Sight Line, man! 7 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles in 2019


One shot, one death – the unofficial motto of military snipers in popular culture, these warriors have something glamorous with their patience, skill and supernatural ability to accurately place a shot at the target from hundreds of meters away. In the Airsoft, the sniper is almost completely different from its real counterpart, but it still requires a lot of skill and experience! It can also be an incredibly exciting way to play Airsoft, especially during long outdoor games. If the main key to success in air sniper shooting is experience, the second most important key is to choose a rifle that suits your style of play, and I have taken the time to include in this article some excellent platforms that can work for you.

Short term ? Here is a list of points:

  • Scouts: Conventional Army M24 LTR
  • Long distance: DRILL L96 (MB440)
  • The secret: JG BAR10 GSPEC
  • CQB: ARES Amoeba Stryker
  • Tactical: WELL MB06 ASR
  • The gas: KJW M700
  • Single: A&K/ASG SVD

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How to become an Airsoft Sniper?

As I said before, precision shooting in the Airsoft is a completely different animal than real precision shooting. Of course you need to spend some time studying the operation of your rifle and its performance in the field and it is very important that you train regularly on the target, but there are also three important factors to take into account when planning your tactics.


Range The longest confirmed sniper casualty was committed by a Canadian soldier in Iraq at an altitude of 11,319 feet at the time of writing. If you can hit an enemy at 400 feet with a single Airsoft shot, you are one of the best shooters in the United States. Airsoft is by nature a short-distance game because of its low top speed and low BB weight, which is necessary to prevent injuries in the field. If you expected to be able to shoot enemies at any distance, you might want to lower them a little. But although the game is limited to a smaller area, that doesn’t make it any less exciting! In fact, it adds a new dimension to the game…


It is less risky to use Airsoft clich├ęs than to hide. In the real world, even the best suppressor on the market couldn’t make a real gun as quiet as a well-designed pneumatic sniper rifle – I had an M24 Snow Wolf bed that wasn’t more than thirty feet away. Even compared to AEG’s, airsoft sniper rifles are incredibly quiet. If you can learn to use this to your advantage, you can eliminate the whole unit if you are well hidden and if the timing of your fire is chosen correctly to confuse your enemies where the BB’s come from. If you stand out, it’s a good idea…


Military sniperIt’s nice to have friends, isn’t it? Especially if you’re a sniper. In real military units, snipers are often trained as a team, one as a sniper and the other as a shooter (monitoring wind, enemy movements, weather conditions and feedback at the firing range), and one of the team’s main tasks is not only to destroy the enemy, but also to provide information about where he is and what he plans to do. In the Airsoft, two people do not necessarily have to be together, but often when a sniper is spotted by an enemy team, his repeating rifle will not be able to do much against enemy machine guns. By combining them with a crew member armed with an assault rifle, they can improve their chances of survival once shot alive. What’s more, this second person makes it easier to track the enemy’s movements and report to your team.

How to choose the Airsoftsniper rifle?

Select platform

When choosing an air sniper rifle, the most important thing is to choose the platform/base system you want to use. In the beginning (around the nineties) Airsoft had only a few variants of bolt guns such as the TM VSR10, the Maruzen APS2 (not to be confused with the APS brand) and the Maruzen APS96, so the existing variants attracted a lot of attention and many companies produced upgraded components for them. Shortcuts to modern times: A large number of rifles are currently available, but most have the same basic internal dimensions as these early systems, so that conventional upgradeable components can be easily installed. For example, the Classic Army M24 uses the TM VSR10 system, so that the M24 can accommodate all VSR10-compatible parts such as jumps, drums or pistons. Each reputable vendor should indicate which platform the rifle uses, but also check other sources to ensure that the vendor is entitled to their information.

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Match rifle with field

Sniper rifle in the fieldIt’s important to think about where you play when you get a gun. If you imagine spending a lot of time in a room and want to try to meet people from a long distance, it would be a good idea to get a relatively heavy, long-range rifle like the L96. If you need to go faster, take something shorter, lighter and lighter to record on the go – something like the VSR-10 GSPEC would be the best choice for you. Choosing a good color can be important (brown when playing in the woods, sandy plains or in autumn, while green can be good for most brushes and dense vegetation), but it’s cheap and easy to add a good coat of paint for your gun with a little camouflage tape and spray paint (I personally like Krylon, but it’s a different item in general).

Think about what you like

No matter how effective, efficient or deadly your rifle is, it’s useless if you don’t like using it in the game. So ignore all my previous advice for a moment and think about which gun you’d really, really like to put in the game! If you really want a replica of the Barrett M99 for your next CQB game, even though it weighs 18 pounds and is four and a half meters long, then go for it! If you want to paint your sniper rifle a neon pink miami ’80, don’t let me stop you. And if you want to buy a KTW Lever Rifle and play for a local cowboy sniper, you can! As long as you follow the rules of the game on the pitch or the rules of the scenario, everything is fair play, and fun is more important than anything else.

Who makes Airsoft sniper rifles?

