Road Trip, huh? 9 United States Great Airsoft Fields


A pick-up game at the airport can be a lot of fun. I started in sports and played a little skirmish with friends on their pitch, and it was an incredible experience that launched the rest of my career at airsoft. But not everyone has friends who own land, and if you’re in an urban or suburban area, you can’t just play in the garden without endangering your neighbours and breaking the law. If you are in this situation, you should find a playground where you can play regularly. Even if you have your own playground, if you don’t play on a high-profile pitch or at a big organized event, you’re missing out on some of the best experiences you can have in the sport! This article is intended to help you learn more about what a great field is and some of the best Airsoft fields in the United States.

What you need to know about Airsoft Fields

If you’ve never been to the Airsoft stadium before, it might seem awful to watch your first game. However, Aerosoft’s best pitches are usually very welcoming to new players and really want to help you get into the sport! Before you leave, there are several things you need to know: the rules that will be placed on the pitch, the minimum protective equipment you will need and the types of games you will play!

Basic rules

The best courts are generally good enough to establish reasonable rules that guarantee the safety of players without imposing too many restrictions on them. There are many different rules on the playing field – some are meant to keep the balance of the game, but most are for your safety.

Each box must clearly indicate the limits of the gun’s firing power (feet per second) (if the BB weight used for this test is not specified in the rules, e.g. .2g). These restrictions may not be the same for all types of weapons. In many applications bolt guns can fire up to 450 or 500 hp, while AEG bolt guns can fire 380 cartridges and 350 gun cartridges. If there is a local website, you will usually find these restrictions there. Make sure your weapons are fired at the correct speed before entering a field. The simplest and cheapest way to evaluate the FPS is the Coke Can Chrono method described here.

In addition, some areas may be subject to additional restrictions, such as the minimum distance from which a person can be fired (MED); or fully automatic shooting; or that the sets allow large capacity warehouses (1500 to 5000 rounds). Again, I hope you can find them on the website or by calling them on the spot.

Mandatory safety device

In addition, there may be other restrictions for certain areas, such as the minimum distance from which a person can be shot (MED); or fully automatic shooting or high-capacity magazines (1500 to 5000 rounds) are allowed in the competitions. Again, I hope you can find them on the website or by calling them on the spot. In some areas, additional forms of protection will be needed, from Kappa protection to full face protection. Keep these rules in mind when preparing to enter a field for the first time.

What makes this area one of the best?

If you’re familiar with an Airsoft game, you probably know that there are many different factors that influence whether an Airsoft game is fun, competitive and fair – from the size and shape of the playing fields to the quality of the judges and staff and the variety of games on offer. Here are some important things to keep in mind when you go into the field and try to decide if you want to quit:

Well-maintained and safe fields

If you know an Airsoft game, you probably know that there are many different factors that contribute to creating an Airsoft game that is fun, competitive and fair, starting with the size and shape of the playing fields, the quality of the referees and staff, and the variety of games on offer. Here are some important points to keep in mind when you go on the playing field and try to decide if you should stay: make the game on the field fun and don’t try to protect your customers. Aerosoft’s best pitches, on the other hand, will spend a lot of time developing pitches that emphasize safety, realism and game balance.

When visiting the site for the first time, pay attention to tripping, sharp edges, rusty metal, loose rocks or steep cliffs. It can be easy to prevent injuries if you are alert, but it becomes much harder to protect yourself if you try to prevent fire at the same time!

Polite and professional staff

There are many stories on the internet about how otherwise vast fields have been destroyed by bad experiences with employees or judges. It should lead to the house: Once safety is assured, the most important factor the field can control is the staff.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the judges control the rules in a strict and fair way. While it may seem a little cool not to time your weapon before playing, an overloaded AEG can cause real skin damage and leave holes or permanent scars. Make sure the judges produce all stopwatches with the standard BB weight. A BB .20g machine gun at 350 SPF has much less chance to injure someone than a BB .3og machine gun at the same speed.

In addition, tournament locks for high-pressure guns must be installed on the playing field; these devices are connected to the gun’s pressure regulator to prevent dishonest players from increasing the power of their gun during play.

