 dovetail bar are recommended. During testing we found that the RWS 8.3 Grain Superdome and the Crosman Premier 10.5 Grain Pellets performed best with this weapon.

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The Optimus is an exceptionally powerful rifle, equipped with a robust rifle scope and large fixed positions. The rifle has a strong charisma, and the price is quite decent. The rifle is ideal for hunting small game, pest control and is a fun weapon for diving, target shooting. For those who really want to hunt small game for sport or to survive, the Crosman Optimus rifle is a good choice. And the good news is that you still have money in your pocket to buy quality ammunition, extra parts/exchanges or an improved visor.



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