  • WETLANDS: Cheap but at a decent price; produces the largest selection of rifles.
  • JG: Their VSR10 and VSR10 GSPEC TM clones were legendary in the 2000s and still offer a fairly good price-performance ratio.
  • SAP: Usually a rather slow manufacturer makes a good replica of the M40.
  • UTG: Makes L96s and only L96s, all based on the APS96 system.
  • Sniper m24 Snowwolf: Makes a good M24 with a strong search; also makes a Barrett M99 (APS2 system), which is big but still pretty cool.
  • S&T: Collaboration with parts manufacturer PDI; produces some excellent rifles.
  • RANGES: Produces many unique rifles, such as the WA2000; unfortunately they are generally not compatible with prefabricated rifles.
  • A&K: Ideal for the production of SVD bolt guns. They also produce the M24, which is similar to the Schneewolf version, and a pair of lever-shaped gas rifles.
  • Conventional Army: New in Bolt Action, but it starts with a replica of M24 with all the details of the VSR10.
  • Double eagle: Stay away from all Double Eagle products. Sometimes you can get lucky, but there are almost always better ways to make money.
  • KJW: Produces two replicas of the Remington 700 with gas and load supply, one of which can be split in two for easy transport.
  • GENERAL MEETING: Looks like a Double Eagle. Stick with brands like WELL or JG.
  • WHC: Makes a gun out of the gas, but we know it breaks easily and fires inconsistently.
  • Tactical throw: The Barrett M82 rifle looks similar, but where a real rifle is semi-automatic, heavy and made of metal, it is light, plastic, with a repeating mechanism and tends to break in the middle. You only have one if you want the props for the suit.

Best Airsoft sniper rifles on the market

Best Airsoft Scout Sniper Rifle:

Conventional Army M24 LTR

Conventional Army M24 LTR

Often a sniper has to quickly get up and move in an air game. Whether dodging enemies, avoiding fire or taking a tactically advantageous position, it may be wise to have a light and effective weapon that does not slow down the enemy. The Classic Army M24, which weighs 6.2 pounds, is a good choice for this type of game. One of its best features is that it is fully compatible with the VSR10, but at the same time offers a number of advantages for quality of life, such as the adjustable length of the bed plate, as well as the pre-assembled reception area and a pair of brackets that are stable enough to attach the harnesses.


  • The price is excellent, especially for the quality of the internal and external assembly.
  • It fires about 450 SPF from a .2, which is pretty good for a sniper rifle.
  • Contains two magazines
  • External adaptation of the hops
  • Adjustable reserve
  • Easy upgrade to VSR10 system.


  • Uses a protocol that is mounted close to the receiver rather than in a more realistic location.
  • Wireless barrel.

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Airsoft’s best long-range sniper rifle:

DRILL L96 (MB440)

WELL L96 (MB440)

The L96 rifle, manufactured by Accuracy International, is one of the world’s most prestigious ranges of rifles for professional gunsmiths. A GOOD replica can’t be made with the same care and precision as the original, but it’s a very good anti-aircraft rifle for a price, and this special set even includes a cheap visor and a bipod, both of which are pretty good until you find something more like you. Compared to most other pneumatic sniper rifles, the MB440 has a number of pleasant advantages: The rifle is wavy to increase the stiffness of the barrel and reduce resonance, and the foldable butt allows the rifle to be carried in a more compact shape (which is particularly comfortable for an incredibly long barrel). A realistic magazine is also fun and adds realism, although some users have expressed concern about the possibility of damage to the fin over time. To make matters worse, the rifle fortunately takes an upgrade of the TM L96, which is quite common and quite cheap.

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  • Affordable
  • Robust housing and external devices; a good platform for future upgrades.
  • L96 Improvements
  • Pop-up adjustment with easily accessible adjustment disc on the underside of the frame
  • A realistic magazine
  • Inventory
  • ribbed barrel


  • Heavy
  • Lang
  • The switchable area of application is quite popular.

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Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle for Stealth:


JG BAR-10 G Specification

The JG BAR10 rifle is the forerunner of almost all sniper rifles available on the market today. The BAR10 model, developed for the Tokyo VSR-10 sniper rifle, cost about $120 and allowed the already thrifty tires to enter the world of cheap precision shooters. The BAR10 is already a good value, and it is this version, GSPEC, that offers users a shorter 360mm ton and a screw damper for a quiet, short distance operation.


  • Fairly profitable
  • The rifle has twenty years of experience; if you need information, it’s available on the internet.
  • Removable silencer; muffles the noise when switching on, reduces the time when switching off
  • Strong attachment points for the sling


  • The rifle is not unique
  • Some buyers report that the stock runs like a toy and squeaks…
  • Scope of application / Sensor not included

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Best Airsoft CQB Sniper Rifle:

ARES Attacker’s Amoeba


The ARES Striker Amoeba rifle (a strange name, I know) has provoked a rather polarized reaction since his release. Some people, especially new snipers, appreciate the advantages it offers: it is compact, elegant, extremely durable and inexpensive, and it offers excellent accuracy over short and medium distances. He even has a top-down style jump device, which takes a while to set up, but is very consistent after composition. In addition, ARES publishes regular updates for it and these are generally quite cheap under the ARES Amoeba budget line. However, some of the more experienced players are disappointed with the rifle; thanks to the unique and realistic sprung breech system the rifle does not have as much cylinder capacity as the more traditional rifles, such as the VSR-10. This limits the length of the barrel and therefore the performance of the rifle, making it a poor choice for long range shooting. However, I think this is a very good rifle that would be a good choice for snipers. The ARES Striker Amoeba rifle is a very imperfect rifle in some areas, but in other areas it is an incredible product and you should not take a discount as a budget option, especially if you like repeating rifles in CQB settings.