Appropriate rules

Although the rules on most Airsoft websites are easy to follow and well thought out, from time to time fields appear that prescribe some meaningless rules. Usually this happens, at least in my experience, on paintball fields that choose to organize airsoft events. Sometimes they have strange FPS restrictions (for example, they can use weapons that only fire at speeds below 300 FPS). Sometimes they forbid the use of certain models of weapons, and sometimes they need full face protection, which is an excellent rule in paintball, but not in tires, where a downward facing visor is a useful tactic. The existence of meaningless rules is not in itself an obstacle to the agreement, but it does imply that the industry is unfamiliar with the placement of Airsoft games and may be mistaken about their events and other methods.

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You also need to provide a field where you can use your own BB. In most cases the fields do so for insurance reasons. If you wear a decent BB-badge with a good weight variation (at least .20g, .25g and .30.35g for snipers) and don’t put too much weight on your arm and leg, it’s not that important. However, if the box only allows one weight of BB (especially if it’s 0.12g), if they only sell a brand that gets bad reviews, or if they ask for more than a reasonable price, chances are you’ll find another box that’s better.

Indoor and outdoor spaces

First of all it is very well possible for the Airsoft site to only have an indoor or outdoor pitch and a great place to play. However, having both types of fields is a great advantage and helps to make this field one of the best in the world. Not only do you have access to different types of games, but you also have a place to play when the weather is bad. Nothing is as soft as a fight on Saturday, so an indoor CQB field where you can come back can turn the day to your advantage!

Safety zone protection

Each semi-public car park must have an intermediate zone between the car park and the actual space. You can call it a preparation zone, a demilitarized zone or a safety zone, but the goal is the same: to give people a chance to collect material without worrying about BB’s flying off the field. If the field does not support a well-protected safety zone, this is a serious blow, as it may cause a serious safety problem.

High quality rental panel

One of the best ways to get an idea of the value of this sport is to see what kind of equipment they sell or rent, and also to see if they offer weapon repair services. Any company that stores quality equipment and has reliable quality equipment in the state is likely to be run by someone who loves the sport itself, not just the money it makes. Many of Airsoft’s best pitches, especially Bad Karma Airsoft, have been successful thanks to the enthusiasm of management and their desire to help new players master the sport!

HPA service

As High Pressure Air (HPA) cannons are becoming increasingly popular in the US, it is worth checking to see if local tools and equipment are available to fill high pressure air cylinders. This is an excellent service, especially if you are one of the many players who use an HPA weapon. Sometimes the fields are even filled in for free if you paid for the input, which is a big advantage!

Are there any special events on the Airsoft premises?

That’s right! Many of Airsoft’s top-level fields either have their own large-scale operations, sometimes referred to as game scenarios, or allow third-party companies to come in to plan operations using their fields and facilities. Because these events are important, they are rare and cost a little more than a normal matchday. Expect to pay at least double the usual entrance fee for a large-scale scenario, or even more if special equipment such as armored vehicles or heavy weapons are brought in for a push.

Instead of short games with simple rules, these events are often part of a larger scenario and focus on teamwork and tactics. In some cases they are called Milsim (military simulator) and contain elements to make the game more realistic. In order to unify the field and encourage players to be aware of the number of balls they use, log capacity limits may be imposed, and in some matches there may be rules regarding the types of uniforms players may wear for each team.

These special events can be of very different sizes. A scenario game once a month can attract twice as many people as a typical Saturday open game, but one of the major events planned by the scenario company can attract players from thousands of miles away, and you see 800 or more players in the game at the same time!

What are the best areas of Airsoft in the United States?

Zulu24 Airsoft & Milsim Tactical Park

The Zulu24 Airsoft & Milsim Tactical Park is one of the largest grounds in New York City. Located in New Windsor, it offers a range of open fields with a variety of shelters and landscapes – from the Higgins boat attack to the dense CQB City field. Most fields have been cleared, although there is room to play in the forest!

Pitch tends to enjoy a good reputation with players through the availability of helpful staff and a good choice of game options, and for larger games they often work with scenario companies. In some cases they even brought helicopters and pilots to the airlift! The rules are quite general for a street lot with no more than 400 SPF rifles, no more than 350 pistols and no more than 500 repeating rifles. In addition, they are willing to add new elements to the gameplay, including heavy weapons such as rocket launchers and auxiliary devices such as cold smoke grenades, which is certainly a plus for experienced players. Note: automatic firing is not permitted on all Airsoft replicas, except when using small and medium support weapons such as M249 SAW, RPK, M60 etc. In addition, box journals are only allowed on support weapons.

