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Assessment and evaluation

Elite Power / VFC Avalon Saber Gen 2 VR16 AEG Airsoft Rifle

Product designation : Elite unit / VFC Avalon Saber Gen 2 VR16 AEG

Product description : The Avalon Saber Generation 2 VR16 VFC rifle is a more advanced AEG Airsoft rifle available under the names VFC and Elite Force. This rifle is equipped with an M-LOK rail and a platform for M4 rifle, as well as an integrated MOSFET, an ambidextrous fire selector and 120 M4 compatible Tokyo Marui M4 medium-capacity ammunition magazines.

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VFC’s second-generation Avalon sabre has some of the most advanced and highest quality internal components of any cannon and is an absolute pleasure to shoot. Lightning fast, powerful and deadly accurate, with dense clusters at medium and long distances. VFC has thought of almost everything for external devices, with the exception of some potential problems related to anomalies between the top/bottom receiver or receiver/stock.

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Hi guys, it’s you, the Airsoft gun man, talking about the Elite Force/VFC Avalon Saber Gen 2 Full Metal VR16 M4 Carbine M-LOK AEG rifle. Wow! Now that my fingers are tired of typing everything, let’s see that little stain of one of the most accurate, fastest, fast laser beams I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing again.

The Avalon Saber Gen 2 VFC (in some countries, including the United States, under the brand name Elite Force) is made entirely of metal, and this is one of the many things I like about this weapon. Besides the stock, the folding visor, the handle and the trigger of the gun, almost every inch of this baby is made of high quality lightweight aluminum. The Avalon Saber has all the external and internal features and performance you would expect from an AEG at a double price, making it one of the best AEG M4s for the price level.

Shooting and field trials

So yeah, that’s nice and great, but the air gunman, how come? 11111

VFC advertising brochure for Avalon Saber.

Wonderful! Charming! Perfect! A damn good description of how this monster shoots.

He shoots like a fucking death ray laser, that’s how he shoots. For our field tests I used a LiPro 11.1 battery and 0.2g beads (I know, I know why everyone always uses 0.2g beads for field tests?! To get maximum power from the bank, of course). The first thing that struck me was that there were no double shots, no drying fires or cycling several times, which was a relief, because a large greasy sticker on the box warned about this feature (and a transmission of the 1st generation Avalon sabers). The semi-automatic shutter (with flash) was excellent. It was beautiful and I liked the light very much, but the hard flash, which is Avalon’s trademark, was constant. In automatic mode, this thing was just an absolute laser beam (I know I say it often, but it really is a laser beam with a pneumatic gun). The target was even hit by 100 feet of BB’s with BB’s of 0.2, 0.25 and 0.28g in a close group directly as shooter. I’d like to think I’m a good shot, but that gun certainly helped me. The speed of the fire was excellent. The Avalon Saber Gen 2 VFC is simply one of the best air rifles I have ever seen.

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Now we’re gonna do a weapons analysis.

Elitekrachtt/VFC Saber Avalon 2 VR16 Technical specifications


The internal organs of the Avalon Saber 2. The generations are excellent. Integrated MOSFET, high-torque neomagnetic motor, quick-change spring, 8 mm bearing rings and the mechanical VFC ECS housing that seems to come from the future. See for yourself:

CFV Avalon Saber Gen 2 VR16 Internal specifications

A roller shutter is set for a turntable that looks realistic and cool to use. The inside of this gun is very impressive for the piston, the base gun. Despite the occasional chipping of the CFV-QC, the internal organs are certainly an area you don’t have to worry about. They’ve covered you with a high-tech, gun-quality interior. I wouldn’t even update the internal device (except maybe a modified MOSFET, but that’s really not necessary). All Avalon Saber Gen 2 VFC is in stock.

VFC Avalon Saber Gen 2 VR16

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External factors

Like the first generation of Avalon VFC cables, the Saber series uses M-LOK rails, which make the rail system universal and lightweight, and also provide plenty of space for the rails. The Avalon Saber Gen 2 VFC, which can be completely made of metal, usually with high-quality, lightweight aluminium.

The rifle is equipped with a folding plastic visor, adjustable membranes at the rear and a height adjustment at the front. The receiver is good, solid and light, just like the rest of the weapon. It has the Avalon logo on the side, which reminds me a bit of the Wu-Tang logo.

The trigger guard is made of polymer with QRS trigger support – one of the smallest touches that enhances the comfort and quality of life of Avalon’s VFC masterpiece. I never knew how much I had to sit on the trigger before I sat on the trigger. This really takes the pressure off the trigger (if you have your finger on the trigger, until you pull it off correctly).

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Magazines with a textured embossed surface and a centre cover of 120 round QRS have a great look and feel. The handle of the gun is also QRS with a solid base and a hexagonal groove for adjustment.

I have some minor complaints about appearances. And then some atrocities I was a little more worried about.

I don’t like this issue of Ambidextrous magazine. It’s too far from the trigger and the trigger guard. It wasn’t a problem for me because I had very long fingers, but I always felt I would miss it if I held out my hand. The hermaphroditic magic trigger is a strange round button I didn’t like. Magazines also don’t fall off the magic body when you press the magnetic release button, which is probably a good thing once you get used to it, but I was used to and not . It’s nice not to have to worry about going after your wizards after the goal or the end of the game, but I was alone at the time.

The Gen 2 VFC’s of Avalon Sabers have many potential quality controls (QC) which, according to Avalon Sabers, will not be a problem in Gen 2, which has been taken over from Gen 1. The first and most striking is the potential for discrepancy between the upper and lower receptors. The gun I used for the shooting test did not have this problem, but I have heard this complaint from 3 or 4 other players who own this airsoft gun. This can make the rifle a bit more playful (for this price, no, no, and if your rifle really has this space, you have to give it back immediately).

My biggest problem with the gun was the game in the box. For a weapon somewhere between the middle and top of the 300, the buttock must be # , never. I had to attach a piece of Velcro where the box meets the receiver. Either it’s not a quality control problem because it happens so often, or it’s a problem and they just don’t check it as part of the quality control process. This is my biggest pistol grip, and although it’s quick and easy to fix, you shouldn’t do this.

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The Avalon Saber Generation 2 VFC is an accurate, light and fast weapon that fires like a laser beam from a box. It’s incredibly accurate and powerful, and if you move away from something like G&G, KWA, CYMA or Amoeba, you’ll instantly see your game and accuracy take to the next level. And that’s the main reason we spend money on airsoft weapons, isn’t it? The internal equipment seems to have been upgraded before you have the weapon, but for you it’s just high quality internal equipment from VFC Avalon.

The external elements are also dotted, multifunctional and constructive. The rifle is 99% all-metal aluminium. But there is also the possibility of a gap and a play between the upper and lower receiver, and an almost guaranteed chance of a gap between your lies and the receiver.

The internal organs look too good for a weapon of this price. Shooting looks like God. External players are great, but they also have the potential to play and the holes that should be on the barrel of this prize, not . If you are looking for an upgrade and need a deadly accurate rifle that does not require upgrading your internal equipment, and you are willing to risk potential quality control issues such as discrepancies between the upper and lower receiver or between the receiver and the stock, buy this rifle yesterday. If you are worried about possible problems with the QC do and you want a rifle that just works and you don’t have to repair or return it yourself, then maybe something like the Krytac Trident MK2 or the ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 is more your thing.

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