  • Affordable
  • Hochfest
  • Extremely modular
  • Parts are available directly from the manufacturer.
  • Dismantling tools are included
  • Realistic mechanism for placing and submitting magazines
  • 40 towers Storage capacity


  • Not suitable for spans larger than 260 feet.
  • Low cylinder volume
  • Patented components in most fields

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The best airsoft tactical sniper rifle:


Fountain MB06 Airsoft ASR

The Well MB06 is a clone of the original Maruzen APS SR2 rifle. Although it is not based on a specific rifle, it will look good in any gun cabinet or in a fighter’s house, if it is not attractive, then it is at least brutally utilitarian. The main advantage of the MB06 is its weight and modularity – it is suitable for any pistol grip or genuine M4 steel flask and provides easy access to a comfortable, non-standard rifle, especially as it only weighs about 5 lbs. As it is based on the APS2 system, it needs to be updated many times, but not as much as the very popular VSR-10 system. Some of the drives – this particular vendor includes both a bipod and a visor with a rifle at a fairly low package price, making it a great option for those who have just hit the airsoft sniper hood.


  • Extremely cheap, especially in kit form.
  • Light, about 1.5 kg.
  • Very adaptable, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Has an integrated observation guide.


  • Not based on this gun.
  • It contains only one protocol, and it may be difficult to find others for this model.
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The best Airsoft gas sniper rifle:

KW M700

KJW M700

Gas sniper rifles are quite rare in airborne rentals for several reasons: they are generally more expensive than similar resilient rifles, they require more maintenance, they are more difficult to upgrade and when the user reaches the end of the charge, the power starts to drop. But they can also be very funny and tend to be even quieter than most feather guns. This is especially the KJW M700 and it is a good kit, both in the standard version with an iron front view and viewing bracket, and in the removable version (the front part can be separated for storage) only the viewing bracket is included. A warning to really take the version in the precision department as a kind of punishment for the ease of disassembly.


  • One of the cheapest gas guns
  • Robust construction
  • A good blue coating of the oil on the barrel and the receiver
  • Full iron vision; unusual for most air sniper rifles
  • 22 cartridge magazines; can fire two magazines before charging the gas.


  • more expensive than the spring alternatives
  • Magazines are hard to find
  • Accuracy decreases with each shot due to the lower gas pressure remaining in the magazine.

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Unique Airsoft sniper rifle:



Wait, can you say SVD? Isn’t that a semi-automatic rifle? Isn’t it unrealistic to have a bolt gun as a copy of a self-loading rifle? Normally you would be right, but the little known fact in the real world of SVD is that it has an adjustable gas block that allows Russian shooters to use the rifle as a lock to achieve maximum accuracy by fine-tuning the cartridge and minimizing gas leaks. In that sense, it is realistic to use the SVD’s slaughter guns at the airport! A&K SVD (now distributed in the US by ASG) has been on the market for some time, perhaps ten years, and during that time a cult of enthusiastic users has formed who have started selling parts for upgrades made specifically for their own systems. The A&K SVD is a heavy and robust unit with an extra long barrel. If you are worried about the length, you can always try to keep up with his little brother, SVD-S, shortened SVD with bending equipment, also produced by A&K and distributed by ASG.


  • Very cheap for all-metal SVDs; about $110 or less.
  • Although this is a proprietary system, there are many updates from different suppliers.
  • Uses AEG sources
  • Setting the turntable jump
  • Removable play support
  • Extremely long trunk (can be an impostor).
  • Realistic sample magazines
  • 60 round containers


  • Long and cumbersome in a small space.
  • The barrel and the scoop tend to stick to the high brush.

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Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Final Notes

With so many options and updates on the market, it’s a great time to be an Airsoft sniper. From the BAR-10 to the SVD, if you like the idea of being a sniper or scout on the team, there’s probably one that’s contagious. Personally for me? I would like to equip the Ares Striker Amoeba with some sniper rifles, but most of the rifles mentioned here are excellent and can perfectly match your playing style. Remember, the last one… Don’t forget to buy quality barbecues! It is not so expensive to invest in decent quality, and the BB you choose will have a greater impact on the performance of your rifle than anything other than jumping into the water. Thank you for visiting! For great products and more information about the game, check out our Airsoft and Airsoft Upurchase guides!


  • USA Today: A Canadiansniper broke the world record by killing an ISIS fighter 3 km away, according to the report.

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