Bathroom Karma Airsoft

Bad Karma Airsoft is, despite its name, a popular and well-received airsoft site near Lebanon, Tennessee, and is the third largest in the country in terms of surface area. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that it is free and accessible to everyone – no entrance fee is required! Instead, the growth and development of the region is financed through annual membership contributions. From time to time there are paid events, but all standard field days are free. The age range on the pitch is large and although they must have full protection when playing under 18 years of age, they can still play!

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Because it does not require an entry fee and does not have the same insurance requirements as a typical field, Bad Karma has fewer rules than comparable fields, allowing the AEG to fire up to 450 SPF with 0.2g bullets and sniper rifles up to 550 SPF with 0.25g bullets. They do not contain many instructions for the use of other projectiles such as grenades, grenade launchers or smoke charges, except that they must be approved by the referees before the match.

Unfortunately, the free service has some disadvantages. Although their fields are well maintained, they have fewer functions and buildings than many paying fields and do not offer services such as renting, selling or filling an ETA. It’s a small price to pay, honestly, but don’t forget.

D14 Airsoft

D14 Airsoft, based in Texas, is a 37-acre open-space company known for regularly hosting large-scale scripts and milsim games in collaboration with several renowned scripting companies. They have a number of large fields containing different elements and an appropriate coverage level. Unfortunately they didn’t cover any fields at that time and the summer in Texas is quite hot. If you travel by car, make sure you bring a good amount of water, and carry a lot of it with you in the car. But they are certainly among the best in the United States!

The rules are fairly standardised in the D14, with the FPS’s main limitations for all weapons. They allow fully automatic firing from any rifle, including sniper rifles, but also have long and well thought out minimum trigger distances to prevent strong CQB players from discharging enemy players. As is to be expected in most regions, they prohibit the use of breech magazines unless they are on specially designed support weapons.

In cooperation with the online retailer Airsoft GI, D14 has set up the Airsoft GI Pro Shop, a shop with a fairly large selection of air rifles and accessories. It’s a good bonus to have good customer service on site!

Ballachak Airsoft field

For many top players, the Chesapeake Virginia Airsoft Ballahack sets the standard for one of Airsoft’s top pitches. Located on almost a hundred acres, it is a decent mix of forest, open fields and urban combat zones. In addition to the usual game on the field, Ballahack performs four to five times a year more large-scale vargams in scenarios (and due to the different field conditions is very well suited for that). Surprisingly, their website is fairly easy to navigate; many other areas of Airsoft seem to be using the site design since 2002.

Ballachak adheres to a relatively flexible set of rules regarding protective equipment and SPF. Guns and shotguns can fire at speeds up to 400 fps without a Minimum Trigger Distance (MED), while a standard automatic rifle must fire at speeds below 400 fps, maintaining a MED of 25 or 50 fps, depending on whether the rifle is semicircular or solid. Medium PMP’s or machine guns (they offer a qualification list) can fire up to 450 FPS on different IED’s, and sniper rifles can fire 550 FPS on a range of 75 feet or more. Ballacak only requires full face protection for players over the age of 18 (younger players need extra protection depending on their age), although they recommend full face protection for all players, regardless of their age. As in many other areas, they prohibit the use of pyrotechnic products such as smoke or empty shells.

They also have good local support. They have their own parking lot, which seems to be quite well stocked at competitive prices and which sells weapons, equipment, ammunition and batteries, as well as some parts that need to be repaired in case your gun loses its nose at noon. If you’re in this area, it’s worth seeing – it’s one of the best aerospace zones on the east coast!

Airsoft in height

High Ground Airsoft serves one of the largest domestic airports in the United States, located in Texas in the spring. The site includes a 27,000 square metre arena, a small specialist shop and some space for parties and events. Of note, they worked with Evike Airsoft, the leading airsoft company outside Southern California, to improve the content of their store and attract new players. Stakeholders seem to regard High Ground as one of the best aerospace areas in the region, although some have expressed concern that the CQB-centric rules are too restrictive.

Like all CQB objects, High Ground draws up fairly strict rules of conduct for players and their equipment. There are no tolerances for LMGs, marking guns, etc. There is no tolerance for LMGs, marking guns, etc.: all replicas must be timed at 350 frames per second or less and may only be used as a semi-finished product. Unfortunately, they also require the permanent wearing of a rigid face shield, i.e. a steel mesh mask or a paintball type helmet.

Kalamazu Airsoft

Calamazo Airsoft in Three Rivers, Michigan, is a large mixed indoor and outdoor facility that operates year-round and in all weather conditions. With relatively cheap free spins during the weekend (and their undeniably free popcorn), it’s a fairly popular terrain and one of the best Airsoft terrains in the Michigan area.

Fuel oil

Fuel oil

Their main game is heavy CQB, and like many other CQB fields, they have a limit of FPS, 360 FPS, and a mandate for semi-automatic shootings only. There is virtually no minimum range; you can only switch to a gun or a knife if you can reach out and touch your opponent’s hand. It is interesting to note that they do what many estates do not, and that they encourage the use of riot shields and even offer them for rent.

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They also have a small professional shop, weapons for rent and a $5 pass for each APS weapon for one day. It is worth mentioning that Kalamazoo limits the game to 50 players per period; if you really want to play on a certain day, you need to call in advance to secure your seat.

Stocks of explosives

The extermination camp in the south of Indiana is perhaps the best located of all airports. Instead of being built in the woods or in an abandoned warehouse, it’s built around a former U.S. Army air defense facility, Nike. Despite the breathtaking surroundings, they don’t just play indoors: They focus on the outdoor field and have transformed their property into one of the best airsoft fields in the Midwest.

Not all of them are Airsoft; they focus on paintball, but they offer a fair number of Airsoft games. At least once a month there is an open Airsoft game where a small part of the field is used, but they also have a monthly game script! Many are hosted by external production companies and can last a whole weekend.

Weapons restrictions are divided into three categories: Guns, DMRs and sniper rifles (bolt action). Each of the above limits has a limit for his maximum power; not for his FPS, but for the amount of joules (energy) he can produce per ball. The restrictions can be found on their website. They also allow the use of most types of grenades, as well as Nerf grenade launchers or foam launchers and even the armored vehicles of the players!

Tac City Airsoft

For example, City Airsoft in Fullerton, California, is one of the largest coverage areas in Southern California. The field is close enough to Los Angeles, which means that if you’re in the area, it should definitely be considered one of the best space fields in the region! They have been around since 2012 and have hosted thousands of games since then. They focus on playing in the CQB arena, using large storage spaces and plywood obstacles/chambers to simulate city battles. From time to time they also organize a gun, rifle and 3-shot gun competition in which participants try to hit a number of targets from different shooting positions!

Like many other closed, CQB oriented fields, all cannons in the Tac City fields are kosher as long as they fire at less than 350 frames per second. However, Tac City allows fully automatic shooting (only up to 30 shots per second), which is rare in the CQB arena. Please note that they require a minimum trigger distance of 10 feet, and failure to do so will automatically remove you from the current game. Although BB grenades are not allowed in the field, you can use clay grenades by throwing them under your arm instead of throwing them upside down.

Tac City not only supports its field games, but also a medium-sized store and works hard enough to present many new products from airsoft manufacturers. They also have airsoft specialists who can repair the gun, or if you bring a gun that shoots above the SPF limit, they will lower the spring to use the CQB for a fee.

SC Village

SC Village in Chino, California is one of the largest martial arts parks on the west coast. It comprises sixteen separate outdoor playgrounds, many of which have been designed on the basis of models from around the world. They welcome on their fields paintball players and aircraft builders for the open game on Saturday/Sunday. The price is relatively high – $ 30 per game day, but the spaces are spacious and supposedly very well maintained. The focus is clearly on the paintball part of the sport, but this field is still known by Airsoft players as one of the best in the region!

Unfortunately, SC Village does not publish its rules online, so you will probably have to call ahead to get the latest updated version. But beware, it’s hard to get on the field and discover that you have to change the spring of your rifle in order to play!

In addition to gun rental, SC Village has a small shop with guns and paintball and compressed air equipment for sale, as well as cheap all-day compressed air for users of HPA guns.

Best Airsoft Aerodromes in the United States Final Thoughts

The great thing about Airsoft is that it’s easy to start playing from any country, with any equipment and with friends; no matter where you are, going out and playing Airsoft with friends is almost always a great pastime. But if you want to discover a professionally designed playground, learn some tactical tips and tricks, or simply meet other passionate and dedicated fans, a trip to one of the best Airsoft playgrounds in your area is a good start!

Thank you for visiting! For great products and more information about the game, check out our Airsoft and Airsoft Upurchase guides!

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